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Switchblade Romance (14/?)

XIV:  Outrageous Sin

Shantreyl stared at Malcolm as he massaged her foot.  “What is it?  What do you want to know?”

“What do you think of Kaphiri?  Honestly.”

Shantreyl made a face.  “Why are you asking?”

“Answer the question first.”

“I like him,” she said.  “He’s very nice, very interesting.  He’s a gentleman, same as you are, and he’s very attractive.”

Malcolm didn’t miss a beat in kneading her foot.  “Do you want to fuck him?”

Shantreyl stared at Malcolm, gobsmacked.  Did he know about the kissing?  Did Kaphiri tell him?  It took a moment for her to respond.  “Malcolm, what is this about?”

“Do you want to fuck him?”

“Malcolm, I’m confused.  Why are you asking me this?  Please tell me what this is about.  I wouldn’t cheat on you.”

“I know you wouldn’t,” he said. “I’m just curious if you would willingly want to have sex with Kaphiri.”

She sighed.  May as well be honest.  “Okay.  I would.  I would eagerly fuck Kaphiri’s brains out if I weren’t with you.  Why did you ask me that?”

“Because I need to know if you find him appealing.”

“I do, but why does that matter?  I’m your girlfriend.”

“It matters because I’m fine with you having sex with him.”

Shantreyl stared at Malcolm, a stupid expression on her face.  She felt as if she’d been backhanded.

Malcolm continued to rub her foot.  “I’m 100% serious, Shantreyl.  I wouldn’t be upset if you were intimate with him.  In fact, I encourage you to be.”

She still had no verbal response but her eyes widened so much he could see her blood vessels. 

He ran his fingers in between her toes.  “I told you some time ago that Kaphiri and I have no secrets between us and that we share everything equally.  That includes you, baby.  We both want you, but because of the way he is, I have to do all the work.”

Shantreyl thought about when Kaphiri told her that if he had his way, Malcolm would vet and present to him a potential partner.  Had that actually happened?

“I hope I haven’t freaked you out, Shantreyl.  But it’s time you know the full truth of our relationship.  I want you to be my wife one day, and Kaphiri is as much a part of my life as Jaya and Renee are part of yours.  Being involved with me means being involved with him.”

Words managed to claw their way out of her throat.  “You want me…to be intimate…with your best friend?”

She thought, ‘Well, that would definitely solve my attraction problem.’

“More than that, Shantreyl.  You’ve already started building a relationship with him independent of me and I support that.  Yes, you’ll be intimate with him, but it’s more than just sex.  You will have a relationship with him alongside ours.”

Shantreyl put her fingertips on her temples and wiggled her head.  “I need a little while to get my head around this, Malcolm.  I truly don’t know what to think right now.”

“That’s fair,” he said.  “I understand that it’s a lot to take in.”

“You’re basically giving me permission to cheat on you.”

No,” Malcolm said.  “It’s cheating if you fuck anyone else.”

“Does Kaphiri know about this?”

“Of course he does.”

No wonder why Kaphiri had said, ‘If you’re worried about him, don’t be.’  As far as he was concerned, she was just as much his girl as she was Malcolm’s…and he had been waiting patiently for her to find that out.

“I don’t want you to feel bad, guilty, selfish, or anything of the sort, Shantreyl.  Understand that I want this—that Kaphiri wants this—that we want a polyamorous relationship with you.”

Shantreyl was trying to get her head around it.  “Did this ever come up with any of your other girlfriends?”

“No,” Malcolm said.  “None of them were ever quite right and it took me a while before I understood why.  Most of them didn’t want to be around Kaphiri. They thought that he was a weirdo because he’s so quiet and indifferent.  Donna, my ex, even called him a creep to his face.  That’s all my fault for dating the same kind of woman over and over.  It’s like I wasn’t using my brain.”

Shantreyl stared stupidly at Malcolm, trying to make it all make sense.  A man as beautiful as Kaphiri was…how was it possible that none of Malcolm’s exes found him physically appealing?  Did the supposed weirdness outweigh his looks?  She didn’t know what to make of it, other than to defend him.  “He’s not weird, and he for damn sure isn’t quiet.  And he isn’t creepy at all.  Are we talking about the same man?”

“See what I mean?” Malcolm said.  “You have learned more about him than they were ever willing to.”

“It’s because he babysat me a couple of times and we talked.  Did he not do that with the others?”

Malcolm let go of her foot.  “Whenever a situation arose where I needed to be occupied and I offered Kaphiri in my place, they declined.  They would rather be elsewhere than spend time with him, and that’s a problem, Shantreyl.”

“When you had to be away, Malcolm…was that real?  Or were you simply looking for opportunities to put us together?”

“My absences were all legit, baby.  I wouldn’t lie to you about this.  I would have found a way for you to legitimately spend time with Kaphiri had my schedule not allowed it.”

“I don’t know how to take this,” she said.  “But I guess I’d better ask, especially since Kaphiri’s parents brought it up…are you bisexual too?”

“No,” he said.  “I experimented a couple of times when I went to the Zodiac, and while it wasn’t unpleasant, I knew it wasn’t for me.  I’ve confirmed that I am a heterosexual one-woman man.  So no, Kaphiri and I won’t be having sex when we’re having sex with you.” He eyed her carefully.  “Is that a kink that you have?  Watching two men fuck?”

“Honestly, I never gave it any thought.” But now that it was in her head, she found it hard to ignore.

“Have you ever thought about being with two men at the same time?”

Of course!  What heterosexual woman hasn’t?”

“Good,” Malcolm said.  “We can get that for you wholesale, baby.”

Shantreyl removed the stopper from the drain.  “I’m cold.  Let’s get out, all right?”

Malcolm helped her out of the tub.  She handed him a towel and put on her long, ankle-length robe, tying the sash tight.  She stared in the mirror and removed the bandanna, sighing as she tried to run her fingers through her hair.  The steam from the tub caused the hair on the back of her head to shrink.

“Fuck it,” she said, and put the bandanna back on.  Then she looked at Malcolm, who was drying off.  “Was it Kaphiri you had sex with at the Zodiac?”

“No,” Malcolm said.  “He and I have never crossed that line and won’t.  It was one of the Signs—the talented individuals who work in the pleasure house.  Capricorn, I think it was.  Kaphiri recommended him because he said Capricorn gives first-rate head and would help me figure out if I was a top or a bottom.  Turns out that I’m neither, but I did get one hell of a blowjob.”

