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Zodiac: Sayana


Aries was blessed with height.  She was an even six feet, and her Pleaser heels made her a cool 6’5”.  Her legs were 42 inches long and when she got them around a client, it was 84 inches of glorious brown bliss.  In her chamber, she had two custom chrome poles.  She stood between them with her hands on her hips, bedecked in black hot pants and a silver lame halter, staring down at her client.  He sat on the edge of the bed, grinning like a loon.  Aries was a transgendered goddess and the kind of woman he preferred.  At the sight of her, he was already willing to take on extra work just to make the 10G monthly payment if it meant he could have her whenever he wanted.

“Goddess,” he said, practically drooling.

“What’s your pleasure, stud?”  Aries asked, extending one flawless gam so that her heel pressed against his gut.

Goon grinned gleefully.  “Aw baby…aw baby…whateva you wanna do is aiight wit me.”

Aries smiled.  This was going to be too easy.  She wouldn’t even have to get undressed, much less fuck this fat, ugly dude.  “You got it, stud.”


The lone woman in Nico Devinci’s crew zoned in on Taurus the moment Madalyne Zhou told them to help themselves.  Her name was Trev and she was Rock’s sister.  By all accounts, she was almost as lethal as Nico and Tazra.  Trev was who Nico turned to when he needed level-headed muscle.  Rock was a goon with a brain the size of a peanut and the attention span of an epileptic titmouse, but he could throw a knockout punch.  Trev had ways of getting information out of people, and she too, could also throw a knockout punch.

Taurus wore a green gown, contoured to fit her curvy form.  She batted her big brown eyes at Trev, who was a cool blue-eyed blond with fantastic cheekbones.  Trev stood near the door, cautious, but her caution was rapidly giving way to desire.  Taurus knew it and could wait until the woman was completely relaxed.

“You’ve been with a woman before, surely,” she said softly, pouring a glass of garnet-red wine. 

“Surely,” Trev said.  “I have no use for men other than Nico, who takes care of me.”

“Get comfortable,” Taurus said.  “Have a seat, or lie on the bed.  We have all night.”

Trev headed for the bed after removing her jacket and boots.  She couldn’t take her eyes off Taurus.

“How come all of you are so beautiful?” she asked.  “I mean, I’m a lesbian, but the men on the…menu…are fine and I could have easily seen myself picking one of them.”

Taurus seemed to glide.  She handed Trev the wine and stood before her, patting her dark brown locks.  Her voice was husky and sensual.  “Mr. & Mrs. Zhou have an eye for talent and beauty.  It’s part of the mystique of this place.  Unattractive employees don’t make for good business.”

“Well, they certainly shouldn’t be hurting for money then.  Are you going to have something to drink?”  Trev asked as she took a sip.

Taurus smiled at her.  “In due time.  Why don’t you get undressed?”

“Are you going to do the same?”

“This dress can come off in less than five seconds, sweetheart,” Taurus said.  “All my clothes are easy access.”

Trev began to remove her sweater after unfastening her jeans.  “That’s good to know.”


Virgo’s profession prior to becoming Virgo was as a masseuse.  It was not something
she had to give up when she moved into the Zodiac Pleasure Palace.  The Zhous were more than willing to allow Virgo to utilize all of her skills in whatever ways pleased her, as long as she produced.  Which she did.  Her list of regulars was lengthy.

A thug aptly named Lummox was her client and she directed him to an opulent bathroom for a quick shower before his massage.  While he bathed, she got her parlor ready; laying out towels and oils and some sharp, shiny instruments that she couldn’t wait to use.  It wasn’t often that the Zhous threw private parties, but when they did, they encouraged the Signs to go all out.

Lummox came out of the shower wearing the robe she provided and a grin with missing teeth.  Virgo came towards him with a towel and a perfect smile.  “Why don’t you let me dry you off first?”

Lummox nodded dumbly and removed the robe.  Virgo turned on the heated dryer and instructed him to stand with his arms spread wide and legs splayed.  She tied her blonde hair back, smiled at him, and began to towel him gently.  Just about every one of Nico Devinci’s goons were overly girthy men.  The exceptions were the one named Taz, the blonde, and Nico himself.  Lummox was big, but none of it translated to his utterly uncute, uncircumcised penis.

