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The Hunt (7/?)

They’re called miscapeas, they’re beautiful, and they’re abundant in the Taini.  This is good, because the petals and the sepals are edible.  Be sure to examine the entire shrub, for there are some small pink fruit that grow along with the miscapeas.  They’re called nyhardeas, and they’re edible too, even the skin.  According to the data, nyhardeas are full of nutrients.”

Thank God for Gerri Thibodeaux.  Sheila wandered over to where a large a crop of the large purple miscapeas grew and yanked one off the bush.  She nibbled one of the petals and closed her eyes. The taste…oh, the taste!  The texture was soft and feathery light.  The flavor was indescribable; a light buttery sweetness, something that would be great in candy, especially chocolate.  Sheila gobbled four of the large flowers before she realized it.  Then she saw a clump of the pink nyhardeas.  Each was about the size of a tangerine.  Without thought, Sheila grabbed two of the fruit and bit into one, enjoying the sweet, tangy pop! of the skin and the smushy goodness of the meat, which was dark red and had the consistency of watermelon.  She was starving and lost herself for a few moments as she gorged on the flowers and the fruit.

Another scent tainted the air; not hers, something different, something equally powerful.  He inhaled and closed his eyes.  He could still smell her, and then her fragrance and that of the other merged and he was overwhelmed.  Then he looked, he saw, and he stared…

Sheila closed her eyes, stepping back from the miscapea bush, feeling warm and aroused.  She turned around and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, absently smearing her lips with red nyhardea juice.  She was going to have to bring some of the luscious, delicious fruit back to the ISS-E.  Marlena would have a fit, and she thought it would make a nice thank-you gift for Gerri & Nyx.  Feeling a bit overcome, she found a place where the grass was soft and thick, got down on her knees and lay on her back, her legs spread wide.  She was tired and she was going to wait.  When K’avir showed up, she would deal with him.  She would make sure she was on top, and she would handle him.

It took Sheila a few moments to realize that there was something unique about the miscapeas and the nyhardeas.  She was pleasantly aroused and it was as if her arousal was coursing through her veins.  She was hypersensitive; the grass tickled her backside, the sun was like a warm, light blanket, the air was moist and sweet, and she heard the pleasant rush of water from the waterfall and the lake.  Razmou Ohndrii was a pretty sexy spot.  She found herself thanking Gerri again.

I should totally look into some rental property…or at least write a code for the holodeck so K’avir and I can come back anytime we want…

Rainforest by Philip Straub

Oh, she was feeling gooooood!  All of a sudden, she wanted K’avir to hurry up.  Here she was, laid out like a Thanksgiving turkey with gravy running, and he was nowhere to be found.  The last she saw of him was when he swam towards shore, but there was not even a leaf out of place since she lost sight of him.  Sheila wondered where he was.   A moment or two more in the sun, and then she’d start looking for him.  It certainly wasn’t going as she expected it to.  She closed her eyes as one hand wandered over her belly and down between her legs.  Absently, she started playing with her pussy, as the hypo was starting to take effect.

“Mmn,” she said.  “I’m actually…ready…come on, baby…”

She pinched her nipples with her free hand.  She was downright horny, and growing hornier by the moment.  This wasn’t the hypo; this was definitely the effect of the colorful vegetation she’d consumed.

I’m so bringing back a sackful of that stuff…

Sheila relaxed and masturbated, wondering when she would be graced with the presence of her husband.  She needed him.  It made sense to get up and go look for him, but she was tired and she was comfy where she was.  She was done running; it was time for him to catch up.

There she was, lying in wait, her smell so incredibly raw and powerful, he was trembling.  He was light on his hands and feet, and like a huge black spider, he moved effortlessly and quietly through the soft grass.  Her legs were open, her glory spread, as if she were waiting for him.  She was waiting for him.  Everything left him and he had to consume her.

Then Sheila’s thighs were grabbed, her legs spread.  She gasped, startled, and tried to pull back, but he held her fast.  She sat up and looked.  To her surprise, K’avir was sniffing her wet, dripping pussy.  He was elaborate with it, dramatic, making a show out of it.  Then he buried his face between her thighs and she giggled as he moved his head back and forth.  When he pulled away, his face was positively glistening with her juice.  He inhaled raggedly and sharply bit both of her inner thighs.

“Oh shit, you’re so sexy like this, K’avir…”  She was beyond horny.  The miscapeas and the nyhardeas were definitely aphrodisiacs, and definitely would be returning to the ISS-E.

“Mmmmmmn, Sheee-laaaah,” K’avir murmured before he started licking and Sheila’s legs quivered.  She wondered if consuming the fruit tainted her natural taste, and if K’avir would notice.  He was very particular about her essence.  She spread her thighs wider and held her head back, face upturned to the sun, smiling as her husband loudly licked her pussy.  Sheila was very, very horny, and in seconds, she was going to jump K’avir’s bones.  She reached down to stroke the tips of his ears.  So far, pon farr wasn’t half-bad.  And to think, she had actually been worried...

