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Interlude: Super Predators

A/N:  I suggest listening to Mezzanine while reading this.

Some time later, things were in full swing at the Zodiac.  After a private, exquisite dinner, Macallan and Madalyne walked into the club and stood on the stairs, looking every bit as regal and majestic as any monarch.  Madalyne rubbed her belly.

"Chef is amazing.  Every time I think he can go no farther, he does."

"His skills in the kitchen are on par with his ability to use a multitude of weapons."

They scanned the room.  It was crowded and the dance floor was full.  Macallan smiled.  “Packed,” he said.  “As usual.”

“As usual,” she replied.  “We wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Macallan took Madalyne's hand, kissed her palm and then her fingers.  “What are you in the mood for, Madz?”

She caressed his chin.  “I’m not sure, but I’ll know it when I see it.  Come on, let’s dance.”

They walked down to the dance floor and made their way to the middle, fingers clasped tightly.  It was not every night or even every week that they mingled with their customers.  For the most part, they remained upstairs, content to monitor the activities of the club and the pleasure house from their suite.  Most of the people who came to the Zodiac Club had no idea who the Zhous were, and they preferred it that way.  In many ways, they were mythic; preferring the rumors of others—lessers—to propagate their existence.  Tonight, they were just a regular couple--well, not quite regular--enjoying themselves.

On cue, the DJ started playing Massive Attack’s “Mezzanine.”  It was one of their favorite hunting songs.  Madalyne faced her husband, put her arms around his neck, and kissed his lips.  He grabbed her ass and for a few moments, they were their own private haven, oblivious to the rest of the world.  It was a place that was very easy for them to go.  Their movements were sleek and fluid; they moved as one.

I’m a little curious of you in crowded scenes
And how serene your friends and fiends

Madalyne scraped her nails down Macallan’s cheeks and then his chest as they danced.  He kept his hands firmly planted on her ass.  She looked over his shoulder, scanning the room and frowning.  Nothing even remotely interesting.  He whispered in her ear, “See anything you like, baby?”

“No.  The view from your shoulder is decidedly not a good one.”

“Turn around.  I think you’ll like what I’m looking at.”

We flew and strolled as two, illuminated gently
Why don’t you close your eyes and reinvent me

She did and he slid his arms around her and pulled her close.  Macallan dropped warm kisses on her neck and shoulder while caressing her breasts.  “You smell so good.  I love this scent.  I love how you always keep me wanting.”

She covered his hands with hers as they slid over her body.  “I wouldn’t be a good wife if I didn’t.” The opposite was also true.  Madalyne couldn’t think of a time when she didn’t want her ridiculously sexy husband.

We’ll go til morning comes
And traffic grows
And windows hum

“Do you see what I see,” he murmured, nibbling her earlobe.  “Dark hair, chiseled, brown skin, goatee, very nice.  He can’t be a hair over 21.”

Madalyne gyrated slowly, pressing against him.  “I see,” she said.  “Oh, I see…oh Macz, I do see.  He’s gorgeous.”

“He is,” Macallan said, kissing her ear.  “He’s perfect.”

"Beautiful boy," Madalyne whispered, closing her eyes as Macallan shamelessly felt her up.  One of his hands slid down and moved slowly across her belly and over her thigh.  Then it disappeared beneath one of the splits in her dress.  He murmured, “I want to feel the heat.  I can't get enough...”

She licked her lips.  “I want him, Macallan.”

Spendin' all week with your friends
Give me evenings and weekends
Evenings and weekends

Madalyne cupped her husband’s chin and turned his face to hers so that she could kiss him.  He was an infinite obsession; a lifelong addiction she didn't want cured.  Macallan felt the same way about her.  And again, they were in their private world; no sound except two hearts that beat as one.  After a minute or two, they returned to reality.

Then they turned their eyes on the young man across the room.

I could be yours
We can unwind
All these half floors
All these half floors
Will lead to mine

At the behest of his buddies, Diego Martinez decided to lay off studying for the GRE and go to the Zodiac.  His friends attended whenever they were home from college and had nothing but good things to say about the place.  He figured it couldn’t hurt to take a break and hang out with his friends for a few hours.  The exam wasn't for another week.

He was casually sipping on a Mojito when he noticed the attractive couple in the middle of the dance floor.  They were moving in time to the music, but there was something other; an aura that was ethereal and mysterious about them.  He looked around the room quickly, wondering if anyone else was seeing what he saw.  The man was easily over six feet tall; a striking, dark-haired gentleman of Asian descent, very attractive.  The woman was also tall, with magnificent legs that looked like they went all the way up.  Her skin was flawless and she was absolutely stunning.  

Sunset so thickly
Let’s make it quiet and quickly

The way they were dancing was hypnotic; his hands moved over her curves slowly, seductively, enticingly...and Diego found himself needing to swallow.  The closest he'd ever come to seeing anything like this was on television.  To his amazement, the man’s hand went underneath the woman’s dress and he couldn’t help wondering how she felt.  Was she hot?  Was she wet?  Her lips were parted and her tongue slid over them slowly.  Dear God, he was actually watching this!  His friends would not believe it.  Her arms were up, crossed behind the man’s head and every few seconds, he would kiss either her neck, ear, or shoulder.  But for the most part, both pairs of eyes were fixed in one location.

Don’t frown
Taste better on the way back down

Diego was caught up.  He couldn’t help it.  Their eyes were the same; dark, alluring, filled with desire.   And they were staring at him.   He took a long sip of his Mojito but could no longer taste it.  He heard his friends; they were at once nearby and distant.  The club was full of people, but it was like there were only three individuals—no, one person and a pair, a unit—in the entire place.  He felt like he was at one end of a tunnel and the couple was on the other.  He was listening to the music, but all he could hear was his heartbeat.  He tingled all over.  Time dilated.  Diego could not tear his eyes away from the man and the woman.  He was hypnotized.

I could be yours
We can unwind
All these half floors
All these half floors
All these half floors
Will lead to mine

The woman’s lips moved as the man’s pressed a kiss against her forehead.  Diego’s brother was hearing impaired, so he had no trouble reading her lips.

Come here…

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