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“Lookin’ For Mr. Do Right” Jade
“Not Like Crazy” Jill Scott
“Give Me What I’m Missing” Jade
“Perfect Match”  Tech & the Effx
“Superpower” Beyonce

Things got serious on the couch.  Max was pretty much beside himself in regards to my lingerie, and he didn’t want me to take off my dress or shoes, so we got it on right there.  In what had to be the fastest set of hand moves this side of the equator, he unzipped, pulled my panties to the side, and entered me in what felt like less than five seconds.  He pulled my dress up around my waist so he could grab my ass and say dirty things as I rode him.  He bit my nipples through the fabric of my dress, and it was all a very fast and filthy few minutes of fun.

Afterwards, I got up and pulled my dress down.  He stood up, tucking away and we just stared at each other for a moment.  Then he smiled and said, “Come to my place; we’ll take a shower.  Have you eaten anything other than those strawberries?”

“No.” My tummy was upset about it, too.

“I’ll fix you something to eat.”

I smiled like a kid at Christmas.  I couldn’t help it.  “What?”

“What do you want?”

“Well, you were talking trash about bacon and omelets and waffles, so…”

He smiled at me.  “Consider it done.  I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

I showed up fifteen minutes later wearing a sheer cotton lawn dress, with my hair pinned and tucked on top of my head so it wouldn’t get wet.  He kept shower caps in his bathroom for my use.  When I walked in, Max was actually in the kitchen, cooking…wearing a wife beater and sweatpants.  I couldn’t help but smile at him moving about his kitchen, one beautiful tatted shoulder covered with a red and white striped dishtowel.  I tried to contrast this Max with M.J. Stanford and couldn't make it work.

“Need some help?”

When he looked at me, his face lit up.  “No, but you can stand there and talk to me.  You look beautiful.”

“You’ll say anything to get my goodies.”

“True, but not lies.”

I watched him beat eggs with a whisk.   He said, “Tell me about that guy who likes you.”

“He works for me.  He’s actually the attorney who was facilitating the merger between you and Fox Hollow.”

“That guy?  Him?”


Psssht.  He’s not your type.” He was matter-of-fact.

“I wouldn’t say that.  I don’t have a type.  He’s extremely attractive and actually kind of sexy.”

Max added cheese to the eggs before putting the bowl in the fridge. Then he started making waffle batter…from scratch.  I couldn’t believe it.  He kept talking.  “Whatever he is or isn’t, what he can’t be anymore is interested in you.  For his own sake.”

“Are you really going to be all caveman about this?  We were just trying to be friends.”

“He doesn’t know how hard I had to work just to get you to kiss me.  Contract bullshit and all that.  I’m not about to let some skinny, silver-tongued pretty boy just roll up on you.  You may think you’re just friends, but he's thinking about when he gets to fuck you.  It’s what men do when we find women attractive.  He probably wants more, and who can blame the guy, but we both know it isn’t going to happen.  Not now.”

I watched whip the batter by hand, trying not to be shocked.  “Are you really making waffles from scratch?”

He shrugged.  “Yeah.  It’s the way Mum always made them.  She taught me how to cook.”

I smiled.  “You really are…special.”

“About time you noticed.”

I stood in the doorway and watched him for a few minutes.  He moved effortlessly, like he cooked every day.  Which he probably did.  It just didn’t jibe with the man 90% of the business world was terrified of.  He was just a regular guy, an ordinary dude, a vanilla bruh…and, I realized suddenly, my boyfriend. At which point, I said, “I need to make a phone call.”

“Are you leaving?”

“No.  Can I use your house phone?”

“Of course.”

I grabbed his phone and sat down at the piano.  I dialed Kelton’s number from memory, wondering what would pop up on the caller ID.  It was best to end things before they began, not that they ever would have.  I believed Max when he said he’d ruin Kelton if he didn’t leave me alone.  Kelton didn’t deserve Max’s wrath, so I had no problems letting him down even if it hurt his feelings. 

The phone rang three times.  I wondered if he was debating whether to answer it because he didn’t recognize the number.


“Iolanthe?  Where are you calling from?”  He sounded relieved.  “How are you, love?”

I didn’t bother to answer the first question.  “I’m all right.  How did the meeting go after I dropped my two cents?”

“Humor me.  What do you think happened?”

