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Feenin' (3/4)

Sheila bandaged her arm after cleaning it with antiseptic and using the regenerator to heal the muscles and skin.  She gave herself an antibiotic hypo and leaned against one of the cots.  She was exhausted and grateful that sickbay was empty.  The border patrol assignment was uneventful so far and no casualties occurred.   Now, if she could make it to her quarters just down the hall, she would take a hot, hot shower, and then fall into bed.  Part of her throbbed with unreleased need; K’avir half-naked with a sword was enough to keep her fantasies going for at least a week.  She felt a red-hot pulse between her legs, a thrum in her nipples and a live wire between her buttocks.  She desperately needed release.

She could do it and then she could think straight.  Sheila slipped her hand between her thighs and closed her eyes.  Once again she saw him standing bare-chested holding the tachi.  Broad-shouldered, pecs dancing, ripped abdominals…she loved touching him, he felt like heaven under her hands.  Those eyes…viscous pools of honey, lips warm and softer than any man’s lips had a right to be, skin smooth, hot caramel…hands big and strong…

“Jesus, K’avir,” she moaned, fingering her clit.  She couldn’t believe she was doing this instead of getting it from the source.  Sheila hadn’t had to masturbate in a long time; since before Lenny.   She threw her head back and moaned, tweaking, stroking, fantasizing about him taking her; it had been far too long since he’d had her that way…or any other way…she exhaled in breathy chuffs, feeling herself ready to climax, not knowing that she wasn’t alone.

K’avir stood in the doorway, watching her.  Like a puppy, he followed her to sickbay.  He had been unable to do anything else.  Sheila was a beacon, a siren, a lure to greater pleasures.  She was injured in her fight with him; she had challenged him and he couldn’t help but be aroused by her current state.  Her arm would heal, but there would be a permanent scar, regardless of the regenerator.  He could still smell her blood on the towel.

And she was stimulating herself while using his name.

 “Ashaya,” he murmured, moving towards her. 

Sheila opened her eyes and looked at him.  She didn’t know what he said, but it didn’t matter.  He was here.  “K’avir?”

 “Ashal-veh,” he said as he reached her.  “Ki-sarlah-nash-veh fayei kup-bolaya-du.”  

She blinked.  He never used his native tongue when he addressed her.  She didn’t have a clue as to what he was saying, but it didn’t matter.  All that mattered was that he was here.  He kissed her hard and grabbed her forearms, putting them around his neck.  He started to push her back on the cot, but she shook her head. 

“Not here, K’avir…not here…”

 “Wilat?”  he murmured against her mouth, and then remembered she didn’t understand Vulcan.  “Where?”

“My office,” she moaned, kissing his face.  “Over there.”

He picked her up and carried her to her office, which was down a short corridor off the main wing of sickbay.  Sheila didn’t know how he knew where to go because his lips never left hers.  She did not think about anything other than the fact that her man was carrying her, that he was kissing her, that he was concerned for her.  Anything else would have to get worked out at a time when she wasn’t so turned on.

Her door swooshed open and he carried her inside.  Her office was small; two visitor chairs, her desk, and her chair.  Her computer was on a small workstation in the corner.  K’avir kicked the chairs out of the way and they clanged off the walls.  He put Sheila on the desk and started kissing her.  She met his hard, hot kisses with her own, taking a moment to bite his lower lip.  He growled; it rumbled up from the pit of his manhood and he pulled her hips forward.  Sheila spread her legs and moaned when he tore out the crotch of her shorts.  She was already wet and he was crazy for her.  He pulled out his lok and spit on it.

“Hurry, K’avir,” Sheila moaned, grabbing the edge of the desk to brace herself.  “Hurry, baby…please…”

Without any style or grace, he grabbed her ass with one hand for support and slipped inside of her in one smooth move.  He closed his eyes as she soaked him with her juice.

“Sheila,” he moaned against her lips.   “Ashal-veh…”

“Yes,” she murmured.  “Yes, K’avir, yes…”

He was so big, so hard, so right and he pounded into her with a total lack of finesse, as he couldn’t afford to be cool or sexy in his movements.  He buried his face in her neck and she felt him biting and sucking at once and she moaned in his ear, spreading as far as she could so he could get all the way in.  “K’avir, do what you said you were going to do.  I need you.”

