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Khalaya Moon (3)

Sonic showers were convenient, especially when they were physically exhausted.  But nothing compared to the bliss of a hydroshower, except maybe sitting in a tub full of warm water brimming with fragrant bubbles.  Never let it be said that Sheila couldn’t make do with what she had.  She scratched K’avir’s scalp, eyes closed as the water beat against their bodies.  He was focused on bathing her, his lips by her ear and every now and then he whispered something, something that made her smile or go “Mmmmn” at random intervals.  

K’avir’s soapy hands moved over her body in large circles.  The small bathroom was full of hypnotic steam redolent of the light fragrance of the herbal soap she purchased from the marketplace.  Grown in the shadow fields of Khalaya Moon Mountain and made by hand, the soap produced thick, seductive lather that felt marvelous.  K’avir had a tendency to massage her for long periods of time, as he was lulled into the same place his wife was whenever they indulged in a hydroshower. 

He turned her, situating her so that the water beat against her front while he washed her back.  Sheila’s hair, still twisted up, was wet but she didn’t care.  K’avir was fascinated by her crowning glory and would brush it dry once they exited the shower.  Sheila stretched prettily, tilting back and allowing the water to spray her face.  Then she turned suddenly, facing her husband while taking the soap from him.  Slowly, she began rubbing the bar across his chest, never taking her eyes away from his, not flinching as his hands moved to her ass, gripping, pushing her closer.  She bathed him just as tenderly as he bathed her and there was nothing but the sound of the water and the staccato of his heartbeat as her hand moved over his side.  Sheila was learning to speak to K’avir with her hands and her body; they communicated in ways that words could not convey. 

After some time, it became necessary to get out of the shower.

There was a round ceramic warmer that was filled with Khalaya Moon mountain oil.  K’avir lit a candle to warm the oil before drying Sheila off.  She sat on the edge of the bed, sitting quietly as he brushed her hair.  He did it almost every night, a thousand strokes, and Sheila’s hair was glorious.  She plaited it up in four huge braids and tied it down with a scarf.  K’avir made several attempts in the past to plait Sheila’s hair, but he was far too keen on making sure each braid was perfectly even and it took too long.  When she was done tying up her hair, she lay on her stomach and watched as K’avir brought the warm oil to the bed.  He began to rub her back and shoulders.  Sheila sighed gustily as his strong fingers kneaded her muscles.

“This feels soooo good.”

“I am pleased that you are pleased.”

“I’m glad that we have this time together.  We’ve been so busy lately; you with the captain 24/7, me doing crew physicals, and not to mention having to meet with the Romulan and Klingon representatives at these negotiations.  I do hope Captain Spock is successful at convincing them to support us.”

“They do not mock the captain of the Empire’s flagship.  They have great interest in what he has to say.  They are not fans of the Empire.  I am certain they will become our allies and provide us sanctuary.  We will have to learn to appreciate their customs if we are to align with them.”

“I have no problem with that.  It’s only a matter of time before the Empire comes after us.  It might lead to war.”

“If one is to be mutinous, one must be ready for war.”

“He did it to save Nyota and the baby.  I don’t think the captain considered anything beyond protecting his wife and child.”

“You underestimate him.  The crew is battle-ready.  You know this.  I would even wager to say that most of them look forward to it.”

As his hands moved lower, she sank deeper into the bed.  “In that, you’re right.”  Spock’s mostly-female crew was a squadron of badasses out for blood.  K’avir and his protégés trained them well.

“Turn over, ashaya,” he said.

Sheila rolled over as he straddled her thighs.  The bed creaked and she eyed it; wondering if it was sturdy enough.  She got a new bed shortly after she got involved with K’avir, but she did not want to requisition another so soon.  Rashida and Julie, the lieutenants who ran Maintenance, already had jokes about her previous broken bed.  K’avir’s hands moved over her neck and chest, then over her breasts.  Her nipples sprang to life as he flicked them and soon, they were throbbing.  He continued to massage, moving down her torso, taking his time so that he could enjoy the feel of her in this way.  The last time he’d given her a massage was during their post-Razmou Ohndrii recovery period.  She was so sore then that he was terrified that she had permanent damage.  But his wife was strong and resilient in heart, mind and spirit and her body healed in a few days.  However, it was six weeks before they made love again.