I smiled.  “That ice-cold bastard M.J. Stanford probably told Stansler to go fuck himself.”

“Well, he didn’t actually.  Not in so many words.”

“The merger went through?”

“No, love.  Mr. Stanford confirmed our suspicions about Fox Hollow deliberately tanking, and then accused Stansler of doctoring previous reports.  Of course Stansler denied it, but that Stanford had the balls to even suggest such a thing  to the old fellow, who I might add, is well-respected…”

“So the merger isn’t going through?”

“Stanford made an offer right there to purchase Fox Hollow with the stipulation that Stansler retire as CEO, and the offer he made was…” Kelton whistled.

This was like, gossip.  “Did he low-ball it?”

“Pretty much.  Stansler looked like he was going to have a stroke, and got up to leave.  Then Stanford says, without so much as a flutter, ‘I’ll give you an hour to think it over.  Then I’m leaving.’”

I couldn’t believe it.  “Really?” 

“Black-hearted bastard, he is.  But he’s no fool.  Stansler came back forty-five minutes later ready to negotiate.”

“And what did Stanford do?”

“He sat and waited for Stansler to return, and he barely moved other than to diddle with his phone one or two times.  He and his team of attorneys were silent and it was very unnerving for Fox Hollow.  Stanford’s lawyers were like puppets.  If he didn’t move, they didn’t move.”

“Were you unnerved by them?”

“Well, I’ve heard of Maximilian J. Stanford; heard the tales, heard the whispers about how cold he is.  Never thought I’d see it.  I literally could do nothing except go back and read over the documents I had available.  Got up for tea, I did, but it was intimidating sitting across from the man and his team of silent lawyers.   Lawyers are never silent, and if they are, then you know there is chicanery afoot.  But it is interesting to point out that the only time there was any animation in Stanford’s face was when he saw you.”


“Well, you know you’re gorgeous, love.  And you looked absolutely ravishing today.  You had the eye of every man in that room.  I scanned it shortly after you walked in and he looked surprised to see you there.  The next moment, his face was as impassive as always.  Who could blame the chap, though?  You’re a knockout.”

I laughed nervously.  “What happened next?”

“Stansler returned ready to negotiate, as I said, and then Stanford stood up and said, ‘Have at it then,’ and leaves.”

“What?”  I closed my eyes, heat rippling through my body.  "He just up and left?"

"Yes.  Gave his permission and walked right out of the room."

I put a hand on my belly, hot all over.  Max was ready to come home...to me.

Kelton continued.  “He didn’t even look at Stansler, and he barely acknowledged me as he left.  The minute the door closed, his attorneys went right to work.  So the merger fell through, but Mr. Stanford has a new toy to play with.  He did authorize a generous buyout towards Stansler’s retirement, but got Fox Hollow for a song compared to what it’s worth.  The man is an evil genius.  I wonder if Stansler did have his books doctored. I don’t believe for a second that Stanford said that in jest or to embarrass the man.  He knows something.”

“Who knows?”

“Either way, the papers are signed and this deal is done.  Now on to better things.  When can I see you again, Iolanthe?”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to continue dating, Kelton.”

“Well, why not?  I thought we were having fun.”

“I did have fun.  You’re incredible.  You’re really a great guy.”

“Iolanthe, don’t do that.  What happened?”

“Nothing happened, Kelton.  I just found myself having too much fun with you and that’s problematic for me.”

“Too much fun?”

“I know it sounds crazy, but I just can’t be with you like you want.  I can’t even be your friend, really.  I’m not built that way.  I don’t want to waste your time when you can have any other woman you want.”

“So that other chap…he’s staked his claim, then?”

“I’m not a claim, Kelton.  I’m not a prize, trophy, or reward.  I am just doing what I always do: what’s best for me and my firm.  Don’t act brand new, now.  I warned you.”

“I just thought that…that we were having a good time.  You were warming up to me.”

“I did have a good time, but it was never meant to be serious.  I told you that I’m your boss and I don’t date my subordinates.  We were just having fun, which was one of the two demands that I made…if you’ll recall.  You weren’t listening.”

Silence on the other end, but no dial tone.


“I feel like a fool,” he said.


“I do.  You were very clear in your wishes, but I thought that…it doesn’t matter what I thought.  When my tenure at Rothschild, Fairfield & Littleton is done, I will tender my resignation.”