Sheila closed her eyes and leaned back.  K’avir closed his lips around her larynx and sucked, determined to mark her in places she could never cover up; to let him know—every man know—that Sheila belonged to him and he would not suffer any fool who would dare try to take her away.  His strokes were long and deep and he was close.  Sheila matched him, moved with him, not concerned that this quickie was going to be all he had for her tonight.  No, her lover was just getting started.  She was pooling around him, so wet that it was like a tidal wave, running out of her, suctioning him in.  She squeezed her pelvic muscles to milk his dick; ah, he felt so fucking good…and pushed against him as he thrust into her.  Her climax was hard and fast and she choked out an epithet as her back arched and her hands skittered, knocking over her IN/OUT basket.  Medical PADDs went flying.

K’avir climaxed, groaning at his release.  He was not concerned that he could not please her tonight; it had been seven days and he wanted Sheila every single day.  He wished he could make her understand that he was giving her everything he had; all he wanted was his lady doctor and he was satisfied with her.  He slipped out of her and pulled her close for a kiss.  It was not a tender thing; lips, teeth, and dueling tongues. She was biting him; his lips, his cheek, the tip of his nose and his earlobe.  She felt raw, feral, and wild; she wanted him so much.  If only he could want her when she felt the opposite; if he could fulfill all of her feminine needs, she would be perfectly content with her big Vulcan for the rest of her days.

He knocked the rest of her stuff off of her desk and pushed her down on it.  K’avir tore through the waistband of her shorts and tossed the scrap of fabric away.  Then he grabbed her tank top and ripped it off her and did the same thing to her bra.

“Sheila,” he moaned, his hands moving of their own accord across her now-naked body.  There were discolorations that would soon darken and he could never deny how it made him feel to see her like that.  Her breasts were big enough for his hands and her nipples were long and thick.  She had nipples for a man.  Her hips were wide and her ass at once firm and lush.  And she could handle his lok from both directions.  It was as if her whole body was built for all of his pleasure and his delight.  As if Akraana herself created Sheila just for him.  He caressed and fondled her, stroking her tender areas, watching her face; her eyes and mouth.  She was wet again—another sign from the warrior goddess—and she was moaning his name, begging for his mouth, for him to taste her.

“K’avir,” she said, “K’avir, I want you to eat me,” she moaned.

He got down on his knees—goddess worship required it—and parted her legs.   “Sharu,” he murmured, forgetting that she didn’t understand Vulcan, but she understood his action very well.  Sheila spread wide for him, not comprehending his words but understanding the act.  Her lips were plump; she was leaking honey and her inner lips and clit were shiny with it, as well as engorged, distended and discolored.  K’avir took her into his mouth and started sucking on her; he didn’t need any fingers to pleasure her here.  He would do anything she wanted; anything to please her.

“K’avir,” she moaned.  “Oh baby, oh baby…”  She caressed her breasts and tugged her nipples, out of her mind with need for him.  She wanted him and she needed this and she wasn’t sure any man would ever be able to do this like this to her…oh, had she been forever spoiled by K’avir?  Was she ruined?  She couldn’t worry about it at the moment.  All she could hear were his grunts of pleasure and his sucking sounds.  All she could feel were her nerves twanging and a heat bloom in the pit of her.  Her nipples ached for his mouth and she found herself surging against him, covering him with her slick heat.  He was tongue-fucking her and he had a tongue long enough to do it and do it right.  He hit a particularly sensitive spot and she abruptly climaxed.  Her legs vibrated and she couldn’t sit up to see him.

“Sheila,” he moaned, licking her essence away.  “Du dom slor…”  He bumped his nose against her clit, making her tremble again and then stood up and removed his sweatpants.  Sheila looked up from her come-soaked haze and moaned as she watched him rub his lok against her vagina. He did it slowly, up and down and back and forth, holding her hips steady, all the while staring into her eyes.  She met his amber gaze and her breath caught.

