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Switchblade Romance (2/?)


II.  In Da Club

Malcolm sat at his usual table on the mezzanine level of the club, nursing a gin and tonic.  From his vantage point, he could see the entire dance floor and most of the tables.  He sat still and quiet, ignoring the noise around him.  It was Throwback Night, and as was typical, the Zodiac was packed with patrons in their favorite garb from their favorite decade.  Even though Malcolm was the one who suggested having themed nights to his friends Madalyne and Macallan Zhou, the owners of the Zodiac, he never actually participated in them.


Switchblade Romance

A/N: Yet another trip down memory lane.  This story was originally written thirty years ago as a birthday gift for my best friend, back when we were in high school.  Curious, I asked her if she still had the story and she said yes.  Part of me wants to read it when I go home for the summer and part of me doesn’t.  She told me that she learned a lot about certain aspects of a certain lifestyle after reading the story, and I wasn’t entirely sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.  I guess it was good because she still has the story, written in longhand in both ink and lead.

Of course, being grown as hell now, the story won’t be the same.  It will have similar plot beats, but the essence will be different because I’ve lived a lot in three decades and understand life better than I did as a child and my preferences have changed. 

I.  Drankin' Patnaz

That bitch at work tried it with her again today and it took everything in Shantreyl’s soul not to punch the woman.  She had squeezed her fists so tight, her nails left pink half-moons in her palms.  After an intensely stressful week, her Friday ended with a sudden meeting between her, the principal and the bottle-blonde bitch-ass assistant principal.  Apparently, a student claimed to have heard Shantreyl say the word “fuck” earlier in the day and immediately reported it. 

The End of a Love Affair

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The Dark Beauty Saga

"Dark Beauty" is the name I've given to the characters of Sheila Stephens and K'avir Velimir.  Can't believe it's been almost ten years since I created them, back when I was writing Star Trek fanfic with Alliyah, Neets, Gerri and Noob on LiveJournal.

Ah, good times.

I will say that I am working on putting them in an original work of fiction, tentatively titled Blade Dancer, but the world building is colossal. In time, they will return in full novel form.  But for now, I have them right here for your enjoyment.

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Feenin'    1   2   3   4

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Khalaya Moon   1   2   3   




Dramatis Personae

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The Astronomy Series

So I'm playing around with formatting to make my stories easier to access.  While I love using Blogger, the way it formats means that sometimes stories are read out of order.  I want to try and fix this.  I'll begin with my most recent works.

Part 1:  Intergalactic   (6 chapters)

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Part 2:  Interplanetary (1 chapter)

Part 3:  Interstellar      (2 chapters)