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Dark Dilettantes

To my loyal readers (aka "Dark Dilettantes"),

Randomly, I scroll my Feedjit because I'm curious as to where most of my traffic comes from.  This most recent scroll produced the solid knowledge that I have a new reader in Mansfield, Massachusetts.  To you, and to all the other new visitors, I heartily say welcome!  I truly appreciate you taking the time to stop by my little niche in cyberspace to read my original work.  You could have chosen any other blog to visit and I am honored that you chose Shorties.  

As I explain on another page, the short stories here are an acquired taste, and if you find yourself returning regularly to read and re-read them, then that makes you a Dilettante. 

As an author, I am always curious to know how readers found their way to Shorties or what drew them to my work initially (especially the ones who followed me from LJ and/or FF.net).  So I created this page for you, Dark Dilettantes, to introduce yourself and share--if you choose to--how you got here.  Feel free to pick your favorite Shortie, and if you are curious as to some of the thought processes behind its conception, don't hesitate to ask.  The Muse thrives on feedback.

My favorite Shortie?  Whichever one I'm currently writing...which means that right now, it's "Zodiac."  I realize that's a cheat, but it's true.  I love me some Macallan and Madalyne Zhou.  They're so much fun to write.

With love,

Amaya, aka Mistress of the Dark

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