Shantreyl yawned as she began rubbing Malcolm’s back and shoulders with another towel.

“Tired, baby?”

“I am, actually.  I thought I would be down to smash, but I spent all my energy on the dance floor.  Kaphiri wore me out.  I just want to snuggle with you and go to sleep.”

“You’re that tired?  I was hoping for a little bit.  Maybe I should have snuck you into Mama ‘Nee’s house earlier tonight.”

Shantreyl giggled.  “That would have been fun…and very disrespectful.  And my feet still hurt in spite of your massage.”

“I’m sorry you’re so exhausted,” Malcolm said as he followed her out of the bathroom.

“It’s a good fatigue.  I had so much fun tonight, baby.  I enjoyed meeting your family.  I hope I’m not a disappointment.”

“You’re not.”  Malcolm rummaged around in his bag and found some clothes.  “But are you sure you’re too tired for any kind of intimacy?”

She looked at him.  “Yes.”  Then she cocked her head to one side.  “Why?”

“Kaphiri’s here.”

Shantreyl looked at Malcolm, a dozen thoughts whizzing around in her mind.  “Really?”

“I told him that it was all right for him to come over, since he knew tonight was the night I planned to tell you the truth.  But if you’re too tired, I’ll tell him to go home and we can do this another time.”

Shantreyl gasped and took a step back, her hand splayed on her chest.  “Malcolm…?”


“Do you want me to have sex with you and Kaphiri tonight?”

“Actually, I planned to watch you with him.”


“I want to watch you with him.  I was planning to sit in that nice dark corner over there,” he pointed to one of her comfy chairs, “and watch you make love to him.  I’m a voyeur.  Always have been.  Kaphiri likes to listen.  I like to watch.”

Shantreyl rapidly shook her head back and forth.  “This is too much for one night, Malcolm.  I don’t know how to feel about all of this.”

“You can feel any way you want to.  But if we’re going to be together, then you need to know this.  If it’s something you can’t handle or don’t want, then we will have to break up.”

Shantreyl stared at him.  “You’re serious?  You’d break up with me if I didn’t want to be bothered with Kaphiri?”

“I don’t want to end our relationship because I think you’re amazing and I’ve fallen in love with you, but this is a deal-breaker, Shantreyl.  I hope that you understand and that you like Kaphiri enough to give it a shot.  If not, then…”

Shantreyl fiddled with the sash on her robe, processing everything.  A minute passed, but it felt like a thousand years.  Out of nowhere, her eyes began to water and she absently wiped one of them.  Malcolm’s pursuit of her had not decreased in passion or intensity since they first met and she had blossomed under his love and attention.  She did not want to give that up.

“I don’t want to lose you, Malcolm.  I'm crazy about you and I want to be with you.  I just…this is just…unbelievable…and I’m struggling because I’m not sure of what my place would be, or how it would look.  We talked about having a family.”

“Kaphiri is family,” Malcolm said.  “And your place is between us, with us.  I really couldn’t give a fuck about how it looks to other people, so long as you are satisfied with him and me as your significant others.  As far as kids, you can have children with both of us and we’ll raise them together.  That’s always been my plan, and now you know it too.”

“You are one hundred percent serious,” she said, looking into his pretty brown eyes.  “You mean every word.”

“I mean every word.”

Another thousand-year-long minute passed and Shantreyl took Malcolm’s hands. “Malcolm, I adore you.  You are so good to me; you give me anything and everything I want.  With you, I have dreams, goals, and the reality of a life not many others get to have.  With you, I am blissfully happy.  All the things I want, I want them with you.  Loving you is so easy and I’m not willing to let you go.  If you want my heart, my love, to expand so that Kaphiri fits in, then I am willing to try.”

‘It doesn’t hurt that he’s sexy as hell and fine as fuck,’ she thought.

Malcolm put his hands on her cheeks and kissed her lips.  “That’s all I ask.  Thank you, baby.”

She put her hands over his.  “I guess you better tell him to come in then.  Put some clothes on.”

Malcolm kissed her nose and forehead.  “You are a remarkable woman.”

“I don’t know about all of that,” she said.  “We don’t know if this is going to work.  I mean, if you weren’t around, would he have chosen me on his own?  You said he wants me, but he and I don’t really know each other that well…what if I can’t satisfy him?”

Malcolm removed the towel and began to dress.  “It’s going to work.  And baby, you have nothing to worry about.  Trust me.”

Shantreyl wandered over to her chest of drawers and found a nightgown.  “Would you let him know that I’m too tired for sex, but we can cuddle…if that’s something he does.”

Malcolm pulled a T-shirt on over his head.  “I’ll let him know.  But I’m still gonna sit in that nice chair over there and watch what you’ll do instead.”

“Okay,” she said.  “You’re gonna watch me sleep, that much I know.”

Malcolm slipped his feet into a pair of blue Adidas slippers and left Shantreyl’s bedroom.

The nightgown she chose was violet silk.  She put it on and was suddenly self-conscious.  She snatched the bandanna off and stuffed it in a drawer.  She went back into the bathroom and tried to do something with her hair.

“I can’t let him see me looking like this,” she said to her reflection as she tried to style it.  But her hair refused to behave.  Shantreyl fiddled with it for another moment and then put her hands down as she thought about it all.  If this was about to be a polyamorous threesome and they were playing for keeps, then Kaphiri could see her without makeup and in her bonnet and he would have to deal with it, if he was serious.  Malcolm was fine with seeing her in her natural state with lopsided or bonneted hair.

She rummaged through the drawer and found one of her bonnets, one that closely matched her nightgown.  If he was going to see her and lie in bed with her in her bonnet, the least she could do was look good in it.  She brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth, but remained in the bathroom as she realized she was nervous.

She heard them come into the house and the alarm chirped as Malcolm set it, and then heard them on the stairs.  A moment or two later, they entered the bedroom.

She thought, ‘Don’t be nervous.  You’re attracted to this man.  Really attracted to him.  And sweet Malcolm’s given you the best gift you could ever ask for…why are you so nervous?’

Shantreyl wondered if she really was too tired to have sex.  A moment later, she wandered out of the bathroom, a smile on her face.

“Hey Kaphiri,” she said, leaning against the doorframe.  She sounded casual, but there was nothing casual about the way she looked at him.  No matter what he wore, he always looked good.  At the cookout, he sported a pristine white shirt with blue jeans, and he was now standing in front of her wearing a black Nike shirt and matching pants, with matching slippers.