I sighed.  “I understand, but I do wish you could stay on.  You're terrific at what you do.”

"No, that'd be problematic for me, wouldn't you say?  I mean, with you there and all."

"You hardly see me, Kelton.  I barely leave my office."

"Can you be honest with me, Iolanthe?"

"I always have been, Kelton.  You know this."

"The not-husband, the not-boyfriend...please tell me what changed.  A road turned somewhere, didn't it?"

I paused, biting my lip.  "Why do you want to know this, Kelton?"

"Call it a professional curiosity.   Please, do me the courtesy."

"I'm the bloke you spoke of that night," I confessed.  "I was the one who was making the situation...complicated.  I was trying to keep everything...neat...and it didn't work out the way I planned.  Ironically, you're one of the reasons why...the road turned."

He was salty.  I could hear it in his voice.  "Pardon?"

"I play things safe, very close to the vest.  I'm honest with everybody except for me.  I felt a kind of way about the not-husband, the not-boyfriend, but it wasn't until I found myself getting used to you that I...that the road turned.  Being with you gave me room to think about my relationship...with him."

"It most certainly was not my intent to encourage you to be with another man."

"I'm sorry for that, Kelton."  I was.  It wasn't cute, it wasn't pretty, and maybe he felt like it wasn't fair...but like I said, I never lied to him and never promised him anything.

There was a very long pause.  "I wish you well, Iolanthe.  You and your chap.  Maybe you deserve each other, then."

I knew that he no more wished me well than he wished for a STD.  He was angry.  I could handle it.

“Goodbye, Iolanthe,” he said, and hung up before I could reply.


When I hung up the phone, I sat on the bench for a while longer, thinking about Kelton.  I turned on some music to soothe me.  Was I happy about what I had to do?  Not really.  He was a decent man, but if I were going to be as honest with myself as I was with Max, then Kelton never stood a chance with me.  I was losing the battle when Max undressed me that first time and lost the war after we made love.  But I didn’t know it until now.

I feel like I could lose complete control with you… it terrifies me that I feel that way, and I feel like it shows, that everyone can see how weak you make me… I ran from you because I was afraid of you, of your power.  

I’m certainly not the kind of woman to lead men on, and I was as honest with Kelton as I could be.  I couldn’t help it if he brought feelings to the table, which was ridiculous because he didn’t know me.  I’m not a very nice person; being nice doesn’t get you to the top of the legal profession or allow you to run your internationally-known law firm with an iron fist.  Some might even think I’m cold, but I really don’t care.

“You hungry, girl?”

I turned to see Max standing in the doorway with a plate and a glass of juice.  He still had that dishtowel over his shoulder.  He was adorable.

“I’m starving,” I said.  “For food too.”

He came towards me.  “I can take care of both appetites.  Let’s eat on the balcony.”

I nodded and followed him outside.  He sat down and pulled me into his lap before spreading the dishtowel over my lap.

“You don’t have napkins?”

“What’s wrong with this towel?  It’s clean.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, until I realized he had only one plate.  There was a huge amount of food on it, but it was still just one plate.  He had a healthy appetite.  “Where’s mine?”

He cut a piece of waffle and egg and fed it to me.  I closed my eyes, surprised at how good it was.  I guess he liked my expression, because he touched my lip and said, “Told you.”

“You’re going to have to move that knife and fork faster than that if you want to keep me happy.”

So I sat in his lap and he fed me.  It was fun and funny, because it was an unimaginable reality that I was sitting in the lap of my billionaire British boyfriend who made me breakfast for lunch…who was also tickling me as I ate.  After we were done eating, he said,” So the lawyer…he didn’t take it well, did he?”

“No.  But he was warned.  I told you, I’m always honest with men.  It made more sense for him to get to know me, then decide if I’m worth the effort to woo.  But no, he came out the gate with that nonsense.  First day on the job, he asked me out to dinner.  I thought he was crazy.  But he’s an excellent attorney.”

“He’s all right.”  His fingers drew circles on my skin.

I looked at him.  “You didn’t have to do that to Mr. Stansler, Max.”

“Bullshit I didn’t.  I’m not about to merge my company with a sinking ship.  Stansler’s accounting department has been doctoring the books for the past two years.  I just wanted to see what he would do when I called him on it.  I never intended to merge with Fox Hollow.”

“You faked a merger just to see what would happen?”