“K’avir,” she breathed, arching as she felt him move over her most sensitive spot.  “Oh shit, K’avir…what are you doing to me?”

He didn’t respond, just kept moving until he was convinced he was coated enough with her juice.  “Turn over, ashaya.”  He moved his hands from her hips and wordlessly, she rolled over and put her feet on the floor.  Sheila arched her back so that her ass would rise up in the way he liked.

“Take down your hair,” he murmured into her ear.

Without a word of argument, she removed the pins that secured her braids and shook them loose.  She heard him gasp ever so slightly and then he lifted her leg and bent it over the edge of the desk.  Slowly, he sheathed himself inside of her, filling her completely.  She was so tight and she felt so good.  She could take all of him; he was deliriously pleased about that.

“Sheila,” he moaned as he began to stroke and she moaned with him.  K’avir moved his hands around to fondle her magnificent tits as he moved within her.  He was never quick with his thrusts when they had anal; in that instance, slower was ever so much better.  She liked it from the back both ways and he liked that she liked it.  She was amenable to any position he came up with and he liked that too.

She put her hands on the desk to support their combined weight.  He was biting her neck again and she spared an incoherent thought as to the number of passion marks she would sport tomorrow.  Although Trisha gave her grief, she and Marlena both thought it was hot that K’avir would do such a thing.  She would have to hide them from Julian, however.  They were supposed to have dinner together tomorrow night, but tomorrow night seemed like an age away.  What was real right now was this…her Vulcan lover sexing her in the way she liked, giving it to her in the way she wanted, and not ashamed or shy or afraid to put it to her.

“Yes, K’avir, yes…” she moaned each time he deep-stroked her.  “Like that, like that…you know how I like it…”

His breathing was deep and even.  “I know, Sheila…I know how you like it.  Touch yourself.”

One hand moved down to stimulate her clit and she matched it to the rhythm of his strokes.  Sheila was starting to pant and he adjusted, pushing her down on the desk.  She was ready, she was close.  K’avir moved his hands to her hips and increased his thrusts.  She bit her lip to keep from screaming, but it soon made no difference because she was.  Her aching breasts bumped against the top of the desk and she continued to finger her clit.

“K’avir, oh my…oh my…oh no…oh no; I’m coming, I’m coming…please baby, I’m coming…please…”

He grabbed her by her hair and yanked her head back.  She screamed again and starting babbling incoherently as her orgasm tore through her.  She collapsed on her desk and he continued to hold her hips as he thrust.  She was twitching uncontrollably and she couldn’t help herself.  Her constrictions milked him once more and he came, roaring her name and collapsed on top of her, panting heavily.  The desk creaked.

Sheila had time to wonder if they broke her desk.  Or if they would.  The night was young.  


They were in her chair, rocking back and forth slowly.  She sat astride him, holding on to the top of the chair while he sucked her nipples.  She gyrated gently, too tired to move any faster, but it was okay, it was just fine like this. Her legs hung over his hips and the sides of the chair and it strained under their combined weight.  She wondered if it would collapse.  Sheila knew that she would have to reinforce every object in her life if they stayed together.  K’avir was a disruptive force; physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually.

“Baby,” she moaned, arching back so that he could move his head to her other breast.  “Baby, oh baby…”

          Sheila looked down at him.  K’avir’s eyes were closed and he sucked hungrily.  She could not say for sure which of her body parts he preferred, but it appeared he favored them all.  The feel of him was amazing, awesome; it was as if some Vulcan deity decreed that this man be made just for her.  She hoped anyway.  She could feel his desire; it was powerful, unrestrained, and nearly flood-like in its intensity.  He wanted her.  He wanted her.  He wanted her.   She couldn’t receive any more than that, but for the moment it would do.  She wanted him too.

K’avir’s hands were on her hips and he throbbed within her, unable to block or dampen his desire for her.  He didn’t want to; she needed to feel it.  She wanted to know if he wanted her and he did not understand why she couldn’t sense it or hadn’t been able to sense it.  He transmitted such to her every time they had sex.  She had to know that he wanted her.  Period.  There were no boundaries, no limits.  He wanted her.  And that was all there was to it.  Anything else was illogical.

