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Zodiac: Jyotisha

Emil Jason Hendricks, named for his paternal grandfathers, was a charismatic, handsome man of 48 years.  He was married with three children and he became a pastor in his late 20s after finding Jesus in a wrecked, filthy disaster of a subway.  He never beautified his path to God in sermons or in interviews; he felt there was no need to lie about what happened to him.  From there, he worked his way up the ranks of ministry, building a cadre of loyal followers who were devoted to helping him spread his word of faith and forgiveness.  In spite of accumulating a measure of wealth, Emil remained as humble as he could.  He still lived in the house where he and his wife raised their children—with added security, of course.  He drove a modest sedan and wore the nicest clothes that the rack had to offer.  He lived his principles and gave back to God 10% and then some.

People liked Emil because he was an honest, self-effacing man.  For the most part, it was these qualities that helped his ministry to grow into a spiritual powerhouse that reached millions.  Community leaders and businessmen sought his guidance on all kinds of matters and his affiliations were nothing but positive.  Every few years, he did a worldwide tour that grew his ministry by the thousands and ten thousands.  He never let his success go to his head because he remembered all too vividly the chain of events that led him to the Lord and if he could reach others as he had been so touched, that was enough to satisfy him.


Zodiac: Solstice (Summer)

Cayo and Chef were allowed entry into the Zhous' home by their housekeeper, Chito.  It was a beautiful late afternoon and there was business to be conducted.  Chito escorted them into the den, where Chef immediately turned on the enormous television set and found a rugby game.  Cayo sat at a table and removed his tablet and some folders as Chito brought in something for them to drink.  It was 3:30.  Macallan and Madalyne were nocturnal, and they rarely got out of bed before 3 p.m.  Cayo asked if they were awake.

"They've been up for a little while, sir.  I've already told them that you were here.  They'll be down shortly."

Cayo looked around at the elegant, comfortable room.  While he loved his employers and his job, he couldn't help but feel that there was something slightly odd about their home.  He and Chef were the only two people welcome in the Zhous' Suva residence, and he got that same vibe every time he was in it.


Zodiac: Nirayana

Aquarius’ favorite playspace in the Pleasure Palace was the bathhouse, of course.  During down time, she spent long periods of time soaking in any one of the baths.  Her personal favorites were the hydrogen infusion bath and the enormous cauldrons.  When she entertained clients, she made it a point to include a trip to the bathhouse as part of the experience.  Tonight was no different.  She led a guy who called himself Nork to one of the heated pools.  It was evident from the expression on Nork’s face that he’d never been to a bathhouse.  Aquarius backed away from him and removed her robe, revealing a perfect body.  Nork stared dumbly at the courtesan as she stepped into a whirlpool bath and sat down.

“Come on,” she said.  “It doesn’t hurt.”

“I’ve never sat in one of those before.”

“You won’t drown.  There’s a bench.  Come on in with me.”

Nork had been instructed to remove his clothes in the dressing room and put on an available robe made of a very fine terrycloth.  He stood holding it closed, feeling like a classless idiot.  This was too much for simple muscle.  Whenever he had to purchase pussy, it was usually very quick and dirty; either in an alley or a shit motel with hourly rates.  Nork was completely out of his element.  He would have rather gone to a bedroom, but the glorious beauty he chose insisted that they relax first in a hot bath.  He was too much of a numbnuts at the time to insist otherwise.  Exotic beauties like Aquarius usually never got within shouting distance of men like him.


Zodiac: Ayanamsa (II)

Madalyne escorted Nico to a room located on the fourth floor.  She carried a ring of keys.  He followed her, shamelessly eating up the view from the back.

“You are one fine-looking woman,” he said.  “Your husband is a lucky man.”

“I’m the lucky one,” she said.  “But for your sake, you’d better not upset me.  Because he will do exactly what he said he’d do if you go against my wishes.”  Macallan’s dogs were vicious animals who loved the taste of flesh.

Madalyne stopped at a door at the end of the hall and searched through her keys. Nico got right upon her and took a deep breath.  He could not place her fragrance, but it was intoxicating.  “Honey, I’m not inclined not to do whatever you say.”