“I’ll return the favor,” she murmured.

“Some other time,” K’avir said, adjusting so that he could massage her legs and feet. 

“Don’t start something you can’t finish, K’avir.”

“I do not understand.  I always complete my tasks.”

“That you do,” she agreed, smiling at him as he placed her foot on his shoulder so that he could knead her thigh muscles.

“I do like this oil,” he said.  “It is very compatible with the soap.”

“Khalaya Moon is a wonderful consumer’s paradise.  They have a variety of large organic farms and everything they produce is grown and/or hand-made, in addition to what they bring in from other cultures.  This oil uses a natural herb that’s grown in the shadow fields of the mountain, just like the soap.  I actually wouldn’t mind living in a place like this when my service is up.  It seems to be a very peaceful village.”

“Dakarai is a peaceful planet, which is why it was chosen for the negotiations.  It is also a planet of leisure and pleasure, depending on which landmass you occupy.”

“Baby,” Sheila said as his hands moved to her calves, “do you ever think about leaving this behind?”

“Please clarify, ashaya.”

“Do you ever think about leaving your position on board this ship and returning to Vulcan?”

“It is my honor to serve the captain, Sheila.  I seek little more beyond that.”

“You never think of the future?”

“I did not prior to our union.”

“What do you think of it now?”

“I only wish to be with you wherever you are, ashaya.  If you choose to remain in service to our captain, I shall remain also.  If you decide you would like to leave service, I will follow.”

“What would we do?”

“You are a doctor.  You would continue to use your skills, as will I.”

“I want you to be happy, K’avir.  I don’t want you to take any kind of job where you can’t utilize your talents.  You’re a security chief.”

“I am more than that, ashaya.  I will do whatever is required to see that you are content.”

“We should both be content,” she said as she ran her toes under his chin.

“Is this something you wish for us to consider?  Do you want to leave service?”

“Maybe,” she said.  “I don’t know yet.  We have time to think about it.  Being down in the marketplace and interacting with all those wonderful people got me to thinking about our future.  I don’t want to be fighting the Empire for the next five, ten, fifteen years, however long it might be.  I had a life of hell before I met you and now all I want is a life of peace with you.”

“Then it will be so,” he said.

“I’m going to have a private chat with Gerri Thibodeaux and Hinora Nyx.  Between the two of them, they can give us some very good advice.  I want this, K’avir.  I have another year of service and then I do want to settle down somewhere.  Maybe we…maybe we might consider adopting a child?”

K’avir stared into his wife’s eyes, absorbing her sadness.  She could not bear children and it was a constant source of pain.  He always knew when she dwelled on it; the hurt radiated off her in waves.  He always held her until the ache passed.  There was no need for words because she knew he adored her just as she was and harbored no resentment at her inability to conceive.  If she wanted to adopt a child, then he wanted what she wanted.

“If you wish,” he said.  “I want you to be happy, ashaya.”

Sheila smiled at him as he put her legs on the bed.  K’avir got up and returned the oil to the dresser as she removed the towels and turned back the bed.  K’avir blew out the candles and got into bed.  They slept in the nude and he pulled her into his arms and spooned behind her.  She felt extraordinarily secure and felt his adoration invade her every pore.  She loved him so much.

“Who’s Akraana?  You’ve mentioned her name a few times.  Who is she?  So help me, you better not be comparing me to an ex-girlfriend, K’avir.”

