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Khalaya Moon

A/N:  I know I said I was done with K’avir and Sheila.  I truly believed that their saga was finished because it has to be.  But after a chat with a Sheila & K’avir superfan named Rashida, it occurred to me that the ending of “The Hunt” was somewhat lacking. 

Combat                     Feenin’                      The Hunt

So I must wrap up the Dark Beauty series and put a big, beautiful bow on it.  To my mild surprise, it was actually very easy to do; which means it’s been stewing for quite some time.  And the muse, being who she is, laid out the following:

The suite was empty, as she planned to get away from Medical Bay two hours before K’avir returned from Dakarai.  He had been by the captain’s side since the negotiations began, and Sheila begged a boon of her commanding officer by asking that her husband be released from a day’s duty so that he could enjoy some much-needed shore leave.  The captain, understanding the necessity, allowed it.  K’avir’s relief was Turock, a young Vulcan under his tutelage and who would be more than capable of guarding the captain during the Dakarai negotiations.

Sheila hurried to her quarters with two large covered baskets.  She was informed by Farah, one of the assistants in the galley, that everything she needed was already there.  Everything else was items that she secretly retrieved from the open air markets in the beautiful village of Khalaya Moon.  Sheila entered her suite, noting that Farah took the time to arrange the worktable and equipment, and she had actually set the table, using a glorious flower arrangement as a centerpiece.

She had to remember to return a favor to Farah.  Sheila carried the heavy baskets to the table and quickly began removing items:  kreyla bread, bold red and yellow and green vegetables, red, purple and blue fruit, and a lean meat the merchant called säskòû gòûlę.  The meat was dark red with just enough fat to provide flavor.  While Vulcans were known as vegetarians, Sheila learned that not all of them were.  There were throwback families, warrior clans, whole villages that were meat eaters and still hunted game.  K’avir was the son of one of those families.  Sheila was going to lightly sauté the säskòû gòûlę and then broil it just enough to warm up the center.  The merchant told her that this step was essential in maintaining the integrity of the meat and its rich flavor.

She had about an hour, and that was plenty of time to prepare a simple meal and clean up into a nice green dress she found in the Khalaya Moon marketplace.  Sheila wanted to cook for her husband.  He didn’t know that she could cook; they usually partook of meals in the officer’s dining room.  But Sheila learned how a long time ago, and she missed the simple pleasure of cooking for someone she cared for.  And it was fully known that she was deeply in love with her Vulcan husband and he with her, especially after they returned from Razmou Ohndrii.  That was three months ago.

Sheila washed up and changed into sweats and a T-shirt and began chopping vegetables on the cutting board Farah brought.  She turned on the roaster and seasoned the meat with a blend given to her by the meat merchant.  After she chopped the vegetables, she sautéed the meat and then slid it into the roaster.  Then she began boiling the orzo.  Sheila’s menu was very simple: bruschetta and roasted säskòû gòûlę served over a bed of nutty orange-enhanced orzo.  She had a bottle of 2309 Khalaya Moon mountain wine and a bottle of sarai that was given to the captain as a gift.  Spock gave the spirits to Sheila upon request.

Her bruschetta was decidedly flamboyant; she made it with thick slices of kreyla bread liberally spread with olive oil and garlic.  The bread was currently toasting in the oven, absorbing the oil and garlic butter and she was sautéing the vegetables.  Sheila smiled as she stirred a skillet full of red and yellow bell peppers, fresh basil, red and yellow tomatoes and thin layers of zucchini with balsamic vinegar.  Khalaya Moon’s residents had a healthy trade relationship with many cultures and were known for the varieties found in their marketplace.  She was thrilled to see the bell peppers, basil, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and zucchini sitting in large baskets along the side of the walkways.

The orzo was drained, drizzled with olive oil, and seasoned with the herbal blend.  Sheila plated the pasta and layered the bruschetta onto enormous wedges of kreyla bread.  Then she removed the säskòû gòûlę from the roaster and brought the items to the table, arranging them to one side.  She popped the bottle of wine to let it breathe and decided to save the sarai for later.  She stepped back and looked at the table, her heart full.  She knew K’avir would be surprised.  Then she went into the bedroom and did her hair; twisting it up into two thick plaits and securing it with an elaborate hair comb.  She put on a simple green sheath; sleeveless, V-neck, clingy.  She was going to have a romantic night with her husband; they had not had much time together lately.