Madalyne smiled to herself as Nico put his hands on her waist and touched the tip of his nose to her shoulder.  “In fact, I’m more than willing to be your side piece if you’re so inclined.”  He thought he’d just put the shit on out there.  He had no problems being her Plan B.

She opened the door.  “You’ve quickly forgotten that I’m married.”


Zodiac: Sayana


Aries was blessed with height.  She was an even six feet, and her Pleaser heels made her a cool 6’5”.  Her legs were 42 inches long and when she got them around a client, it was 84 inches of glorious brown bliss.  In her chamber, she had two custom chrome poles.  She stood between them with her hands on her hips, bedecked in black hot pants and a silver lame halter, staring down at her client.  He sat on the edge of the bed, grinning like a loon.  Aries was a transgendered goddess and the kind of woman he preferred.  At the sight of her, he was already willing to take on extra work just to make the 10G monthly payment if it meant he could have her whenever he wanted.

“Goddess,” he said, practically drooling.

“What’s your pleasure, stud?”  Aries asked, extending one flawless gam so that her heel pressed against his gut.

Goon grinned gleefully.  “Aw baby…aw baby…whateva you wanna do is aiight wit me.”

Aries smiled.  This was going to be too easy.  She wouldn’t even have to get undressed, much less fuck this fat, ugly dude.  “You got it, stud.”


Zodiac: Ayanamsa (I)

Ian Anthony Dale as Nico Devinci
The club on the first floor was in its usual state: overflowing with customers with a line waiting outside.  But the invites sent to Nico Devinci and his crew of nine gave them VIP entry, and two attendants directed them to the back of the club, down a short flight of stairs and through a nondescript door.  There was a narrow hallway and two elevators.  Nico and his friends spread out and got into both elevators, where the attendants escorted them to the first floor of the pleasure house.  When they stepped out of the elevators, the attendants led them through the parlor and off to one side, where the dining room was.  Servers were there ready to attend to them.

“Well well well,” Nico said, looking around.  “Didn’t know this club had a restaurant, much less a second floor!”

Tazra Aiol, Nico’s second, nodded.  “Me either.  You sure this is legit, boss?”

“The invitation was hand-delivered, Taz.  Apparently those bums at the 15th have figured out we’re playing this game by Devinci rules now.  Captain of the precinct brought it himself.  He’s a prick, but he’s no dummy.”

The lead server encouraged them to take their seats.  “Good evening, lady and gentlemen.  We have prepared a buffet-style dinner on your behalf.  There is a menu in front of you.  Soon, the meal will be brought out and placed on these sideboards.”  She gestured around the room.  “You will state your preference and your server will attend you.”

One of Nico’s guys said, “Oh boss, I’m likin’ this already.  Personal service?  An’ she’s a cutie.”  He pinched his server’s ass.  

She moved away.  “Please, don’t do that.”

“Or what?”

“Rock, leave the girl alone,” Taz said.  “Act like you got some damn sense.”


Interlude: Super Predators

A/N:  I suggest listening to Mezzanine while reading this.

Some time later, things were in full swing at the Zodiac.  After a private, exquisite dinner, Macallan and Madalyne walked into the club and stood on the stairs, looking every bit as regal and majestic as any monarch.  Madalyne rubbed her belly.

"Chef is amazing.  Every time I think he can go no farther, he does."

"His skills in the kitchen are on par with his ability to use a multitude of weapons."

They scanned the room.  It was crowded and the dance floor was full.  Macallan smiled.  “Packed,” he said.  “As usual.”

“As usual,” she replied.  “We wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Macallan took Madalyne's hand, kissed her palm and then her fingers.  “What are you in the mood for, Madz?”

She caressed his chin.  “I’m not sure, but I’ll know it when I see it.  Come on, let’s dance.”

They walked down to the dance floor and made their way to the middle, fingers clasped tightly.  It was not every night or even every week that they mingled with their customers.  For the most part, they remained upstairs, content to monitor the activities of the club and the pleasure house from their suite.  Most of the people who came to the Zodiac Club had no idea who the Zhous were, and they preferred it that way.  In many ways, they were mythic; preferring the rumors of others—lessers—to propagate their existence.  Tonight, they were just a regular couple--well, not quite regular--enjoying themselves.