Malcolm walked over to the corner, sat in one of the chairs and propped his feet on the ottoman.

“Hey,” Kaphiri said, and she felt him looking at her.  His expression didn’t show it, but she wondered if he was as nervous as she was.  She wanted to break the ice as quickly as possible so that neither of them would feel awkward.

“Well…Malcolm told me everything,” she said.

“And how do you feel about it?” he asked.

“I haven’t worked that out yet.”

“Is this something you want?”

“Up until about twenty minutes ago, I never gave polyamory any thought.  I’m willing to try it, though.  Especially if it pleases Malcolm.”

“Fair enough,” he said.  “I know you want him to be happy.”

“I want the same for you too, Kaphiri.  You deserve it.  I just…I didn’t know that making Malcolm happy was mutually inclusive.”

“For the most part, he and I have shared everything ever since we took over my father’s business.  Malcolm is very open-minded, and it’s the way we are, the way we have been for decades.  What we have not yet shared is a woman, and frankly, it’s time.”

“I must admit,” Shantreyl said, “I’m a little scared.”


“What happens next?”

“I know you’re tired and I am too, so we’re going to go to sleep.”

“I mean…I mean like, what happens next? Tomorrow?  What happens?”

“Um, we wake up, get dressed and go eat breakfast at the Zig Zag.  Unless you want to cook breakfast for us.”

“I need to go food shopping.  I don’t have a thing in the fridge other than those leftovers.”

“So, breakfast at the Zig Zag, and then to the store to buy groceries.  After that, we’ll play it by ear.  Did you think something major was going to happen?”

“Something major is happening, Kaphiri.  At least it is to me.”

“True,” he said.  “Your life has changed, but you’re still going to live it like you have been.  You just have two boyfriends now.  That’s all.”

To hear it stated so matter-of-fact made her face warm and she beamed.

“Your smile is otherworldly, bambina,” he said, gazing at her face.

Shantreyl blushed as if she’d never been complimented on her smile before.  “Don’t make me blush, Kaphiri.  I already feel a kind of way.”

“What way is that?” he asked.

“I’ve got butterflies.  I’m nervous.  I know you said it wasn’t a big deal, but I’ve spent the past three months with Malcolm and I know him and what he likes.  By comparison, I’ve spent what…a few hours with you?  I don’t know what you like.  You said that your criteria were much more challenging than Malcolm’s…what if I bore you?  What if I’m not…enough?”

Kaphiri was doing his damnedest not to stare at Shantreyl’s nipples.  They protruded like dials and he’d wanted to play with and suck on them ever since he watched her have sex with Malcolm a week ago.  That his opportunity to do so was imminent made his mouth water, but he kept cool.

“You won’t bore me and you’re more than enough, Shantreyl.  I can promise you that.”

She went to the bed and stared at it.  It was a queen and she wondered if it was sufficient for the three of them.  Kaphiri came up behind her and put his hands on her waist.  “Don’t worry about it, bambina.”

“I won’t,” she said.  “It’ll go the way it goes and we’ll sort it all out tomorrow.   I was actually wondering if my bed was large enough for us.  You’re big, I’m fat and Malcolm’s slender—”

“You’re not fat.  Stop saying that.”

“Okay,” she said.  It was going to take a while to get used to not degrading herself, but if they didn’t like it, she wouldn’t do it anymore.

Kaphiri pulled her close and sniffed her neck.  “You smell good.  Is this perfume or bath products?”

“I shouldn’t tell you since you’re so stingy about your cologne.  But it’s bath products.”

“It’s not cologne,” he said.  “It’s an oil blend I make myself.”

“Well you need to bottle and sell it.  You would make a fortune.”

“No,” Kaphiri said.  “I like having something that’s uniquely mine.  Like my music.”

He kissed her neck and she said, “Do you think you’ll fit? I think you’re going to be too big…your feet are going to hang off the mattress.”

“If the bed can’t comfortably hold us, then we’ll get you a bigger bed.  This isn’t difficult, Shantreyl.  Whatever you need to adjust to your new life, Malcolm and I will get it for you.”

“I have so many questions, but I’m too tired to ask them tonight.”  She bent down and pulled back the covers.  Her nightgown was open in the back, all the way down to the rise of her buttocks.  Kaphiri slowly ran his finger down her spine and she closed her eyes as she felt the familiar tingle that always happened whenever he touched her.

“Malcolm, are you all right?” she suddenly asked.

“I’m good,” he said.  “Don’t mind me.”

“Will you turn off the lamp on the other side of the bed?” she asked Kaphiri.  “I need to turn off the bathroom lights and spray down the tub before I get in the bed.”

“Okay,” he said.

Shantreyl smiled at him and went into the bathroom.  Kaphiri turned off the lamp and looked at Malcolm.  “Is there enough light for you to see?”


“Are you going to sleep in that chair?”

“Honestly, I could.  It’s comfortable as hell.”

“You think the three of us can fit in her bed?”

“We’ll be all right.  And if not, I can sleep over here easy.”

Kaphiri nodded.  “Okay then.”  He undressed, folded his clothes, and laid them on the chair next to the bathroom door.  When Shantreyl came out, he was lying on the bed in nothing but a pair of black boxer briefs.  She saw him and stumbled, lost her footing and fell face first into the plush carpet.  Both men were by her side immediately.

“Are you all right?”  Malcolm asked.  “Baby, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she said.  “I just wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.”

Kaphiri picked her up.  “Did you stub your toe or something?”

“No,” she said as he sat her on the bed.  “I’m just clumsy.  Didn’t mean to scare you.”  She rubbed her cheek.  “I’m fine.”

“Okay, if you’re sure,” Malcolm said.  “You did a whole face plant.”

“Yeah.  Not my smoothest move, but I’m sure, baby.”

“Okay then,” Malcolm said before returning to his seat in the corner.

Shantreyl smiled sheepishly at Kaphiri as she lay down.  He walked around the bed and got back in it.  She looked at his feet, which were nicely shaped but hung over the edge of the mattress.

“Are you comfortable?” she asked as she slipped her feet under the duvet.

“I am.”

The winding tattoo on his left arm wound all the way up to his shoulder.  On his bicep was an elaborate Ranger tat.  She reached over and touched it.  The muscle was solid.  “How long did it take for you to get inked like this?”

“Did it over the course of three weeks.”

Suddenly Kaphiri rolled to his side so that he faced Shantreyl.  She gulped as she tried not to stare at his body.   She smiled at him.  “You have your mother’s eyes.”

