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Switchblade Romance (15/?)

XV.  Logistics

A few hours later, Shantreyl was at the Zig Zag Diner, sitting with Malcolm and Kaphiri at their usual table.  She studied the menu with a measure of glee.

“I don’t even know where to start,” she said.  “Everything sounds so good.  What do you guys eat?”

Kaphiri said, “She uses organic ingredients, which I like.  Her strawberry pancakes are good, as are the blueberry ones.  I eat them three times a week and never get bored.  She also makes excellent waffles.”

Malcolm said, “Her omelet breakfasts are delicious, as are her biscuits and gravy.  Nyx’s breakfast menu is extremely popular.  If you’re unsure, try the Pygmi Slam.”


Switchblade Romance (14/?)

XIV:  Outrageous Sin

Shantreyl stared at Malcolm as he massaged her foot.  “What is it?  What do you want to know?”

“What do you think of Kaphiri?  Honestly.”

Shantreyl made a face.  “Why are you asking?”

“Answer the question first.”

“I like him,” she said.  “He’s very nice, very interesting.  He’s a gentleman, same as you are, and he’s very attractive.”

Malcolm didn’t miss a beat in kneading her foot.  “Do you want to fuck him?”

Shantreyl stared at Malcolm, gobsmacked.  Did he know about the kissing?  Did Kaphiri tell him?  It took a moment for her to respond.  “Malcolm, what is this about?”


Switchblade Romance (13/?)


XIII.  The Cookout

When Shantreyl and her friends got into Malcolm’s Range Rover on Sunday afternoon, he said, “The Parkers live on the north end of Ravencliff, so we have a bit of a drive.  We’ve got to cross the Oriochi, so am I riding with tunnel enthusiasts or bridge fans?”

Renee and Jaya said simultaneously, “Bridge fans.”

Shantreyl added in a low voice, “I prefer the bridge over the tunnels whenever possible.  I like seeing the sun.”

Malcolm smiled at her and took her hand, holding it as he drove.  Renee nudged Jaya and pointed.  Jaya smiled.

“So, what can we expect today?” Renee asked.

Malcolm said, “No kids.  Full bar.  DJ—the same DJ that was at the Zodiac that night.  Catered barbeque—and Carlee’s Soul Patrol has the best barbeque in Suva Oriana.  Dancing.  Card and domino games.  Swimming.  Weed if you want it.”


Switchblade Romance (12/?)


XII.  Kaphiri, Part 2

Kaphiri lived in Dastara, on the Suva side of the river. Shantreyl was surprised to see him driving into what was a sketchy part of town and was even more surprised when he pulled up to what looked like a derelict building.

“Where are we, Kaphiri?”


“You live here?  In this abandoned building?  In this part of town??”


Switchblade Romance (11/?)

XI.  Kaphiri, Part 1

Thursday of that same week, Shantreyl woke up with a spontaneous idea: to surprise Malcolm for lunch.  He had told her on Tuesday that he usually ate lunch at the Vermilion at three p.m.  She was in a good mood and hopefully, would be able to have lunch with him. 

She dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans, cute white sandals and a flowy white top with bell sleeves.  She pinned the sides of her hair up with combs, applied a little bit of makeup and was out the door after checking her appearance.

The drive to the Vermilion took a little longer than she expected, due to an accident.  While stuck at a red light, she texted Malcolm and asked what he was doing.  Two minutes later, he wrote back:


Switchblade Romance (10/?)

X.  Revelations

A week later, on Sunday, Malcolm picked Shantreyl up from Fallon Station at noon and took her to Fireside Park, where they had a picnic.  Malcolm ‘fessed up when Shantreyl accused him of getting help with the menu, which consisted of antipasto lettuce wraps, hummus and pita bread, black bean and corn salad, fried chicken wings, panzanella with vegetables, peach hand pies, fruit salad, lemonade and sweet tea.

“I know you didn’t cook this yourself, Malcolm!  Did your mother make all this?  Did you wake your mother up to cook for you?”

He laughed.  “No.  My mother’s cooking days are over and I can’t cook.  I have a very, very good friend who owns the Zig Zag Diner.  Her name’s Nyx and she put all this together for me.  I arranged it ahead of time because I knew exactly what I wanted our fourth date to be.”


Switchblade Romance (9/?)

IX.  Embers

Malcolm sent a platinum-colored Bentley Mulsanne to pick her up.  When the driver opened the door for her, she got in and saw a bouquet of three white lilies on the seat.  She picked them up and put them on her lap as the driver closed the door.  Soon, they were on the way and Shantreyl called Jaya.

Jaya said, “You were supposed to send us a selfie of you in that sexy jumpsuit!  I’ve been waiting for the past thirty minutes.”

“I kind of got in a hurry at the last minute.  I’ll make sure I do it when I get to the hotel.”

“How did your hair turn out?” Jaya asked.

“It turned out great.  For once, my curls behaved.  He sent a Bentley to pick me up.  I’m riding in style tonight.”

“This brother isn’t playing any games, is he?”