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Intergalactic (5/6)


Renzo smiled back.  “I need to leave mine on, but it will be on silent.”

Jupiter headed towards the bathroom.  “How do you like your shower water?”

“Warm.  But I’m fine with your preference.  Which is…?”

She chuckled.  “Just shy of boiling, but I’ll ease up for you.”

Jupiter got the water ready, put out extra towels, searched for a bath gel that had a very mild fragrance, undressed and put on her shower cap.  She got in the shower and adjusted the temperature, found her bath glove and favorite bar of soap.

Renzo was 75% undressed when his attention was diverted to Jupiter in the shower.  Her back was to him and he stared helplessly at her body.  She was thick and curvy and she had a gorgeous round ass.  Her skin was a beautiful warm brown and she was adorable in her pink and green plastic cap.

She’s perfect, he thought.  Absolutely perfect.  Then, realizing he was wasting time ogling her when he could be doing more interesting things, he removed his shorts and walked into the bathroom, which was filled with clouds of steam.

“This water is hot,” he said as he entered the shower.  Jupiter turned to look at him and caught a frog in her throat.  She pressed her neck to clear it and shook her head quickly.

“You scared me,” she said, trying to look in his eyes and not at anything else.

“Sorry,” he said.  He chuckled, watching her struggle not to stare him down.  “Go ahead.  Look as much as you like.  Touch me as much as you like.  I’m doing the same.”

Jupiter’s eyes immediately went low and she smiled.  God, but he had a beautiful body; better than a lot of men half his age. The next step was to find out what he could do with it. She suddenly felt sorry for Madalena. 

Poor thing. I’d be upset too, no longer able to have all this.

“Come,” she said, bringing him under the rainfall shower head.  “Get under here with me.  It’s not too hot, is it?”

It was, but he wasn't about to let it matter.  “I’ll be fine,” he said.

She squirted a huge dollop of the bath gel into her glove.  Then she started bathing his chest using both hands, making large soapy circles over his torso and sides before stepping close to move her hands around to his back.  He raised his arms and she pressed against him, closing her eyes. 

“Why don’t you just walk around?” he asked.

“I will in a moment.”  Jupiter bobbed back and forth the tiniest bit, enjoying the feel of him.  Her hands moved up to wash his neck and shoulders before tackling his arms.  Then she walked around him, squirted two more large dollops of gel into the glove and began to wash his back and ass in earnest.

Renzo stood perfectly still, eyes closed as he enjoyed Jupiter’s ministrations.  She was so soft; he enjoyed the way her breasts moved over his chest and his back.  Her hands were moving methodically over his ass and hips and he didn’t move a muscle. Things were starting to get a little tight for him, but he had to repay the favor. He moaned and looked up, letting the water beat against his face.  Jupiter came back around, smiling.

“You’re going to have to spread your legs,” she said, holding up the glove.  “I need to get at them.”

To his secret delight, she squatted and began to soap both legs, ignoring his semi-hard dick.  He stared down at the top of her head.  She looked good down there.  Jupiter stood up and removed the glove.  Renzo remained silent, wondering what she was about to do next.  He got his answer when she wrapped one sudsy hand around his erection and began to move it back and forth while raising her eyes to meet his.

Renzo took a deep breath and stared at her.

“Am I gripping too hard?”

“Your grip is perfect.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t.”

He put an arm around her and brought her as close as he could.  He touched her chin, turning her face up and kissed her lips, then her nose and then her forehead.

“You feel so good,” she said.  “I like it.”

Renzo closed his eyes and swallowed thickly as Jupiter continued to stroke him.  Several moments passed.  Then, all of a sudden, he stopped her.

“Why did you stop me?”

“Because I’m not ready to climax and if I let you continue, that’s what will happen.”

“But that’s the plan.  You’ve already gotten one out of me tonight, and I don’t want to leave you unsatisfied.”  She wasn't that selfish.

“I intend to get a couple more out of you.  You can pick this back up in a little while, all right?  I’m not dissatisfied.  I actually find this kind of tension pleasurable.  Now please give me your soap of choice.”

Jupiter handed him a big blue bar of soap.  “This is my Bliss Blue Beauty Bar.  Smells good, doesn’t it?”