“And whose eyes do you have?”

“My father’s.”  Then she asked, “Can I touch your hair?”

“Of course.”

Shantreyl ran her fingers through his hair.  She’d wanted to touch it ever since she met him.  “It’s so soft and so glossy.  Like your father’s, except you haven’t gone gray.” 

“Not yet.”

“May I ask about your father’s ethnicity?  He’s not all the way Black, is he?”

“My grandfather was Chinese, French and Italian, and my grandmother was Black.  My mother’s family comes from Barbados.”

“So you’re just a walking version of the UN, aren’t you?”

“I’m proud of my heritage.”

Shantreyl stared into his eyes.  “As you should be.  My friends think you’re beautiful.  Well, Jaya does.  Renee was a bit more enthusiastic.”

Kaphiri smiled.  “What did she say?”

“That you were hot as fuck.  She even invoked Asian Jesus.  That’s a compliment because Renee isn’t one to notice men like that, much less praise.”

“I’m more interested in what you think.”

“Kaphiri, you know I think you’re fine.  I don’t have to tell you that.  I know you hear it all the time.”

“Contrary to popular belief, I don’t.  Remember, I don’t like dealing with people and I keep music in my ears to reduce the chances of conversation with folks I don’t want to talk to.”

“You seemed all right at the cookout.”

“Because I know most of those people and regardless, when I wasn’t with you guys, I was listening to music.”

“Well then, this is what I think: I think you’re extremely handsome, maybe too handsome for your own good.  You have an…amazing…physique.”

“I work out every day.”

Shantreyl smiled.  She relaxed and yawned softly, running the back of her fingers over his cheek.  “I’m tired, Kaphiri.”

“Are you too tired to give me a goodnight kiss?”


“Can I have one, then?”

Shantreyl moved closer so that they were only a couple inches apart.  Then she ran her pinky finger over his bottom lip before kissing him.   She took her time with it, as kissing him was quite enjoyable, and then pulled away right when she felt a twinge deep between her thighs.  Any longer and they would be fucking.

“Good night,” she said.

“Good night,” he replied.

She rolled over and reached for the bedside lamp.  As the room darkened, Malcolm said, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Shantreyl couldn’t help it; she burst out laughing.  “I told you I was tired, Malcolm.”

“Yeah, but you’re attracted to him and I know he wants you, so I was sure that would outweigh any fatigue you have.”

“Sorry to disappoint you,” she said.  She scooted over and patted the mattress.  “Come get in, let’s see if we all fit.”

Malcolm said, “Turn the lamp back on.  I can’t see where I’m going.”

Kaphiri reached out and turned on the lamp.  Malcolm walked over and surveyed the space Shantreyl made for him.  “I think I’ll fit fine.”

“Get in, let’s find out.”

He got into bed and grabbed the duvet.  “You want this?”

“I don’t need it,” Kaphiri said.

“My feet get cold a lot,” Shantreyl said.

“Well, now you have company and maybe our combined body heat will keep you warm.”

Shantreyl leaned over and kissed Malcolm’s lips.  “Good night, baby.  Kaphiri, please turn off the light.”

He cut off the light and the room was blessedly dark.  Shantreyl said, “Kaphiri, do you snore?”

“I don’t believe I do, but I’ve always slept alone.”


“I’ve never brought anyone to my house to sleep with.”

“So this is new to you?  Sleeping beside someone?”


“You’re mighty damn chill for this to be your first time sleeping in the same bed with someone else.”

“Is it something I should get excited about?”

Shantreyl thought for a moment.  “I mean…I would.”

“Are you two going to talk or are you going to sleep?  Bad enough that you decided not to fuck,” Malcolm said.  He was very disappointed.

“We’re going to sleep,” Shantreyl said, settling down between them.

In a voice light with humor, Malcolm said, “For the record, Shantreyl, you snore.”

“I do not!”

“You do, and it’s such a cute little noise.  But it won’t wake you up, Kaphiri.”

“Good to know,” he said.

Shantreyl adjusted, trying to get in a comfortable position.  “Sorry,” she said.  “I’m used to being in this bed all by myself.”

“I’ll turn on my side,” Malcolm said.  “That will give you a little more room.”

It did, but Shantreyl still couldn’t get comfortable.  She lay on her back and stared up at the ceiling.  She really was tired, but she couldn’t seem to quiet her mind.  A few minutes passed and there was silence from both sides of the bed, but Shantreyl was unable to fall asleep.  She lay as still as she could so that she wouldn’t disturb Kaphiri and Malcolm.

She thought, ‘Now what?’

Shantreyl stared up at her ceiling, letting her mind wander but it kept coming back to the same point and she squeezed her eyes shut. ‘I’m tired.  I wanna go to sleep.’

Her mind’s response:  Good luck with that.

Then Kaphiri said, “Fuck this,” and rolled so that he was draped over her.  He cupped her cheek, turned her face to his and kissed her.  While kissing, he slid his hand down and palmed one of her breasts, gently squeezing it.  Shantreyl kissed him back, losing herself in the glory that was his mouth, secretly glad that he cut right through her bullshit.  He continued to squeeze her breast and crossed one of his long legs over hers, using his foot and knee to raise the hem of her nightgown to her knees.  He grabbed the shoulder strap of her nightgown and tried to pull it down over her arm, but there wasn’t enough give. 

Kaphiri sat up and grabbed the other strap.  “Come out of this fucking thing,” he said in a frustrated voice. 

Shantreyl couldn’t help but become aroused by his frustration.  “Don’t tear my gown, please,” she said.  “It’s one of my favorites.”

In a semi-groggy voice, Malcolm said, “Did you two suddenly decide to fuck?”

“Yes,” Kaphiri said, “but this damned nightgown is in my way.”  He managed to get the straps off her shoulders and freed her breasts just as Malcolm turned on the lamp and got up.

Malcolm got some condoms and a small bottle of oil out of the nightstand and tossed them on the bed.  “I’m gonna need the both of you to get it together,” he said as he went back over to the corner.  “I was almost out of it.”

Shantreyl’s nightgown was wrapped around her waist.  Kaphiri cursed again and got up.  He turned on the lamp and looked at her.  “I don’t want to rip it off of you.  Take it off.”

She nodded and stood up, allowing the gown to fall to the floor.  She eyed his boxers and waved her hand.  “Take them off.”