“You are incomparable, Sheila,” he said.  “Akraana is a Vulcan warrior goddess, the wife of Khosaar, the Vulcan god of war.  According to ancient Pre-Reform legends, Akraana was very beautiful and very headstrong.  She refused to choose a suitor, preferring battle over love to the point that she openly sought combat.  It was of great concern to her father, as she was his only daughter and heir.  But he loved her and cherished her happiness.  Then one day, Akraana engaged Khosaar and they dueled for many, many hours.  She was used to vanquishing her enemy within moments, and it vexed her that she had come upon someone as strong as she.  Khosaar did not know who he was fighting, but in time he was victorious and was amused to discover that he had vanquished a woman more worthy of respect than any of his past skirmishes, all male opponents.  That she was an unparalleled beauty with a fierce heart was what humans would call a bonus.”

“What happened after he defeated her?” Sheila asked.  K’avir had never spoken for so long and she was lulled into a soft, quiet place by the sound of his voice.  She had to encourage him to tell more stories.

“Akraana had never before faced defeat and she decided that Khosaar was worthy of her heart; for she could never be with a man who was weaker than she.”

“Makes sense to me,” Sheila said.  “What woman would want to be with a weak man?”

“I cannot answer that question, ashaya.  But you are very much like her.  Your heart is fierce and you do not yield.  Even when you were with Dr. McCoy, you did not let him break you.  You grew stronger and you defeated him.”

Sheila sighed.  “With Marlena’s help.  Though I do remember the pleasure I felt in crushing Rex’s face with my boot and shooting at Lenny.  Some days I can’t believe all that happened.  But it did.  It did.  And you’re the only man who has defeated me, K’avir.  So I guess there is some truth to your comparison.”

“I will have to let my family know that I have taken a wife,” he said.  “I have not sent a communiqué in eight months, twelve days, fourteen hours and twenty-four minutes.”

“Do you think they’ll want you to come home?”

“It is logical, but we will not remain if you do not wish to.”

Sheila sighed again, snuggling as close to her husband as she could.  His strength was amazing; his protection absolute.  There was a future to be had with this man, a future she decided she didn’t want to wait a year for.  She wasn’t sure if Captain Spock would allow her and K’avir to truncate their service, but it was worth it to ask.  Sheila didn’t want to risk entering battle with the Empire and losing him; she wasn’t sure she could survive that and she didn’t want to find out.  

“When the Dakarai negotiations are complete, I want us to go to the captain and ask to be released from service.”

“It may not happen immediately, ashaya.”

“Still, he needs to know that it’s something we’re considering.”

“The captain is logical.  I am certain he will come up with a viable solution to the situation.”

“As long as he does, and soon.  I’m ready to get on with our lives, K’avir.  I don’t like going days without seeing you, and having mere moments together when we do see each other.  I like being like this with you, listening to you tell stories…which you need to do more of.”

“I am not gregarious, ashaya.”

“You can be for me, can’t you?”

“Yes.  I will try.”

Sheila yawned.  “I’m so sleepy.  I’m full, clean, smelling good and in my man’s arms.  All I want to do now is sleep.”

“Go to sleep, ashaya.”

“Love you, baby. Good night.”

K’avir held her close, returning the affection.  He stared out of the large porthole.  The ISS-E was in orbit around Dakarai and it had just passed the beautiful Khalaya Moon.  He wondered if Sheila would consider settling down there.


A/N:  Now it's finished; honestly, it is.  This is a nice segue into their novel, tentatively slated for publication in December of 2013.


  1. What a beautiful ending!!! Hey MV has it nice moments too! Awesome!! It "felt" complete! Not rushed as a lot of writers do.

    ***Okay, I won't go into how can Sheila leave Nyota after she talked her into staying with Spock and being there to help her raise her child. Nope not one word.***

    I can a say that a good marriage can make one have different perspectives on one's career and rethinking life's goals!

    The pics and their clarity..just jumped off the blog! Where DO you get them!

    Fantastic story!

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    Riddick will be making an appearance, right?


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