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Zodiac: Dramatis Personae

Rick Yune as Macallan Zhou

Sanaa Lathan as Madalyne Zhou

Macallan and Madalyne Zhou are the owners of the Zodiac, a popular nightclub in downtown Suva Oriana.  Macallan is a former criminal defense attorney and ex-Marine, and Madalyne is a former surgeon.  The Zodiac Club is a front for the Zhous' secret and extremely profitable venture: a pleasure house.

The Zhous are also assassins.  Codename: Adrenalin.

Mikael Daez as Cayo Reyes

Cayo Reyes is the Zhous' attorney and is responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the business.  Cayo runs things when the Zhous go on "errands."

These are the Signs of the Zodiac.  They offer a full-service menu for their clientele.  They have all been trained in the arts of pleasure and pain.

LaVerne Cox as Aries

Candis Cayne as Virgo

Julia Ling as Scorpio

Raven-Symone as Taurus

Meagan Good as Libra

Byron Mann as Capricorn

Kalani Queypo as Sagittarius

Sirita Jensen as Aquarius

Namitha as the Gemini

Kunal Khemu as Cancer

Michael Ealy as Pisces

Chris Hemsworth as Leo

David Bautista as the Chef

Suva Oriana is a midwestern metropolis of five million people.  It is bisected by the Oriochi Channel.  Suva lies west of the Oriochi and Oriana lies east.
To become a Zodiac Club member requires an extensive vetting process and a monthly maintenance fee.  Membership levels range from bronze to platinum; the higher the level, the more available access to services, and certain discounts on said services are applicable.


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