He timed it so that they came together.  She held on to the chair, quivering, unable to control herself.  “K’avir,” she moaned.  “I can’t…” 

 “T’nash-veh vak-sur,”  he murmured, kissing her cleavage while looking into her eyes.   “T’nash-veh vaksurik k’diwa.”  My beauty.  My beautiful beloved.   

Surely she could feel that.

Sheila awoke in bed and realized two things immediately.  One, she was sore all over and two, she was not alone.  K’avir was beside her, behind her and from the feel of things, he wanted her again.  He was wedged between her cheeks, hard and hot, moving back and forth.

“Sheila, you are finally awake.”

“Barely,” she murmured, blinking, looking for the chronometer.  “What time is it?”

“Five hundred fifteen hours and forty two seconds.”

“K’avir?  I’ve got at least two hours’ more sleep to get, and I need at least four.  I’m exhausted.”

“I want more,” he said, nuzzling her neck. “I crave you, Sheila.  I must have more of you.”

She moaned, remembering last night.  No wonder she was sore.  Her arm ached.  “K’avir, please…”

Sheila felt kisses on her neck and back as he came over her, flattening her against the bed.  He felt better than her blankets.  “K’avir, not now…not right now.  I’m tired and I’m sore.  I need a hypo for my arm…”

“Sheila,” he murmured between kisses.  “Sheila…”

Sheila closed her eyes.  Insane as it was, she just couldn’t handle him right now.  Her whole body throbbed.  And there were still unresolved issues between them.  With an effort, she moved out from under him and got out of bed. 

He looked at her.  “Do not keep yourself from me, Sheila.  I want you.”

“I’m going to take a shower,” she said.  “I’ve got to see about my arm and have some breakfast.  Can we talk later?  I mean, talk.  We need to discuss this, K’avir.  Don’t get me wrong, the sex is good, but…”

“Sheila, I have been talking to you.  I do not understand.”

“K’avir, we can barely get two words out before we are all over each other.  I mean, we need to communicate in a different way than sex.”

“That is illogical,” he said.  “I have been clear in my wishes, Sheila.  We are communicating.  I do not understand what it is that you want.”

She closed her eyes.  “Of course you don’t.  I’m going to take a shower.”

After his morning meeting with the captain, K’avir went by sickbay to check on Sheila.  He was too hard on her last night, but he knew she could handle any type of combat he threw at her.  He was displeased with himself for injuring her and he wanted to be sure that she was fine.  He was about twenty feet from the entrance when he saw that same man standing near the doorway talking to her.  She was wearing her full coverall and her hair was down.  K’avir paused, taking in the sight of her.  Sheila was covered from head to foot.  He couldn’t even see her throat; he’d left a bruise there last night and it was hidden.

She was covering up.  For him.  That human male.

The crewman—Julian—was smiling at her and reached to grab her hand.  Sheila let him take it and then released it as quickly as he had grabbed it.  They were laughing.  Then Sheila turned and went back into sickbay.  Julian watched her leave, his eyes on her ass, and K’avir recognized the hungry look in them.

This was unacceptable.  Unacceptable.  He walked towards Julian.  He had no weapon, but he didn’t need one.  He could snap Julian’s neck with one hand and crush his skull with both.  He could beat him to death with two blows.  He could break his back and tear his head off.  He could kill him in all sorts of fast and imaginable ways, simply because Julian had the nerve to touch Sheila and stare at her in a totally inappropriate way.  Julian, distracted by the gorgeous Dr. Stephens’ retreating form, did not realize that he was suddenly not alone.  He turned to see the enormous security chief staring down at him.  Julian returned the stare.  He felt the tension immediately, but was too arrogant to realize the seriousness of the situation.

“I’m sorry, but do you have a problem with me?”

K’avir glared at him.  “You would be wise to cease your visits to Medical Bay, Lt. Matthews.”

“Excuse me?”

