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Switchblade Romance

Here is Switchblade Romance in full.  I admit, the story got to be way longer than I anticipated, but the more I wrote, the more curious I became about these characters.  I think Chapter 13 is where the chapters started getting up to 10,000 words, which is an awful damn lot.  So, this isn't a shortie; not even close.  And for those who read the last chapter, you know that I've only told half of the story.  I don't know when I'll begin writing the second half; Kaphiri and Malcolm's past lives are complex and complicated, but I'm still curious...so we'll see.

I. Drankin' Patnaz

II.  In Da Club

III.  Hit n' Run

IV.  Chatter

V.  Special Delivery

VI.  Mermaid Island

VII.  More Chatter

VIII.  Moves & Countermoves

IX.  Embers

X.  Revelations

XI.  Kaphiri, Part 1

XII.  Kaphiri, Part 2

XIII.  The Cookout

XIV. Outrageous Sin

XV.  Logistics

XVI.  Summertime

XVII.  The Cookout, Redux 

XVIII.  Crossfade

XIX:  Crimson Secrets

XX:   Bittersweet Heat

XXI:  The Laughing Sun

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