He removed them as fast as he could and she stared at him for a long moment, knowing he was doing the same.  She looked up at him, thinking about the difference in height.  Kaphiri was a full foot taller than her.  Clearly, he was thinking the same thing because he picked her up and stood her on the bed.  He cupped her cheeks and kissed her deeply before moving his hands to her breasts.  Shantreyl put her arms around his neck and gave him all the access he wanted.

When the kiss finally broke, he stared at her boobs, rolling her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.  “Your nipples are splendid, bambina.”

She liked his nickname for her.  It sounded sexy on his lips.  “Glad you think so,” she said.

Kaphiri began sucking on one of her nipples and his appreciation was such that he growled while sliding his arms around her waist.  Her nipple felt superb in his mouth; like a piece of hard candy.  He said something but Shantreyl couldn’t interpret it.  It didn’t matter because she understood the general nature of his exclamation.  She slid one of her hands through his hair and cupped the back of her neck as he moved his mouth to her other breast.  She was wet within minutes and he apparently knew it, for one hand slipped between her thighs and cupped her vagina.  His fingers were strong and blunt and no lubricant was needed.

“Mmmmmn,” she murmured.  He was being a tad rough with her nipples but she didn’t mind it.  She liked a little pressure.

Kaphiri couldn’t get enough of her breasts.  Her nipples were kryptonite and while he ached to be inside her, he couldn’t let them go.  His fingers were slick and she was so soft, so warm, so wet.  He fingered her clit and she squeezed her thighs, trapping his hand.  She bucked against it, unable to help herself.

“Kaphiri,” she whispered.  “Please.  Please.”

Shantreyl had no idea what she was asking for.  He caressed her breast again while kissing her lips.  Shantreyl felt as if her scalp was on fire and her pussy throbbed in a mixture of pain and ecstasy. 

“Please,” she said again.

Kaphiri picked her up and laid her on the bed, looking down at her.  He continued to fondle her breasts as he kissed her navel.  Then he spread her thighs and his mouth watered as he watched a glistening drop of liquid eke out of her vagina.

Bambina,” he said in a low voice, awed by the sight of her slick lips.  Malcolm warned him about how turned on Shantreyl could get with nipple play and he was eager to see it manifest.  Kaphiri wrapped his arms around her hips and dragged her towards the edge of the bed.  He had to taste her.

“Please, Kaphiri…please,” she said and he wasted no more time as he buried his face between her thighs, his hands still on her breasts.  He was so strong and the way he had her pinned to the mattress made it hard for her to squirm, but squirm she did when he started sucking and he wasn’t shy about it.  Shantreyl groaned as she tried to play with her nipples, but he slapped her hands away and made a noise that sounded like a “No,” without lifting his head.

She pressed her fists into the mattress when he started squeezing her nipples in time to the licks to her clitoris.  Her back and neck arched and she stared up at the ceiling and shut her eyes as her breath came in spurts.  In spite of the way he held her, she began to buck her hips when she felt herself about to climax.  She couldn’t help herself.  He was good at eating pussy.

“Kaphiri…” she said, almost breathless.

Shantreyl clenched her thighs together, trapping his head between them as her orgasm hit.  Her hips bucked and she lost control as she squirted all over Kaphiri’s face.  The sound she made resonated within him on a deep level.  As her orgasm subsided, her muscles relaxed and she let Kaphiri’s head go.  His entire face was glossy and his eyes were closed as he licked his lips.  Shantreyl sounded incredible when she climaxed.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

He opened his eyes and stared at her.  “For what?”

“For squirting on your face.  This is our first time and…”

“The fuck are you apologizing for?  If I didn’t want you to do it, bambina, I wouldn't have made you.”

“But my thighs were locked around your head.  My legs are strong.  You wouldn’t have been able to move.”

He smiled at her as he stood up.  “I could have if I wanted to.  You’re not that strong.”

Kaphiri got on the bed and lay next to her, taking her hand.  She rolled on her side to face him as he put her hand on his dick. 

“I want you to touch me,” he said. 

“With just my hand?”

“With every part of you.”

“That’s easy,” she said, reaching for the lubricant.

“Don’t use too much,” he said.

She nodded her head as she squeezed a small amount of oil into her hand.  Then she wrapped her hand around his length and slid it up and down, making sure her grip was snug.  As she stroked Kaphiri, she stared into his eyes.  “Is this all right?”

“Yes,” he said, staring back at her.

“Kiss me,” she said.

He did and they were like that for several moments.  Kaphiri liked the feel of her hand and the way she caressed him.

“I like it,” he said in a low voice.  Mmn.  A little more pressure.”

Shantreyl smiled as she kissed him again and squeezed a little harder.  She wondered if Malcolm was enjoying the show.  Then, remembering that Kaphiri requested every part of her, she pressed her vagina against his hip, her breasts against his chest, and draped her leg over his thighs.  Slowly, she ground her pelvis against his hip.  She was going to be wet again very soon.

“Even better,” he said as he moved his hand to caress her breast and finger her nipple.  He wrapped his arm around her and grabbed her ass with his free hand.  “You’re so soft.  Cushiony.  I like it.”

“Have you never been with a big girl before?”

“Not like you, bambina.”

“What exactly does ‘bambina’ mean?  I know it’s not an insult, but…”

“In Spanish, it means ‘babe.’  In Italian, it means ‘baby girl.’”

“So basically…baby.”

Kaphiri took a deep, tight breath.  It did not take her long to figure out how to stroke him.  “Pretty much.  Malcolm calls you baby.  I’d rather have my own pet name for you and I like how bambina sounds.”

“So the converse would be bambino?”

“It would.”

Shantreyl took a deep breath.  Kaphiri was thumbing her nipple again and it was only a matter of time before she was completely aroused.  He already was.  She sat up and smiled at him before adjusting her position.

She gripped him gently.  “I want to know what you taste like.”

“Don’t let me stop you,” he said.

Shantreyl closed her eyes as she wrapped her lips around him.  He felt wonderful in her mouth, on her tongue.  She began sucking slowly and deliberately, her bonneted head moving up and down in a rhythm Kaphiri found that he liked.  He put a hand on her head as she began caressing his testicles.

She popped up to say, “You feel good, Kaphiri.”

“Don’t stop, bambina,” he said in a low voice. “Don’t stop.”

“One moment,” she said.  She got up on her knees and adjusted the angle so that she could brace herself and take more of him.  Once she was in place, she started deep-throating him.  In the name of the heavens, he felt so good.  Malcolm felt good too, but in a completely different way.  She liked the contrast.