“I speak clearly.  My words are not confusing.”

“Did you just tell me to stop coming to sickbay?”

“It would serve you well if you did, Lieutenant.  This is the only warning you shall receive.”

Julian stared at K’avir, not connecting the two events.  Sheila never spoke of another man, not even a boyfriend.  Even the others he queried also acknowledged that she was single, so he had no idea what the security chief was talking about.


“Unpleasant circumstances will befall you if you do not cease and desist.”

Julian shook his head and turned to walk away, dismissing K’avir.  “Whatever, guy.”

K’avir started to go after him, five manners of murder in mind, but heard his name.  When he turned, he saw the captain.

“Captain.”  He stood at the ready.

“K’avir.  As you were.”


“I am curious as to why you just ordered Lt. Matthews to refrain from visiting sickbay.”


“Does he have an ongoing medical condition?”

“I am not aware of that, Captain.”

“Nor would you be, K’avir.  That knowledge is specifically reserved for Dr. Stephens and her staff.  If Lieutenant Matthews has an ongoing circumstance that requires regular visits to sickbay, then you have no basis to restrict him.  You have no basis to restrict anyone.  Now I will ask once more:  Why did you tell him to cease and desist and what unpleasant circumstances will befall him if he does not?  This starship is no longer a spontaneous violent environment, K’avir.  You are aware of that.”


“Speak, K’avir.”

“Captain, Lt. Matthews’ visits to Medical Bay are unrelated to his health.”


“Yes sir.”

“And you came about this knowledge how, K’avir?  I do not wish to hear that you have been accessing confidential files.”

“I have not, sir.  I am merely…aware…of certain things.  Lt. Matthews’ continuous visits to Medical Bay are…of the extracurricular type.”

“Commander Baker has had nothing but positive comments on his adaptation to this ship.  I will need you to specify.”

“He comes to Medical Bay, Captain, to…to see the ship’s physician.”

“Well, that is logical.  Is that not the reason any crew member on this ship would go to Medical Bay?”

K’avir looked at the captain.  Spock stared at his security chief and a very long moment passed.  Then he nodded. “I understand.  Have you spoken with her about this?”

“I have been clear but she does not understand, Captain.  I am confused on what I should do.”

“Fascinating.  My wife predicted this would happen.”


Spock stood with his hands behind his back.  “Human females are creatures capable of extreme illogic, K’avir.  They require, at times, a complete disclosure of information.”

“I have been clear, sir, as well as redundant.  She knows that I want her.”

“She is human.  You are Vulcan.  Both of you require education of one another if this…alliance…is serious enough to warrant a death threat on another crew member, K’avir.”

“Sir, you are aware of my discipline and lifestyle choice.”

“I am.”

“I would be…aggrieved…if she were to…align…with another.”

Spock nodded.  He understood that.

“She is my choice.  She belongs to me.” K’avir continued.  “I wish for her to be my mate.  I will not accept another.”

Spock nodded again.  He understood K’avir perfectly.  Perfectly. “If you can refrain from doing so, I ask that you do not kill him, K’avir.”

“I shall try not to, Captain.  But he has been warned.”

“You must find additional ways to show Dr. Stephens your true intentions.  For lack of a more refined response, you must, as humans say, draw a picture for her.”

“I do not understand, Captain.  Please clarify.”

“You must not leave room for doubt.  As a Vulcan, you would find this illogical, emotional and uncomfortable, as well as redundant.  But if you are certain that she is your choice for a wife, then you must make that clear to her and soon.  Physical intimacy is not enough for human women. You must tell her exactly how you feel.  You know I speak nothing but truth and logic, K’avir.”

“I know, sir.”

“And she will need to understand the ways in which a Vulcan communicates.  She may sense it, but you must recall her experiences with her former consort.  Physical intimacy had precisely one meaning and it is logical that she would continue to think that is the case even though her consort has changed.”

“I understand, Captain.”

“Then report to your post.”

“Aye, sir.”


Sheila worked in her office most of her shift.  Once she straightened it up and checked the integrity of the desk and chair, she sat down and began to schedule physicals and appointments.  She got several minutes into her paperwork and then her mind drifted back to the night before when she and K’avir fucked on her desk.