He took her hand and turned her around so that her back was to him.  “It does.  Now back all the way up so that we’re touching.”

“Oh, you just want me to put my ass on you.”

“Can you blame me for that?”  He enclosed her in his arms and rubbed the soap between his palms until they were filled with suds.  He began soaping her breasts and belly, audible sighs escaping. 

“Hold the soap,” he said, putting it in her hand.  He started with her neck and shoulders and smiled as he heard her sigh contentedly.  Then he ran his hands in circles over her boobs, squeezing them gently.  His erection pressed into her lower back and she sighed again as his hands moved over her round belly and then lower.

“You feel so good, Jupiter. I used to dream about touching you like this.”  He did a lot more than just dream.

“Don’t fuck it up,” she warned.

“Spread your legs,” he said.

Jupiter moved her legs apart and one of his hands slipped between her thighs almost immediately.  She inhaled slowly, closing her eyes, curious at how long it would take Renzo to find her clitoris.  She had to put Rashaun’s finger directly on it—every time!—in order for him to be able to stimulate her.

Oh please get this right, she thought.  Please let there be a positive correlation between age and sexual experience.  Please let him be able to satisfy


Renzo found her clit in less than five seconds.  Jupiter leaned back into him, sighed deeply, and let him play between her legs, relieved that she didn’t have to tell him where it was, and then coherent thought left her once he started stroking it and whispering dirty things in her ear. Jupiter propped one foot on the shower seat to give him more access. 

“Yes, oh yesss, oh yesss!  Like that….like that…oh baby, oh baby…just…like…that

Thank the Lord.

Renzo kept up the slow, seductive torture for several minutes, drawing out Jupiter’s pleasure until her breathing started to change.  Then, abruptly, he stopped fingering her and turned her around so that they were chest to chest.

Jupiter’s eyes popped open, flashing with irritation.  “That’s the second time!  Why did you stop?  The hell are you doing?  Are you trying to piss me off?  I must warn you that isn't a--”

“I stopped for the same reason I asked you to stop stroking me.  We have all night and tomorrow.  No rush.  Right now I am desperate to put my hands all over that ass.  Give me the soap.”

Jupiter pouted as she handed him the soap.  Her clit was throbbing and she didn’t know how to feel about him suddenly controlling things.  As Renzo began soaping her back, he lowered his voice and said in a definitive, commanding tone, “I promise I will come back to her soon enough. You won’t be disappointed, baby.”

Jupiter nodded, put her arms around him and pressed her cheek against his chest, over his heart.  Renzo’s hands went up and down, up and down, up and down and then over her buttocks, gripping and squeezing as he pushed her into him.

“Your ass is to die for,” he said. “Your entire body is magical, a wonderland…you feel so good...everything about you stimulates me, Jupiter.  Everything.  I want to worship you.”

Jupiter was still salty.  “See that you do.”

When he was convinced that she was soapy enough, Renzo maneuvered Jupiter underneath the shower head and let the water wash the soap away.  He cupped her cheeks and kissed her.  Jupiter put her arms around him and kissed him back.  After a couple of minutes, she reluctantly pulled away and turned off the shower.

“Let’s get out,” she said.  “I don’t want to drag this out any longer.”  She was horny beyond belief.

Jupiter stepped out of the shower and grabbed two enormous, fluffy towels off the shelf.  She wrapped one around her body and held the other open for Renzo.  He stood perfectly still as she dried him off and just before she entered the bedroom, he caught her by the elbow, removed her towel and repaid her in kind.  Afterwards, Jupiter removed her shower cap, tossed it on the counter, and led Renzo back into her bedroom. 

“Would you turn back the bed?” she asked.


She walked over to the balcony door and opened it, took a moment to enjoy the breeze, and then pulled the screen door closed. Then she walked back over to Renzo and stood in front of him.  “I like the feel of the breeze coming off the ocean at night and it makes my room smell good.”

Renzo suddenly picked her up and spun her around, smiling.

“Oh!” she said, giggling, shocked.  “Oh, what are you doing, you goof?”