A thought popped in her mind.  ‘You know, you can have a whole lot of fun with these two.’

Shantreyl paused long enough to kiss the tip of Kaphiri’s dick.  You and me are gonna be best friends.’  She asked with just a hint of hesitancy, “Is it good?”

“More pressure,” he replied.  “And more tongue.  I’ll let you know when it isn’t.”

She smiled at him, nodded once, swallowed him again and let her lust take over.  Within a few moments, she found a rhythm he liked.  Kaphiri closed his eyes and put his hand on her head.  A couple of minutes passed before he was able to voice his pleasure.

Oh bambina…” he said, his voice dreamy.  She had a fantastic mouth and he randomly wondered how long she’d been sucking dick.  He’d experienced enough shitty head to last him a lifetime and was thankful that Shantreyl knew how to find her way around his dick with little coaching. 

“Mmmmn, do that again,” he murmured as she licked his balls.

Eager to please, she repeated the act before taking him in her mouth once again.  Kaphiri guided her head as she began to bob a little faster.  With his free hand, he found his way between her legs and was rewarded with shimmering fingers.  It was as if there was a running faucet down there.

When he felt himself on the edge, he stopped her.  She looked at him.  “Why did you stop me?”

“Because I’m about to nut and I want to do it when I’m inside you.”

“But I want to know how you taste,” Shantreyl whined.

“You’ll get the opportunity, but right now I just want to be buried up to the hilt in your body.  Come on, put the condom on.  Malcolm threw one on the bed somewhere…do you see it?”

“I see it.”  She grabbed the gold package and opened it.

Kaphiri’s voice was tight.  “Put it on.”

Shantreyl carefully put it on and the moment it was secure, Kaphiri flipped her over and entered her in one smooth move.  Shantreyl grunted, taking all of him at once and couldn’t be sure of anything other than the awareness of being satisfyingly filled.  Oh, he felt wonderful!

Kaphiri held still for a moment, allowing her to adjust.  “We’re gonna scoot down to the edge of the bed, all right?  I want to stand up.”

“All right.”

A moment later, Kaphiri’s feet were on the floor.  He leaned forward.  “Put your arms around my neck.”

She obeyed.

He locked his arms around her thighs.  “Now hold on to me, bambina.”

She held on.  Kaphiri picked her up.  The change in position was fantastic and then became even more so when he began to thrust.  A noise escaped Shantreyl’s throat, as she’d never been fucked like this.  Her nipples scraped Kaphiri’s chest, creating a deeply satisfying friction tinged with just the right amount of discomfort to make them throb.  They needed to be sucked.  She could only wonder what it felt like to him. 

“You’re tight like this,” he said.  “I like it, but I need more.  Hold on, bambina.”

Shantreyl tightened her hold around his neck and kissed his lips as he changed the hold he had on her legs, one arm at a time.  The backs of her knees were in the crook of his arms and he had her spread wide.  When he bounced her, she felt him all the way up to his balls.  Kaphiri’s thrusts were, God bless him, deep.  The pressure against her G-spot was sublime.

“Oh Jesus…” she moaned, her feet bouncing in the air in time to his thrusts.  He was so damned strong and it was sexy as fuck.  Oh my Jesus…”

Kaphiri’s thrusts were slow and long at first and then as his breathing quickened, so did they.  He stared into Shantreyl’s bright eyes, greedily devouring the range of emotions he saw in them.  She was so wet, so tight, so hot, and she looked so beautiful bouncing up and down on his dick. 

She could no longer keep her pleasure to herself.  “Oh Kaphiri,” she moaned.  “Oh baby…”

The sound of slapping skin and Shantreyl’s moans was music to Kaphiri’s ears.  “Yes,” he said.  “Like that, bambina...ride me just like that…” The current in his voice was different; deep and commanding, and Shantreyl held on as she rode him.  She buried her face in Kaphiri’s neck, muffling her cries.  Shantreyl had never been with a man strong enough to fuck her straight up like this.

“Look at me, Shantreyl,” he murmured.  “Look at me.”

She held her head up and stared into his alluring amber eyes.  For several moments, their eyes remained locked on one another in spite of the steady rhythm of their fucking.  He touched his forehead to hers and increased the pace.  Her breasts were smashed against his chest and all of it, every bit of it, was glorious.

“I’m about to…” she began, and then the world fell away when her climax suddenly hit.  She made another indescribable noise and Kaphiri loved it.  He adjusted to keep Shantreyl anchored, walked her to the bed and gently laid her on it while ensuring he remained buried within.  He put one hand on her waist and wrapped the other around one of her breasts and then it was just the abrupt sounds of skin on skin, labored breathing, grunts, moans, whispers and commands.  She drenched his dick and the sound that escaped her made him regret that he wasn’t recording the encounter.  Her body trembled and she was breathing like a steam engine.  Kaphiri’s eyes closed and then he stiffened, arched his back and finished with three strong pumps, grunting with the effort.  It had been a long time since he experienced such a powerful orgasm.  He was used to getting regular-level Os from his favorite Signs at the Zodiac Club. 

After taking care of the condom, he returned to the bed with a washcloth and carefully wiped her down.  He tossed the washcloth on the floor before lying on the bed next to her.

“I love how you sound during sex,” he said.  “The noises you make are erotic as hell.”

“Really?  You think so?”

“I do.  Don’t ever be silent when we’re making love.”  He turned to look at her.  “Are you all right, bambina?”

She looked at him.  “Never better, honey.  Though I do believe I’m going to be a bit sore tomorrow.  I’ve never had sex standing up.”

“Good,” he said.  “I’m glad I could show you something new.”

“Feel free to show me more new things.”

“Actually, I brought something with me with the intent to use it.”

“What was it?”

Kaphiri gave her a sly look.  “I brought my switchblade.”

Shantreyl looked at him and almost started to chastise him for bringing that up in front of Malcolm.  A moment later, she realized that Malcolm probably already knew that Kaphiri knew, considering the situation.  “Why didn’t you?”

“Well, I thought we were going straight to sleep and so I left it in my bag.”

“Hm.  Well, that was my intention, but you had other plans,” she said.

Kaphiri fondled one of her nipples.  He couldn’t leave them alone.  “I’m going to use it next time, don’t worry.”

“I’m really tired now,” she said, yawning.  “I feel I can go right to sleep.”

