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Intergalactic (6/6)


Renzo woke up at 4:00 am, which was business as usual for him.  He didn’t require much sleep.  Three to four hours a night was all he needed, and it had been that way for him since undergrad.  He normally woke up, went for either a run or a swim, took a shower and then checked emails and other correspondence while Madalena made him breakfast.  He was usually in his office by 6:30 a.m., two hours before the department was scheduled to open.  Renzo’s sleep habits were one of the reasons he could get so much work done so fast; he worked 16-18 hour days five to six days a week and had done so since graduate school.

To Renzo’s amusement, Jupiter lay curled up against him, snoring softly.  He kissed her forehead and gazed at her face.  Her lips were parted and they vibrated as her warm breath moved over them.  She was so adorable like this and he felt privileged to be able to watch her sleep.  To know how she felt, how she sounded, how she tasted.  To be, in fact, her lover.  Oliver and Hideji would kill to know what he knew.

He chided himself for that last bit; he wasn’t a petty man by nature.

Renzo pushed back the duvet and eased away from her in order to get out of bed.  He used her bathroom and then got back into bed.  Jupiter’s position changed while he was away; she had an arm over the area where he lay.  Renzo picked up her arm and slid under it before pulling the duvet back up.

“Mmmmn,” she moaned sleepily.  “Where’d you go?”

“To the toilet,” he said.

“You’re so warm…” she replied before falling back asleep.  Renzo adjusted their bodies so that she lay curled on his chest and his hand moved idly over her back.  His mind followed several tracks at once; most of them predicting different outcomes of the conversation he was going to have with Madalena when he got home.  He hoped that it would go well.  He also considered Jupiter’s words: Did she have someone picked out for you?  Was there a particular kind of woman Madalena preferred that he be with?  If so, then that was going to be a problem.  The only woman he wanted was lying beside him.

The sound of the ocean waves and the comfort of Jupiter’s bed and body were enough to, surprisingly, lull him back to sleep.

Jupiter woke up about an hour or so later and found herself partially draped over Renzo’s body, his hand on her back.  She looked up at his face and smiled as the previous evening’s memories came flooding back to mind.  She had actually made love with her mentor; she had actually agreed to a clandestine relationship with him.  But those thoughts did not come with regrets.  Jupiter knew exactly what she was getting into, and as long as she was in control, she could navigate the situation with a clear head.  She had no dreams or fantasies of being with Renzo permanently; this wasn’t going to be that kind of relationship.  When it was time for it to be over, she would end it.

Jupiter ran her fingers over Renzo’s abs.  She wondered how many sit-ups he did per day.  It was ridiculous how cut he was for a man his age.  Rashaun had a decent body but he was packing nothing like this.

The little voice popped up.  STOP comparing Shaun to Renzo!  It’s not fair!

It sure as fuck wasn’t, but neither was life.  Jupiter kept touching him, moving her hand wherever it wanted to go; which, in this case, was south.  She curled her fingers around his penis and gripped it softly.  Last night, she didn’t get the chance to taste him, but that would soon be rectified.  Jupiter started stroking him, gently at first.  He was heavy in her hand; the weight and sensation of him was pleasurable.

He feels so good.  Inside of me and out.  I really like that.

A few minutes of manipulation and he began to stiffen in her palm.  If she wasn’t careful, she could become addicted to this level of response.

The sound of Renzo’s voice made her jump.  “Are you molesting me?”

She giggled into his chest.  “Absolutely.”

“Carry on then,” he said, folding his arms behind his head.

Jupiter grinned at him and carefully repositioned herself so that she had complete access to his body.  She pulled the duvet over her head as she settled between his legs. 

“Oh no,” he said, pulling the duvet off her.  No.  You don’t get to hide from me, sweet girl.  I want to see everything.”

That authoritative tone was unquestionably delicious and she quickly realized that she would happily do whatever Renzo wanted if he used that voice to say it.  Jupiter smiled at him as her hand moved up and down.  She kissed the tip of his penis and then licked it, closing her eyes to discern the taste.  Renzo watched her carefully, not moving a muscle, content to watch her play.  Jupiter continued to stroke him and brought her other hand up to caress his testicles.  She licked him from balls to tip and then back down.  Then she stopped.

“This isn’t going to work,” she said, moving off the bed.  “Sit on the edge.”

“What’s the matter?”

“The physics of that position doesn’t work for me.  I prefer to be on my knees.”  Jupiter grabbed two pillows and put them on the floor.  “Sit here,” she said, pointing to a spot.