When she heard the door chime, she knew it was him.  No one visited them once their shifts were over; they knew better.  He usually spoke either her name or one of his endearments when he entered the suite.  K’avir’s way was to find Sheila wherever she was and kiss her, ask her how she was and then disrobe.  They usually spent an hour together before going to the gym, and then returned to their quarters to have a quick sonic shower and dinner, and then go to bed.

No going to the gym tonight.

Sheila walked out into the living room, taking in K’avir’s startled expression.  He wasn’t known to be startled by anything, so the look on his face was extra cute.  Then he saw her and the look in his amber eyes changed into something else.

“Ashaya,” he said, staring at her.  “What is this?”

Sheila strolled up to him and put her hands on his face.  “I thought we’d eat in tonight.  I cooked.”

“I did not know that you have culinary expertise.”

She kissed the corner of his mouth, something he liked.  “Baby, we’ve been together less than six months.  There’s still so much we have to learn about each other.  I like to cook, but it is very convenient to have access to the wonderful food in the officer’s dining room.”

“The aroma is intoxicating.”

“I should hope so.”

“You look very appealing.”

She took two steps back and turned around.  “I went down to Khalaya Moon this afternoon while you were on duty.  We’ve got the wing to ourselves; everyone’s on shore leave.  It’s time for more advanced lessons in romancing your wife.”

A rare smile crossed his lips.  Sheila sighed; it was such an extraordinary sight.  Even when they were alone, K’avir hardly ever smiled.  That she was able to elicit such a response warmed her from the inside out.  She was determined that would be the first of many smiles tonight.  “Why don’t you change clothes?  I laid something out for you; something I purchased in the village.  Being in your uniform ruins the illusion.”

“This is very real, ashaya.  This is not an illusion.  You stand before me, as glorious as Akranna herself.”

She decided she wanted to know just who Akranna was, for it was not the first time K'avir had mentioned the name.  “Oh, I am truly loving the honey rolling off your lips.  I definitely need to see that this happens more often.”

“Honey?  I do not understand.”

She kissed the corner of his mouth again.  “You’re saying very sweet things to me.  I like that.”

“I want nothing more than to please you, Sheila.”

She pressed her forehead against his chin and he inhaled, taking in her scent.  He loved the way she smelled.

“Go change clothes,” she said.

A/N: This won't take long. 


  1. 1) Never get tired of this background.

    2) You've been watching food network, and you made me hungry this entire chapter.

    3) "2309 Khalaya Moon mountain wine" ---> THIS. You are a crazy woman, and I will be using this. Trust and BELIEVE this will be borrowed.

    4) I don't know where you got that opening picture, but you need to share your stash.

  2. LOLL! Amaya! You MADE it easy to post!(Don't think I don't appreciate it!)

    Bless your hide!

    This is what I was looking for! There is more...LIFE!!! Sheila's routine for that day just popped off the page! The pics were a bonus,--the way it should be! They were beautiful and delicious looking btw! And the way you left it open for explanations of Akranna from K'avir well,--I know I am not the only one waiting for whatever you send through the pipes!

    I can't speak for all the fans but I can say thank-you for "Sexy Beast", its successor "The Hunt", and for Khalaya Moon. (Including the images. Just BEAUTIFUL!


    P.S. D@rn Pics made me so hungry I am making the pepper dish tonight with homemade bread and butter. I bake fresh bread on Thursday's and Fridays.

    1. Fresh bread? Lord, if I could have some of that so I can make that bruschetta...*plans a trip to the market and Panera bread*

      This recipe came from the film "Julie & Julia." I had a foodgasm watching her make the bruschetta.

      Glad you were able to post. Look at what you did! I keep saying that a reader's interaction with an author are very influential, as far as I'm concerned. "Khalaya Moon" wouldn't exist had you not commented on the "Chatter" post. Just sayin'.


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