“I didn’t fake it.  I was just never going to go through with it.  I want Fox Hollow, but not with Stansler at the helm.  He’s not as sharp as he used to be.  Were he, I would have never known how bad things were with the company.”

“Well, you got what you wanted,” I said, kissing his ear. 

He emitted a satisfying grunt and looked at me.  “I always get what I want.”

“Spoiled brat.”

“Not even a little.  You know, I work from home.  I drive myself anywhere I want to go.  I buy my own groceries, wash my own clothes, and cook for myself.  I fly commercial when I have to travel.  I have a housekeeper who comes in three days a week to clean my apartment, and that's only because I'm not good at that sort of thing.  I work out in the downstairs gym, as you know.  I’m not spoiled.  I’m just efficient.  The more people you have around you, the less able you are to keep secrets.  I don’t have to go into any of my offices unless I want to, and my business runs smoothly. Most of the people who work for me have never seen me, and I prefer it that way.”  He looked at me and I ran a finger over his eyebrow.

“I have a jet,” I said, smiling.  “I’m over flying commercial.  I hate flying, so if I have to do it, it needs to be in comfort.  It’s a luxury I don’t mind paying for, even if it is a company expense.  But I do agree with you in regards to the rest.”

“We’ll join the Mile High Club, then.  Next flight out.” 

After that, we grew silent.  We didn’t speak; we didn’t need to speak.  It was nice, sitting with him in the summer sun, catching the breeze that circled our building.  He pulled up a second chair opposite us and put his feet in it so I could lean back and stretch my legs.  He put his hands around my belly and I rested my head against his and we were like that for some time.  It was nice having conversations without words.

After what felt like an hour, he said, “I like being with you like this, Iolanthe.  This isn’t complicated, right?”  I detected the tiniest hint of insecurity in his tone.

“No,” I said, smiling.  “It’s not.  Let’s work hard to keep it that way, okay?”

"If you keep your promise, I'll keep mine," Max replied.

The I was ready to get up.  I stood and stretched, and he did as well.  He put his arms around me and we kissed.

“Mmmmn,” I said, deciding to be completely undisciplined from now on.  “You promised me a shower.”




A/N:  This is where "Discipline" is supposed to end.  The Muse quieted down three chapters back, after she led me here and I assumed that I was done with Iolanthe and her men problems.***  But sometime last night, as I was tweaking this final chapter, she started speaking to me once more. Io and Max are very powerful people, and Kelton's leaving the scene mad.  So I can't say for sure if this is the end or not.  We'll see.  Stay tuned.

***I will take problems like Hiddie and Hardy ANY day of the week.  I could be the meat in a Tom sandwich.


  1. Ahh, that line "you're a great guy" in a break-up situation is so frustrating and vague for men, I think we shouldn't say that lol Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we owe them a detailed explanation.

    Overall, thank you for this story, everyday I was excited to log in on my facebook to check the updates, it made my week funnier.

  2. You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it. Yep, it's a dick line; she basically friendzoned him, even though she's not his friend. But he was warned. He should be more angry with himself.

    I hope it's completed. It was very fun to write, even though I didn't know what the hell was going to happen from one chapter to the next.

  3. :) I really enjoyed this story Amaya, it was fun, the sex was hot and you involved sexy people with good music. Maybe next time Tom will get the girl.

  4. ...I knew it.

    He doesn’t know how hard I had to work just to get you to kiss me. Contract bullshit and all that.


    1. I'm sure you understand that this whole fic was supposed to go differently. I saw other things happening, things vastly different from what you read. This is what I produced. *shrugs* It bees that way sometimes.

  5. Aww, poor Kelton. It is what it is, and Io did warn him. Maybe next time he can find a woman who kicks ass in her field AND loves all things comics like him.

    As for Max and Io, I do sincerely wish them all the best. They're better suited for each other, and honestly Io would have eaten Kelton alive eventually.

  6. Yes! I knew it lol. Kelton put his feelings out there, he should have played his cards close to his vest. This was a great story. I thought of this story since I read it yesterday. You, Ankh, and all the other writers are always teaching me something through your writing, even though you don't know it.

    1. Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and hopefully you learned something useful.

  7. Welp, this was a pretty good read, the lean was obvious from jump seeing how who (which man) it started with so this came as no with surprise who she chose; Kelton was not needed at all. It bees like that I guess :/


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