“Just enjoying the moment.”  He carried her to the bed and laid her on it.  “Part of me is still trying to process that this is actually happening.”  Renzo lay on the bed beside her.

Jupiter rolled to her side, secretly relieved that Renzo was able to pick her up so effortlessly.  She didn’t know how strong he was and wondered if he would be able to lift her up or carry her around.  She wasn’t skinny.

He was strong enough.  Thank God.  Strong e-fucking-nough.  She put one hand on his cheek.  “Come closer,” she said.  “Come worship me.”

“Oh, indeed,” he replied, pulling her close.

They lay on her bed, kissing and touching.  Renzo brought one of Jupiter’s legs up and over his hip so that their genitalia touched.  Slowly, he began to grind against her.  His erection slipped between her labia and slid back and forth as he moved his hips.  Jupiter emitted a soft moan, closing her eyes as he kissed her lips.  He felt so good; every part of her body that could touch his did.  Kisses on her nose, her cheeks, her forehead, her eyelids, her chin, her neck, and the inside of her elbow, her fingers…even the palm of her hand. Renzo kissed each of Jupiter’s fingertips and the inside of her wrist.

Jupiter’s exhale was ragged.  She opened her eyes and stared at Renzo.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“I don’t remember the last time anyone made me feel this good,” she said.  “Mentally or physically.”

“Your boyfriend is an utter and complete fool,” he replied, rolling her on her back.  Jupiter started to protest, but Renzo adjusted his position and put a warm hand on her belly, splaying his fingers.  “Spread your legs for me.”

She obeyed without protest.  He kissed her again, reveling in the taste of her mouth while moving his hand down between her thighs.  He broke the kiss long enough to suck his middle fingers and put them back between her legs.  Jupiter gazed into his eyes, which were hazel green, and sighed softly when he found her clitoris once more. He caressed her ever so slowly, so tenderly, watching the expression on her face change every time he adjusted the pressure.  Jupiter subconsciously bent her knees and spread her legs even wider, moaning quietly, trying not to move her hips but she was struggling.  He re-oriented his hand and put his thumb on her clit and the middle fingers inside her.  She gasped.

Her eyes closed in delight.  “Oh my, that feels…amazing…”

Renzo moved his fingers methodically, eyes closed, enjoying her slick wet heat.  She was so hot and she felt so good; better than he thought possible.  Then he moved to plant himself between her spread thighs and parted her labia with ease.  He gazed lovingly at the sight of her slick pink flesh before closing his lips around her clit.

Jupiter gasped again, louder this time.  “Oh God…oh God…”

Renzo was lost in his own world, practically drowning in the taste and feel of her.  His arms curled around her thighs so that he could keep her spread open.  Her body was taut like a bowstring and she tried to move her legs but he held her tight and went deeper.  She tasted better than anything he ever imagined.  Jupiter started to wiggle her ass because she could not move her legs and when things got even more intense, she propped herself on her elbows so she could see his dark head moving back and forth between her thighs.

“Renzo, I’m…I’m about to…” Jupiter was not going to be able to hold it much longer and she was not sure how he felt about a full-on baptism.  Rashaun was not a fan and it made her self-conscious.  Renzo kept on eating her pussy like he didn’t hear her or didn’t give a fuck about what she was saying.  Jupiter’s elbows gave way and her upper body hit the mattress as she felt herself about to climax. 

“Renzo….Renzo, I’m gonna—” And then it happened and she couldn’t control it.  Her knees bent and her hips bucked.  He took the brunt of her orgasm and her squeal ended on a long, low wail as she came all over his face.  Greedily, he sucked her up and licked her clean.

Renzo,” she moaned, trying not to buck her hips and failing.  “Oh shit, oh…!”

He finally let her go.  Jupiter stared at him, body trembling in minute aftershocks, dazed at the raw look on his face as he wiped his lips with the back of his hand.  “Do you have any condoms?”

Jupiter lay back, winded, legs quivering. “Jesus,” she said, as Renzo kissed the inside of her thighs, making his way up to her belly before sticking his tongue in her navel.  “I came so hard!”  She tried to remember the last time she had an orgasm that strong and came up short.