         Right there.  Right here.

But had they fucked?  Were they still fucking, or was it changing?  She admitted that last night was different in tone and intensity.  Maybe he wanted to be careful because she was injured.  But there was a definite alteration in their sex pattern.  He spoke to her in his native tongue.  K’avir hardly said anything during sex other than her name.  She recalled some of what he said and scribbled it into her PADD.

“Computer, access linguistic dictionary.”

“Acknowledge.  Culture.”



“Phrase:  ‘Ashal-veh.”

“Meaning: Darling.”

“Phrase:  T’nash-veh vaksurik k’diwa.”

“Meaning: My beautiful beloved.”

 Beloved?  Darling?   He called her that?   

Sheila sighed.  She needed to learn how to speak Vulcan.


She hadn’t gotten much farther in her paperwork when she discovered the captain at her door.

“Dr. Stephens?”

“Captain?”  Sheila stood up slowly.  He waved his hand, indicating that she should sit.

“Yes.  I was wondering if you have a few moments to speak with me.”

“Is everything all right, sir?”

“All is well with me, Doctor.  I came to speak with you about you.”


“It is not my way or place to intrude on private matters, Doctor.  As long as this starship functions in the capacity it is meant to, I do not wish to know of the intimate details of my crew.  However, if I feel the need arises, I must intervene.”

“Intervene, sir?”

“You are linked to my security chief, are you not?”

Sheila blushed.  He knew after all.  “Aye, Captain.”

“You, a human female, have chosen to align yourself with a Vulcan male.  Do you know what that means, Doctor?”

“Sir, I—we—it just sorta happened…”

“Incorrect.  When it comes to intimacy, Vulcans do not allow events to just happen.  You are with him because he wants you to be with him.  We are not capricious in matters of the heart, Doctor.  We are quite conscious of that.  So I must inquire once more, do you know what it means for a human woman to align herself with a Vulcan male?”

Sheila’s hand went to her covered throat, subconsciously hiding the fat hickey K’avir left there last night.  “I guess I do not, sir.  I was of the impression that our connection was…capricious.”

“It is not.  K’avir has chosen you.  From your appearance and the way you are covering your throat, it appears that he has marked you.  What that means, simply put, is that he intends for you to bond with him.  And if I am correct in my interpretations, this must happen soon.  It is an integral part of our culture.”


“Come again?”

“I’m sorry, sir.  I meant no disrespect.  I’m just trying to understand what you are telling me.  Did you just say that K’avir intends to bond with me?  Does that mean…”

“In human terms, you will become his wife.  Vulcans are not impulsive in these matters, Dr. Stephens.  The selection of a mate is very, very deliberate.  K’avir has chosen a specific path which requires discipline.  He has been inflexible in this instance, choosing to remain celibate between cycles of…illogic…because it does not behoove a Vulcan trained in combat and security to cater to the whims of the female species.  However, when the time comes, and it comes for all Vulcans, he must take a wife.  This is significant because Vulcans mate for life.  It’s even more significant because K’avir’s choice to be celibate will make his impending time of…illogic…that much more intense.”

“What?  Sir?  I mean, Captain...?”

“Were you impulsive when you allowed the alignment to occur?  Were your intentions temporary?”

“Uhhh, no, Captain.  I like him.  I thought he was attractive.  I felt—” Sheila wanted to kick herself.

“Do you still find him so?  This is important.”

Sheila closed her eyes, thinking of her big, strong, beautiful Vulcan.  She knew she was blushing.  “Very much so, sir.”

“Then the issue has a logical solution.  You will bond with him and that will be that.”

“Sir, if I may ask, how is it that you came to be aware of this situation?”

Spock folded his arms.  “Vulcans do not share.  Once a mate is selected and an opponent dares to challenge, a fight to the death will occur.”


“There is no doubt in my mind that K’avir would be successful.  He is very skilled in such matters.  I doubt if young Lieutenant Matthews would survive ten seconds.”