Then things got…hard.  K’avir, on his knees, pulled Sheila towards him, spreading her thighs wider.  She looked up; his uniform was gone and he was as naked as she was.  His dick was hard, long, beautiful…and leaking.  She had to remember to get the upper hand immediately, so she yanked her legs free and bounced to her feet.  He stood up, staring at her, confusion in his expression.  His nostrils were wide and a weird look crossed his face.

“Come on, baby,” she encouraged.  “Come and get it.  It’s wet and ready…what’s the matter?”

Sheila stuck her finger between her legs, licked it, and then beckoned.  K’avir inhaled deeply and his amber eyes flashed.  Sheila backed up quickly, putting her back up against a miscapea-laden tree.  She spread her legs and beckoned once more.  “Come honey.  Come and get it.  I’m not running, I promise.”  Then she decided to turn around and bend over, holding on to one of the branches.  She wiggled her horny ass.  “Come on, baby…isn’t this what you want?”

Sheila ate a flower and then suddenly, she was pulled back against K’avir’s hard chest.  He turned her, lifted her, and impaled her.  The abrupt entry was made palatable by her well-lubricated canal and the hard, biting lust in her heart.  She put her arms around his neck and kissed his lips.  He stared at her and she wondered what he saw in her eyes.  K’avir balanced her and started bouncing her hard.  Sheila wasn’t perturbed; they’d fucked like this before.  She didn’t know if she should find the act pleasurable, as her clitoris wasn’t stimulated.  She looked at K’avir, but his eyes weren’t on her; they were on the actual act; the penetration.  So if she was going to get anything from this, she would have to do it herself.  Sheila licked her fingers and began to stroke her clitoris.  K’avir’s breathing was rapid and tight, and in time, hers was the same.  Sheila kept rubbing her clit, one arm firmly around K’avir’s neck, pressing kisses against his open mouth.  Whether he felt them was a different story, as he wasn’t responding; he was fixated on penetrating her.

He pushed her against the tree and adjusted, leaning forward, curving his arms around her thighs to spread her wider.  Sheila spread her arms for balance and held on to the branches.  K’avir’s eyes were bright and he was looking at her now.  Again she touched herself, not breaking eye contact, and suddenly, without warning, her climax hit.  It surged and she trembled, going limp in his arms.

“Oh shit,” she panted, sagging against the tree.  “Oh shit.”  It was an unexpected surprise, quite powerful, but different from the ones she typically had.  She would compare them later.  K’avir released her and Sheila, grateful, because her feet were going to sleep, dropped to her hands and knees.  The grass was warm and soft and made for a good cushion.  Instinctively, she reached for another nyhardea and bit into it.  Juice sprayed and popped, and once again, Sheila was pulled back into that calm, sweet ecstasy.  The glorious fruit was packed full of all kinds of wonderful things, including euphoria.

“Mmn ,” she moaned as K’avir got behind her and put his hands on her hips.  Again his entry was blunt, but the hypo still held out—for how long, she didn’t know—and so it didn’t hurt.  Sheila braced herself, hoping that he would climax soon, and that it would be powerful enough to render him unconscious.  She needed to go to sleep.  She had a strong feeling that she was going to be very sore once this was all over.  It wasn’t sexy; it wasn’t supposed to be sexy.  For him, it was necessary.  He grunted like a wild boar and he filled every inch of her.  Sheila braced herself and took the fucking, eyes closed.  Good thing she had the lubricant hypo to keep her coated and the fruit to keep her occupied, because this wasn’t going to be pleasurable at all.  His hips banged against her ass; there was nothing but breathing and skin slapping.  But she could handle it. She could take it.  Years of bad sex, blah sex, gave her a new perspective. 

When she and K’avir became lovers, he gave her exactly what she needed.  If she wanted soft and sweet, he made sincere efforts to give it to her.  If she wanted to go hard, which was her preference, he had no problems giving that either. If she wanted him to fight her for the rights to her love, he engaged her in combat and the resultant sex was amazing; thunder boomed, lightning flashed and the seas roared…in her mind, that was.  But she was always left satisfied and even more in love with her man than before.  This wasn’t about her.  It was about him.  He needed to fuck.  He needed to go old school and rut like an animal.  If this was as bad as it got, then it was nothing.  She could handle this.

He abruptly pulled out and rolled her over, entering her again before she could protest.  In the missionary, she could see his face, his eyes, and she could see some recollection.  A look passed over his countenance, one she didn’t recognize, and she wondered if her face was bruised from his earlier punch.  Her cheek still hurt, but it no longer throbbed.  Sheila wondered if that, too, was a result of consuming the miscapeas.  Looking at her beautiful Vulcan, Sheila was overcome and she cradled his face.

“I love you,” she said.  “K’avir, if you can hear me, I love you.  I love you so much.  I’m here for you.  Do what you will.”

Sheila leaned forward and pressed a tender kiss against his lips, ignoring the fact that the lube was starting to wear off and K’avir was showing no signs of stopping.


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