Renzo moved to the edge of the bed and sat up, spreading his knees.  Jupiter adjusted the pillows and knelt into them.  She ran her hands over Renzo’s thighs and gripped him gently, stroking him until he was semi-erect.  She kissed the head of his penis once more, took him into her mouth and then began to suck.

Mmmmn,” she murmured around a mouthful of dick.  Damn, but he tasted as good as he looked.  How was this even possible?  Was this motherfucker physically perfect?

Poor Madalena.  She had every right to be upset.

Renzo grabbed the edge of the bed with both hands, eyes closing in spite of himself.  He couldn’t remember the last time he got some head and had to force himself to concentrate on not climaxing the moment Jupiter started deep-throating him.  He opened his eyes so that he could watch her.  He had to watch her; he needed the image and the memory for the nights he had to be without her.  Her technique was sublime and the way she caressed and licked his testicles…if he didn’t focus, he was going to nut right in her mouth and he didn’t know if she was into swallowing and didn’t want to screw things up if she wasn’t.

Ohhhh…” he breathed, clutching the mattress.  Ohhhh my…sweet…sweet…girl…”

She slipped him out of her mouth and carefully lifted his penis so that she could lick his testicles once more. 

“Can’t ignore these babies,” she said in a low voice.

Renzo gripped the edge of the mattress so hard that it hurt his fingers.  Jupiter started sucking him down once more; the expression on her face one of sheer bliss.  While sucking, she grabbed his hands and put them on the back of her head.  Renzo immediately understood her intent, grasped her head and began to face-fuck her.  She braced herself by putting her hands on his thighs.

‘I’m not going to last long,’ he thought.  ‘There’s no way I can resist this…’

Jupiter gagged and gripped Renzo’s thighs, leaving pink half-moons from her fingernails.  She started caressing his testicles again as her head moved back and forth in an even rhythm.  Shortly after that, he lost the battle and came in her mouth.

Jupiter put her hands on the floor and started coughing.  Renzo stared at her, thinking that she had never looked more irresistible than at that moment: naked, between his legs and on all fours, nipples rock hard, his semen dripping out of the corners of her magnificent mouth, and his mind froze the image, keeping it for all time.  Shit, she was bringing out some primitive tendencies…

“I’m sorry,” he said, getting himself together.  His legs were visibly shaking.  “It wasn’t my intent to—”

She stared up at him, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.  “It was mine.  Don’t apologize.  You won’t do anything I don’t want you to do, so don’t worry.  I told you earlier; if we’re going to be adults about this thing then we can do adult things.”

“I didn’t know how you felt about swallowing.”

Jupiter stood up, wiping her bottom lip with her finger.  “Neither did I.  That was my first time.  It’s not bad, actually.  Normally, I prefer a facial or on my boobs.”

The thought of her face and breasts covered in his semen almost got Renzo hard again.  “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” she said, going into the bathroom.  “What time is it?”

“Almost six,” he said, eyeing his phone.  He couldn’t get up yet; his legs were still trembling.

She turned on the sink faucet.  “I’m not normally up this early on Saturdays.  You want breakfast?”

“Sure.”  What he really wanted was more of her, but in due time.  “What are you going to make or are you going to order from PotRoast?”

“I’m cooking.  I was thinking about waffles.  PotRoast doesn’t open until eleven.”  She started washing her face.

“I don’t care.  I’ll eat almost anything.”

Jupiter yawned.  “I think I may go back to sleep after breakfast.  Are you going to stick around or do you need to leave?” 

“I’ll leave around noon,” he said.  “Madalena and I need to talk and I’m not going to put it off.  The sooner, the better.”

Jupiter nodded, exiting the bathroom.  “I need to return Rashaun’s call.  I’ll do it after you leave.”

She walked over to her dresser, opened a drawer and pulled out a green T-shirt.  She put it on and then looked in the mirror.  She did not twist her hair up last night and it was a tangled mess.  Jupiter fumbled with her hair and shook her head.  A deep conditioning was in order.

“You look fine,” he said.  “Perfect.”

“I expect nothing less from you, handsome,” she said.  Jupiter opened another drawer and pulled out a pair of pink panties.  She smiled at him as she put them on.  “All right then.  I’m going to go cook.  You good?”

Renzo’s legs had finally stopped quivering.  “I’m great.  I’ll be out in a little while.”