“Death?  You mean—”

“The gentleman that he believes is interested in you?  Lieutenant Matthews?  K’avir will kill him if he gets in his way.  If he dares to insert himself between K’avir and what K’avir wants, then he will die a violent death.”

“Captain, I didn’t know—”

“Nor would you.  This is not something we discuss.  It is very illogical, but it is.  I am informing you of it now because the gentleman in question came very close to losing his life this morning.  I happened to overhear the exchange.  Lieutenant Matthews is new aboard the Enterprise, and Commander Baker claims he is a worthy employee.  I should hate for him to die because he dares to love you.  I have instructed K’avir not to kill him if it can be avoided.  However, as you are fully aware, sometimes it cannot be.”

Sheila sat with her mouth agape.  Life on the ISS-E changed dramatically because one man decided he wanted the captain’s wife for himself, and nearly every man on board the starship died because of it.  After the attack on Uhura and his unborn child, Spock unleashed hell, rallied the women to his cause, then murdered the rest of the senior staff before assuming command of the ship.  During the uprising, the women killed all of the men who’d committed violent acts against them.  Sheila recalled all too well those mutinous events.  It was because of the carefully planned sedition that K’avir was even in Sheila’s life.

“I don’t want K’avir to kill anyone for me, sir.  I couldn’t live with that.”

“Then you must make it clear to Lieutenant Matthews to leave you alone.  K’avir issues only one warning, and Mr. Matthews has been warned.”

“Aye, sir.”

“And you must familiarize yourself with Vulcan mating practices, dialects and culture.”

“I understand, sir.  But Captain, we don’t understand each other.  I try to tell him what I want and he doesn’t get it.  I don’t mean to dump this in your lap, but you acknowledged that I’m a human woman.  So that means you know I have needs.  He’s not meeting them and I’m frustrated.  You say he wants me, that he was deliberate when he chose me, that he intends to marry me—I don’t get that from him at all.  I feel like he is being capricious with me!  I feel like that all he really wants me for is sex.”

Spock closed his eyes, embarrassment turning the tips of his ears green.  “You are aware that Vulcans are telepaths, correct?”

“Aye, sir.”

“Then he is quite aware of what you want.  It might appear that he does not, and that is because of his limited experience with human females.  However, I can assure you that it is far more than that.”

Sheila shook her head.  “The only thing that I am sure of is that he wants me.  The only way I know it for sure is when we do have—when we are intimate!  I can’t believe I’m discussing this with you, sir!”

“Believe me when I say that I would rather not be a party to this, Doctor.  But as captain, it is my duty to defuse situations before they have a chance to get out of control.  You do not think K’avir wants you for anything more than release and that is not true.  When Vulcans want—and it is a rare thing—they want.  There are no boundaries.  There are no limits.  There are no specific designations.  You are not just an intimate partner.  He would not associate with you were it simply that.”

“I guess I have no choice but to believe you,” Sheila said.  “I just wish I could be sure.  I mean, I never really got a chance at romance, and it irks me to think that’s what I require now, but I do, sir.  I want…I want the kind of attention from K’avir that you pay to your wife.  That’s what I want, sir.”

“I am half-Vulcan, Doctor.  K’avir is a full Vulcan.  You cannot judge him by the way I behave towards my wife.  The standards are different.  But you will have to be very clear in what you say to him.  We are literal beings.  If romance is what you seek, then you tell him exactly what you require.  He will not be comfortable with it, but he will do it because it will please you.  You must be patient with him.  He does not have the experience with human females that I do.”

Sheila nodded. 
“I have made him aware of the same in your case, Doctor.  You must learn about one another if you are to bond.  Though I dare say he has been communicating with you all this time and you have not recognized it for what it is.”

“What is it?  How have we been communicating?”

“You are intelligent enough to already know how, Doctor.  It is better if I do not tell you.  Suffice it to say that K’avir has been telling you that you are all he wants from the time that your alliance began.  Now I must report back to the bridge.  Take what I say under consideration, Dr. Stephens.  Do not hurt him.”

“Aye, Captain.  I won’t.  I couldn’t.”

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