She wasn’t about to fuck him; that was definitely for sure.

“What we doing tonight, gorgeous?” Lummox asked.

Virgo smiled seductively.  “First, I’m going to give you one of my special massages.  It takes a while, but we have all night.”

Lummox nodded.  “Then what?”

Virgo lied easily.  “Then, big man, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.  How’s that?”

“Oh baby,” Lummox said, and to Virgo’s horror, his uncute dick reared itself to half-mast.  She masked her disgust well, especially since she knew she wouldn’t have to be bothered with that pathetic little Vienna sausage.


Cancer had planned to use the dungeon, but his client wasn’t into that sort of thing and no amount of suave chatter changed his mind.  He just wanted some head. 

“Surely there’s something else I can give you,” Cancer cajoled.  “We have everything at our disposal.”

“Naw,” the guy said.  “I don’t need all that; just like to have the knob slobbed.  Never had a guy do it before, tho.”

“Then you’re in for a treat,” Cancer said.  “I know things most women don’t have a clue about.”

“Talk is cheap,” the guy said.

“So it is,” Cancer replied, “but what’s your hurry?  We got all night.  Want a drink?”

The guy sat in the chair.  “I guess.  This TV work?”

“It’s not there for show.  What would you like?”

“Got any more of that wine we had for dinner?  Shit is good.”  The man turned on the TV and found a basketball game.

“Of course.  And we have all the channels.  Relax, guy.  You’ll get what you want.”


Scorpio had a schoolgirl thing that made her immensely popular.  She usually sported pigtails and either a super-sexy Sailor Moon costume or a super-sexy Catholic school outfit.  She popped gum like a pre-teen and could whine like a little
girl.  Her list of regulars was obscenely long.  Rock was her client and it didn’t take long for her to wind him around her pinky.  She bent over in front of him revealing lacy pink panties and was ready to swear that the ijit bust a nut right then and there.

“Pretty girl.  Pretty girly.  Pretty Japanesy,” Rock said, grinning. 

Scorpio’s hands were flat on the floor and she rolled her eyes while examining her nails.  She had Chinese ancestry.  Ijit. 

She decided she’d get a manicure the next day.

“Pretty Japanesy.  Pretty Japanesy,” Rock kept saying.  “I like ‘em young and Japanesy.”

Should she let the ijit know she was about as Japanese as he was? Scorpio rolled her eyes again, blew a bubble and let it pop, and then squeezed her ass cheeks.  She hadn’t yet decided if she was going to fuck the guy; it all depended on what he was packing.  She was going to go with the flow; she’d do it if she had to.  But for the moment, just flashing her panties was clearly enough for this ignorant lunkhead to get his jollies.  Maybe it would be almost all she needed to do.


Tazra was on Libra’s bed, ripe and ready.  The woman was a knockout, and she was dancing for him wearing nothing but a hot pink thong, a neon yellow scrap that might once have been a T-shirt, and a pair of six-inch clear Ellie platforms.  She had a pole right in front of her bed and the woman whipped around it like a seamless professional.

“Girl, was you a pole dancer at one time?”

Libra stretched out as she did the Superman.  “Sure was, handsome.”

“Oh shit,” Taz said.  He thought he might reconsider becoming a member of the Zodiac.

“You okay, baby?” she asked as she changed positions and went upside down.  “You gonna wait for Libra?”

“Imma damn sure try,” Taz said, his eyes wide and bright.  “But you got a brotha’s mouth dry as fuck.”

Libra held on and spread her legs, giving Taz a nice long glance at her crotch.  “I poured wine for you.  It’s on the nightstand.  Wet your tongue, handsome.  Can’t have you havin’ a dry mouth, now.”

Like a child obeying his mother, Tazra reached for the goblet and downed the wine in two gulps.  Libra did one last swing around the pole and let go, landing on the bed and on top of Taz.  She smiled as he licked drops of the claret off his lips.  “That’s a good boy, now.”

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  1. Nico is crazy and his crew is worse. I don't know what each persons skill is completely but they seem dangerous. All that glitters is not gold, idiots (Nico and his crew).


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