Breakfast was ready in under half an hour.  Renzo appeared in Jupiter’s kitchen, wearing a gray and white nylon Adidas outfit.  He sat in the breakfast nook and smiled as Jupiter put a plate of Belgian waffles on the table, next to a plate of cheesy eggs and bacon.  She poured him a glass of orange juice and handed him some napkins.

“You’re going to make it hard for me to leave,” he said.  He was starving.  “This looks fantastic.”

She sat next to him in the nook and put the pitcher of juice on the table.  “But leave you will,” she replied.  “The details matter.  We have to tie up loose ends if this is going to work.  Eat your food.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said, picking up his knife and fork.

 “So you aren’t on any kind of diet?  Not vegan, not vegetarian…? I suppose I should have asked before I cooked breakfast.”

“No.  I don’t have any particular dietary needs.”

“So you just…work out?”

“Every day since high school.  I used to be a scrawny little four-eyed geek who got picked on by the big boys until I decided to do something about it.  I got into martial arts, got good at it and beat up the guy who tormented me the most.  I got suspended for three days, but it was worth it.  My father was proud.”

Jupiter smiled at him over her juice, imagining it.  “I bet he was.  Do you still do martial arts?”

“Sometimes.  I’m good with Aikido and better at Jujitsu.  I got my children into martial arts when they were in elementary school so that they could defend themselves against bullies if needed.  Jovanni prefers Jujitsu and Lazzaro likes Aikido.”

Jupiter inhaled quietly, thinking about it.  Claude Hammercy, no wonder why he was in such great shape.  “What about your daughter?”

Renzo smiled, thinking of his beautiful, beloved Vittoria.  “Vito’s like me; she’s good with both.  She doesn’t have a preference.”

“Did they ever get bullied?”

Renzo smiled proudly as he drank his juice.  “Not for long.”

Jupiter said, “You’re a good father.”

“I try to be,” he replied, cutting into a waffle.  “So, do you still do the pole dancing?”

“Once a week,” she said.  “I really need to up my schedule, but my teacher can only do it one day a week.  I suppose I could look into joining a studio, but I like my one-on-one classes and my schedule’s so busy at times...I don’t know.”

Renzo gave Jupiter a careful, measured look.  “Can I request a private performance?  I’ve never seen one live.”

Jupiter smiled at him as she ate some bacon.  “You’ve never been to a strip club?”


“Sure.  As long as you have enough money to make it rain.  If we’re going to do fantasies—if that is what this is—then let’s do them right.  The pros get paid, so I should as well.”

“Do you consider yourself a pro?”

“Not even close, but don’t let this belly fat fool you.  I know how to use my pole.  Trust me on that.  I’m not giving you a dance for free because my classes aren’t free.  I don’t care how fine you are; you’re going to have to pay for that.  Better not be singles either.  Your new girlfriend doesn’t come cheap.  Best you know that now.”

Renzo smiled lazily as he caressed her bare leg.  “I’ll make sure I keep plenty of cash on me.  Have you danced for your young man?”

“I did a long time ago after I first started.  It’s been a couple of years.  He hasn’t asked and I haven’t offered.”

Renzo kept his reply to himself by burying it under a slice of waffle and a swig of juice.

After that, they ate in a comfortable, companionable silence.  Renzo polished off three waffles and a plate of bacon and eggs.  Jupiter watched him slyly from the corner of her eyes; she loved a man with a hearty appetite.  There was something about it she found ridiculously sexy. 

When breakfast was over, Renzo helped Jupiter clear the table and clean the kitchen.  Then, without warning, he picked her up and sat her on the counter.  “Put your arms around me and kiss me,” he said.  “I need to be able to get through the week without going crazy for your lips.”  He didn’t know how he was going to react when he saw her on Monday morning.

Jupiter smiled and did as he asked.  It was very easy.  It was also nice engaging in such behaviors.  She liked that he wanted her so badly.  It made her feel a special kind of way, but she knew not to abuse it.  Renzo’s hands were under her shirt as they kissed, moving over her belly, back and breasts.  Then, suddenly, he scooped her up off the counter and carried her back to her bedroom. 

“I’m not too heavy?” she asked.  Jupiter was self-conscious about her weight.  Even though she exercised regularly, she was still a little chubby around the waist, upper thighs and arms.  She chalked it up to genetics and a love of good food, but still

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he said.  “You’re not heavy at all.  Did your young man tell you different?”  

“No,” she said as he laid her on the bed.  “He just doesn’t make any attempt to lift me or carry me.”