“Then my job is done, so let’s go to bed.  Do you want to put your gown back on?”

“No,” she said.  “Just open the windows so that we can get some fresh air.  The room smells like sex.”

“Good sex,” he added.

While Kaphiri opened the window and put his boxers back on, Shantreyl folded back the duvet on the bed and looked over in the corner.  “Malcolm?  Baby?  Are you asleep?”

“Nope,” he said. “I’m wide awake and I really enjoyed that.”

She couldn’t help but smile.  “We’re going to bed now.  For real this time,” she said.  “Come on.”

Malcolm got up and walked over to the bed just as Kaphiri lay down.  Shantreyl got in bed and kissed Kaphiri’s lips.  Malcolm got in bed and Shantreyl gave him a kiss before settling down.

“I really am going to have to figure out how to sleep between you two,” she said as she changed positions.  “Under normal circumstances, I’m all over the bed.”

“Do what comes naturally,” Malcolm said.  “If you want to cuddle next to Kap, go ahead.  You guys just fucked, so it makes sense.  If you want to cuddle with me, that’s fine too.”

“Kaphiri, do you cuddle?”

“I don’t even know what that is.”

“Show him,” Malcolm said.  “He needs to learn.”

Shantreyl smiled at him and snuggled next to Kaphiri, putting her head on his chest.  He curled an arm around her as Malcolm rolled to his side.

“Good night, you two,” Shantreyl said.


Shantreyl woke up early the next morning.  Apparently she’d gotten in some really good sleep, as she had not moved from her original position.  She was still in Kaphiri’s arms.  He was still asleep; his heartbeat steady, his breaths even.  Carefully, she moved away from him while also trying to keep from waking Malcolm.  When she was free, she crawled to the foot of the bed and got off.  She went to the bathroom and relieved herself, washed her face and brushed her teeth.  She put her robe on.  She knew her parents would be awake.  They were night owls on the weekends.

Shantreyl left her bedroom holding her phone and went into her home office.  She pulled up Facebook Messenger and called her mother.

Shannon Troy answered on the third ring and her smile warmed Shantreyl from the inside out.  “Hey baby!  How are you?  You must have just gotten up.”

“Hey Momma.  I’m good.  I’m so good.”  After last night, there was no other way for her to be.

“Really now?  You’re glowing.  Let me guess…you’ve finally gotten over Miles.  Whom do I have to thank for that?”

Shantreyl giggled.  “His name is Malcolm Sullivan.”

“All righty then,” Shannon said.  “Malcolm.  Spill the tea.”

“I met him three months ago at a club.”

“Since when did you start going back to the club?”

“Momma, it was a random night.  Renee and Jaya suggested it after I had a crappy week at work.  We went, we had fun and I met Malcolm.”

“How does he look?”

“He’s handsome, Momma.  He’s got beautiful chocolate skin, wears his hair cut low and has a nice goatee and a really pretty smile.  He’s about six feet tall and he’s on the slender side.  He runs a casino downtown and he’s forty years old.”

“How many kids he got?”


“Really?  He made it to forty without impregnating anybody?”

“I know,” Shantreyl said.  “He took steps to ensure he wasn’t going to have any children until he was ready.”

“Sounds like a smart guy.”

“He’s got an MBA; he’s very smart.  And he’s completely spoiled me.  He’s been nothing but a perfect gentleman.  I’ve fallen in love with him.”

“It’s written all over your face, Shan.  You look so happy.”

“I am, Momma.  Malcolm takes good care of me.”

“That’s what your father and I want to hear.  So when do we get to meet him?”

“I’m going to try and set up a call this week when your schedules coincide.”

“Are you two planning to get married?”

Shantreyl smiled.  She felt comfortable enough to speak her truth. “Yes.”


“I don’t know yet, but it won’t be years and years.  We want to have children and I’m a whole 35.”

“Hallelujah!” Shannon said.  “I’ve been waiting to hear that for a long time.”

“Oh Momma, stop!  You’ve got Zuri and Kit’s kids to tide you over.”

“I know, baby.  But your father and I want grandchildren from you too.  I’m glad that you met a man that you can have a future with.”

“More than that, Momma.  Malcolm has money.”

A pause.  “Really now?”

“Yes.  He’s head of a conglomerate here in Suva Oriana.   He’s been all about business for the past 20 years or so and is now ready to settle down.  Basically, he’s rich.”

“You telling me that my baby girl’s snagged herself a rich man?”

“I’m telling you that I’ve fallen for a man who isn’t broke or struggling.”

The smile on Shannon’s face was everything Shantreyl hoped for.  Shannon looked to her left and shouted, “Trey…Shan’s in love!”

Shantreyl heard her father in the background, “Finally!  Is he marriage-minded?”

“Yes.  Come say hello to your daughter.”

A moment later, Theodore Troy’s head popped up on the screen. “Hey Princess.”

“Hi Daddy.”

“How’s my baby girl?”

“I’m fine, Daddy.”

“Your mother says that you’ve met someone.  What’s his name?”

“Malcolm,” Shannon said.

“Is Malcolm good to you?”

“He is.”

“Is he a gentleman?”

“He is.”

“Can he afford to keep you at the lifestyle level you’re used to?”

Shannon beat Shantreyl to the punch.  “He’s rich, so yes.”

Trey’s eyes widened.  “Is that right?”


“Well, don’t drag this out, Princess.  He popped the question yet?”

“Not yet, but I am confident he will soon.”

“Good.  If he’s good to you and takes care of you and makes you happy, then he’s all right with me.  I would like to talk to him, though.”

“I’m going to set up a time this week when your schedules overlap.”

“Good.  Well I need to get back to this project.  We’ll talk soon, eh?” Trey said.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Love you, Princess.”

“Love you too, Daddy.”

Shannon took the screen back.  “So when do you plan to marry him?”

“We haven’t discussed it yet.”

“Well don’t waste time, Shan!  We don’t want him changing his mind.”

“I don’t think that will be an issue, Momma.  Malcolm and I are crazy about each other, and we’re public with it.  I love him and he loves me.  I met his family yesterday and they’re really nice.”

“Well, you got to let me know when the broom-jumping will occur so your father and I can take off work.”

“Of course, Momma.”

“Have you talked to Zuri yet?”

“I’m calling her after I hang up with you.  She all right?”

“She’s doing fine.  You know Kit treats her like a queen.”

“My brother-in-law’s awesome,” Shantreyl said.

“That he is. I hope Malcolm’s equally awesome.”