Renzo snorted.  “Get rid of him, Jupiter.  I haven’t heard one solid reason why you need to keep him in your life.”  Renzo pulled off his shirt and tossed it on the floor before removing his pants and shorts.  “All I hear are the negatives.”

“That’s my fault,” she said.  “I really didn’t have anyone to compare him to, but suddenly you turned up and showed me all these positives—all of what could be if…if Rashaun was a different man.  He’s not all bad.  I wouldn’t be with a man that was and I’m sure you know that.”  She removed her T-shirt and panties before moving over so that he could get in bed with her.

“I know,” he said, stretching out beside her.  “Still, you deserve better.”

Jupiter yawned suddenly as she pulled the duvet up.  “Will you be able to go back to sleep?”

“Probably not, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to lie in bed with you.  I love the way you feel next to me, and don’t be surprised if I react to it.”

“Fair enough,” she said, putting her head on his chest and a leg up over his hips.  “I like the way you feel too.”

Renzo captured her hand and brought it to his lips.  Tenderly, he kissed her fingertips, the palm of her hand and the inside of her wrist as she yawned again.  “Go to sleep, sweet girl.”

Jupiter was asleep in less than five minutes.  Renzo turned on her television and started watching the news.  He massaged her fingers and arm with one hand and the other moved over her back in slow circles.  He couldn’t stop touching her; couldn’t keep his hands off her.  Even though she was asleep, he couldn’t do anything but respond to her nearness and smiled to himself when he thought about what she did earlier.

‘I know you just went to sleep, but I have to wake you up…you can sleep when I’m gone.’

He rolled her over, making sure the duvet covered her, and then arranged her so that he could lie on top of her.  Her nipples hardened under his fingers and became treats for him to enjoy.  As he did so, he moved her hips up and spread her thighs so that he could lie between them.  Renzo slipped his semi-hard dick between Jupiter’s labia and rubbed the head into her clitoris.

Ahhhh,” he groaned around a mouthful of breast as a moan escaped her.  He repeated the act and her hips bucked.  He got on his knees and began to stroke himself while thumbing her clit. 

Unnngh,” she groaned, spreading her legs wider.  She was still partially asleep.

‘That’s right, sweet girl.  Give it up.’

Renzo adjusted his position and lowered his head.  Once again, her scent called to him and he couldn’t help but bury his face between her thighs and greedily eat her out.  Jupiter was awake a moment later, moaning in delight, gasping for breath and grinding her pussy in Renzo’s face.  When she was wet enough—unbelievably wet enough—he got back on his knees.

Earlier, while Jupiter was in the kitchen, Renzo grabbed a couple of her condoms out of the drawer and put them under his pillow for easy access.  He snagged one of them and removed it from the wrapper before sliding it on.

His name burst from her mouth. “Renzo.”

He buried himself inside her, as deep as possible, all the way up to his balls and the sound that escaped both of their mouths was indescribable.  Renzo held perfectly still, enjoying the feel of Jupiter’s body.  He was surrounded in her heat; lost to it, lost in it. 

She bucked against him, needing him to do his thing.  “…what are you waiting for???”

This time was nothing like last night.  They found a rhythm and moved in sync, and it was good, so very good.  Jupiter locked her legs around his ass and rolled him over, then adjusted so that she could ride him.  Renzo gazed up at her, thinking she looked like a goddess.  She put her hands on his chest and rode him hard, her eyes closed, making minute modifications until the curve of his dick scraped her G-spot and it wasn’t going to take much longer once that happened…

Ohfuckohfuckohfuck…” she said as she climaxed.  The way she seemed to explode all around him drove him crazy and he flipped her back onto the bed and entered her again in one smooth move.  In moments, he was climaxing as well.  They lay together afterwards, each trembling in their own way, locked in lust, gazing into each other’s eyes.

“How am I going to make it through the week without you?” he asked after some time, kissing her forehead.

“You’ve done it for eight years; seven more days shouldn’t be a problem.  Besides, you won’t truly be without me.  I’ll be at work.”

“But that was before.  Before I knew how magnificent you truly are.”

“You have to figure that out, Renzo.  What you can’t do is let it show at work.  You say you got a great poker face, so now, more than ever, you need to use it.  Our reputations are at stake.”

“Of course you’re right,” he said, moving his hand idly along her side.  “We’ll be fine.”

“I have to ask,” she said, running the back of her fingers along his cheek, “have you read my latest chapter?”  It had taken her nine weeks to analyze her data and hammer out a 65-page chapter of her findings.

“I did.  I want to read it one more time.  I’ll have feedback ready for you next week.  Make an appointment for Friday morning so we can discuss it.”

She nodded.  “I just want this to be over.  I’m exhausted.  I’m so tired of school.  I feel like I’ve been at DSU forever.”

“It’ll be over soon enough, Jupiter.  You know it’s about the journey, not the destination.  Have you considered what you want to do after graduation?  Are you interested in post-doc work?”

“Maybe.  I’m not sure.  Sometimes I feel like following in my parents’ footsteps and becoming a science teacher at one of the private schools in Ashwood, Mallard Pointe, Roseland Hills or Paradise Park.”

Renzo held her close.  “You know I live in Roseland Hills.”

“I know.  But there’s a nice private school there.”

“Not to knock your potential dreams or anything like that, but I think your skills would be wasted teaching high school science.  You’ve begun carving out a place for yourself in the small world of astronomical academia.  I’ve got colleagues and acquaintances who are extremely interested in your future plans.” 

“Really?  This is the first I’ve heard of it.”

“I didn’t want to put pressure on you until you were finished with your dissertation.  But yes.  Friends from Oceanside, Sun Valley and CUSO contact me regularly to stay apprised of your progress.  I think it’s okay for you to know now.”

“Thank you for telling me,” she said.  “Should I reach out to them?”

“No.  It’s better if they reach out to you.  They’ll do it through me and you’ll be in a position to negotiate when they do.  They know you graduate in eleven months, so you’ll be hearing from them before then.  I will do practice interviews with you and guide you on how to get the best salary package possible.  Finish your dissertation first.  Get that out of the way.  Then you can entertain job offers.”

Jupiter gently scratched his beard.  Even though he had always been tough on her, she knew Renzo had her best interests at heart.  “Aye aye, captain.”

They lay in bed together for the next three or so hours.  Jupiter went back to sleep and this time, Renzo let her get her rest.  He held her in his arms and watched television, a lot on his mind.  Madalena always slept late on Saturday mornings ever since Lazzaro, their youngest, left home.  She would be getting up around noon and Renzo thought it best that he was home by then so that they could talk.  Even though he’d speculated how he thought things might go, he really wasn’t sure.  He knew that he didn’t want to upset Madalena any more than necessary, but nothing about him making love to another woman was going to please her.

When Renzo felt that it was time for him to go, he gently shook Jupiter awake.  “I need to leave, all right?”

Jupiter nodded, rubbing her eyes.  She stretched.  “Okay, okay…I’m up.”

Renzo put his Adidas outfit back on and packed up his gym bag.  Jupiter put on a pink robe with a green ivy design on the breast pocket and matching pink slippers.

“I didn’t know you liked pink so much,” he said as he smoothed his hair.

“Pink and green are my sorority colors.  I never told you I was in a sorority?”

“You probably did, but it didn’t register.  Walk me out, beautiful.”

Jupiter turned her phone back on and put in her pocket.  “Of course.”

She walked him to the garage and grabbed the door opener.  Renzo caught her hand and led her to his car.  He pulled her to him and gently pushed her up against the car and kissed her deeply, one hand untying her robe.  While kissing, he cupped her breasts, pinched her nipples, rubbed her stomach and gripped her buttocks.

Jupiter giggled as she broke the kiss.  “You’re leaving, remember?  We’re not starting this again…let’s save some for next weekend.  Besides, I’m still tired.  You kinda wore me out."  She couldn't remember the last time she said those words.

“I have plenty of love to give and love to spare,” he said, smiling at her as he tied her robe back up.  Then she moved out of the way as he got in his car.  Jupiter opened the garage door as Renzo started the Mercedes.

“Bye,” she said, retrieving her phone.  “See you on Monday.”

“Good-bye, sweet girl,” he replied, backing out of the driveway.  Jupiter watched his car go down the street before closing the garage.  She looked at her phone.  There were another dozen or so texts from Rashaun. 

She took a deep breath and called him.


A/A/N: “Intergalactic” was supposed to be a shortie about Jupiter and Renzo’s relationship and only their relationship—which was the focus in the original fic.  In that story, I never really addressed Renzo’s relationship with his wife or Jupiter’s relationship with her boyfriend when they began their affair.  Chalk it up to being young, immature and ignorant to an extent.  But now, as a full grown-ass woman, I do have some curiosity about what Madalena and Rashaun will do when they learn of their partners’ transgressions.  So if you liked this story, stay tuned.

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