Shantreyl couldn’t help but grin.  “He is, Momma.  I promise you that.”

“Well good, baby. I need to run now, but you send me a text when you get this conference call set up. I need to make sure I’m available to meet my future son-in-law.”

“I will.  Love you, Momma.”

“Love you too, baby.”

Shantreyl ended the call and then called her sister. The line rang and rang and fifteen seconds passed before Shantreyl ended the call. She sat and waited for a couple of minutes because she knew Zuri would call back shortly.  She, like their parents, stayed up late on the weekends.

Two more minutes passed and Shantreyl fiddled around on Facebook, looking at her timeline.  She was not on Facebook or Instagram often, but Zuri was and there were recent pictures of her three children.  Shantreyl smiled.  She really needed to go home and visit her family.  Zuri’s kids were getting big.

Her messenger chime sounded and Shantreyl answered. 

“Well it’s about damn time, heifer,” Zuri said by way of greeting.  “I was about to light your ass up in your DMs…you can’t call nobody?”

“Goes both ways, Zuri,” Shantreyl said, rolling her eyes.

“Yes and I called you last time, if you’ll remember.”

“I’ve been busy, Z.  How’s Kit and the kids?”

“Fantastic. Jelani asked me the other day when he would get to see his Auntie Shan.  What do I tell him?”

“Tell my sweet nephew soon, all right?  That’s why I’m calling.”

“What’s going on?  You coming home to visit?  Been a while.”

Shantreyl smiled.  “I’ve met someone.”

Zuri looked shocked.  “Really?”


“Praise God,” Zuri said.  “I’ve been waiting to hear that you’ve moved on from Miles’ no-good cheating ass.”

“I have.  His name is Malcolm, he’s 40, and he runs a casino.  He’s really handsome; kinda puts you in the mind of Morris Chestnut.”

“Shit, Morris Chestnut is fine as hell, so…”

“Yeah, except my darling Malcolm doesn’t have Morris’ body.  He’s on the skinny side.”

Zuri giggled. “Don’t break him, Shan.”

“Man…fuck you, Zuri,” Shantreyl said, rolling her eyes.  “You always got something slick to say about my weight.”

“I was just teasing, Shantreyl!  Jeez! Calm your tits.”

Shantreyl was irritated. “Well, stop teasing me, then!  I don’t like it. I don’t say shit to you about your big old feet or your bony ass!”

Zuri sighed.  “All right, all right!  I’m sorry!  Tell me more about Malcolm.”

The excitement that Shantreyl had prior to talking to Zuri had already dissipated.  “He’s a businessman and we met at a club one night.”  She was not about to tell her sister that Malcolm was rich.

“When did you start going back to the club?”

“It was a one-time deal.  Renee and Jaya’s idea.”

“Well then it was a good one if you met somebody.  How long have you been dating him?”

“Three months.”

“Three months.  That's all?  How comfortable are you in the relationship?  You didn’t introduce us to Miles until about six or seven months in…and you know how that ended.”

“I’m very comfortable.  Malcolm is a man who knows exactly what he wants.  No point in waiting another six months, especially if we’re going all the way with this.”

Zuri made a face.  “You mean to the altar?  You’re that confident in him?  You trust your judgment that much?”

“I am. I do.  And don’t act so fucking surprised, Zuri.”

“Shan, give me some credit.  Miles broke your heart.  I didn’t think you’d be ready to date again for a long time.  You beat yourself up about that for a while.”

“I wasn’t, but then Malcolm happened and he changed my entire world.  I’m in love. I’m so happy.  He treats me better than Kit treats you.”

“Now I know that’s some BS,” Zuri said.  “My husband adores me.  He worships the quicksand I walk on.”

“Well, you can say the same thing about Malcolm.  He makes me feel like I’m the only woman in the world.  He gives me whatever I want and will move mountains for me if I need him to.  I love him so much.”

“Shan, I’m so glad to hear that.  Really. I’m happy that you’ve moved on and met someone worthwhile.  You deserve it.  You really do.  So, are you guys talking marriage?”

“Not officially, but we will soon enough.  He and I had a conversation early on about our relationship goals and we want the same thing.  It’s just a matter of time getting to know each other.”

“Here’s hoping he doesn’t go full psycho or full asshole three months from now.”

“He won’t.  Malcolm and I see each other every week and he’s been spending Sundays and Mondays with me since school’s been out.  He’s so easy to talk to and he’s fun.  We’ve rode rollercoasters, went skating, had a couple of picnics, and hung out at my house.  Yesterday, we went to the best cookout I’ve ever been to.”

Zuri nodded.  “Cool.  You fuck him yet?”

Shantreyl grinned.  “We smashed the same night we met at the club.  I followed him home and we had sex.”

Shan! You know how reckless and dangerous that is!”

“I know and I got lucky.  I will never do that again, but I needed some D and I needed to blow off some steam.”

“How’s the D?”

“The D is great.  He’s all about my pleasure, which makes it easy to please him.”

“So, when do I meet Mr. Wonderful?”

“I’m setting up a call with him, Momma and Daddy sometime this week once I learn his schedule.  Then we can do the same with you.”

“Good.  Kit’s going to want to be involved so he can give Malcolm the third degree.”

“I’m not about to have Special Agent Kit interrogate my man, Zuri.”

“He will want to be sure that Malcolm isn’t a piece of shit masquerading as a good man.  A lot of sistahs get fooled that way.”

“You’re right,” Shantreyl said.  “Where are the kids?”

“Asleep, thank God."

“You all right?”

“Yes. Just tired. It’s been nonstop for the past two weeks.  Kit’s current case had him in California for a week, and then in Atlanta for another week.  He just got home yesterday.  It’s just been me and the kids and I’m exhausted.” 

“Well, I won’t hold you.  Get some rest.  I’ll talk to you or text you later this week.”

“Okay.  Listen, Shan...”


“I really am happy for you.  I want nothing but good things for you.  If Malcolm is the man you say he is, then you hold on to him and love him as hard as you can.  Life can be a wonderful adventure when you’re with the right person and I want you to have that adventure.  Okay?”

Shantreyl smiled.  Her relationship with her older sister could be rocky at times, but nobody had her back like Zuri did.  She was ready to fly to Suva Oriana and enlist Renee to help her beat Miles’ ass when he broke up with Shantreyl.

Shantreyl nodded.  “Okay, Zuri.  I’ll do that.”

“All right then.  Talk to you soon.”

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