“My sweet, sweet girl,” he said in a low voice.  “Do you have condoms?” He hoped so, because he didn’t bring any.  He had not expected for anything even remotely close to this to go down tonight, but he wouldn’t be caught unprepared again.

Jupiter waved a hand towards the nightstand.  “Bottom drawer, pink bag…hurry up…”

Renzo followed her instructions, got back on the bed and slipped the condom on.  He got on his knees while looking into her eyes, which were large and bright.  He grabbed her hips and pulled her close.  “It’s time for me to know how it feels to be inside of you, Jupiter Jordan.”  How many nights had he masturbated to the very idea of it??

Renzo lifted one of her legs, spread her thighs, and the strength nearly left him when he saw the raw need in her eyes.  Jupiter helped him out by lifting her hips and spreading her legs wide.  The visual would remain with him for all time.  A groan escaped him as he found his way in and his eyes closed in ecstasy.  Jupiter rested her ankles on his shoulders and he moaned again.  Renzo rubbed one of her legs and fingered her clit as he thrust slowly and deeply into her, going in as far as he could and losing himself in the process.  She felt absolutely unbelievable.

The fuck is wrong with her boyfriend?’ he couldn’t help but think.  Her pussy was so good that, logically, said boyfriend should have been fucking the shit out of her every single night.  Maybe it was too good and the boy didn’t know how to handle it.  She was absolutely splendid.

‘But that’s okay.  I will benefit greatly from your failure, young man.  I will give her what she needs and you’ll be nothing but a memory.’

“Jupiter, you feel so good,” Renzo murmured.  “I can’t…I can’t even…”

Jupiter’s mouth was contorted in a rictus of pleasure.  Renzo was utterly incredible, and he definitely knew what to do with her body.  Part of her couldn’t believe that this was actually happening; that her mentor was actually fucking her.  This was not how she thought her Friday was going to end, but she was most certainly not mad about it.  She arched her back as she cried out his name.  Renzo was in, balls-deep, lost in her sickening wet heat.  He took his time, moving methodically, eyes opening and closing as he at once made sure she was in her secret place at the same time he was in his.

“Oh baby,” he moaned.  “Baby, baby…”

“You feel so good,” she said, her voice trembling.  “Harder…harder…”

Renzo took a deep breath and let go of her leg.  He pulled out and turned her over, ready to hit it from the back.

“On your knees, baby.  Come on; get on your knees and put that pretty ass in the air.  Like that…just like that…”

Jupiter got on all fours and soon the bed sheet was knotted in her fists as Renzo continued to long stroke.  And to think, she could have sex like this every weekend until…well, until.  Her elbows buckled and she started to fall forward, but he grabbed her by her hips and stabilized her.

“Don’t run…don’t you dare run from me, sweet girl,” he said in the same commanding tone he used on her earlier.  His voice was intoxicating and she nearly folded up like a cheap lawnchair responding to it.  

“Arch your back for me,” he said in that same voice.

She did and he smacked her on the ass.  Jupiter bit her bottom lip in response, cutting herself off mid-cry.  “Renzo, please…” she said, “Please…”

“Tell me what you want, baby.  Tell me.”  He slapped her ass again.

“Grab my head and push my face into the b—”

Renzo did it so abruptly that it caught her off guard and her knees wobbled. She was about to climax again; her third one for the night. Jupiter groaned into the mattress; he was moving faster now, banging his hips against hers, and murmuring words in Italian. Jupiter lifted her head to speak and found herself shoved face-first into the bed again and that did it.  She couldn’t help herself. She couldn’t. Jupiter cried out and fell forward, her legs shaking against the mattress as her orgasm tore through her.  Renzo laid on top of her and slipped his dick back inside and continued his thrusts.

“My sweet Jupiter,” he said in her ear, sliding his hands under her arms to hold her.  “Lift your hips just a little bit…like that…ahhhh, like that…your ass is so soft…oh baby, here I go…here I come…”

The last couple of thrusts were hard and Jupiter heard Renzo grunt as he reached his own climax. He pulled out, carefully holding the condom, and collapsed on top of her, kissing the back of her neck.  A few moments passed as heart rates returned to normal and breathing stabilized.

Renzo kissed her neck again.  “Are you all right?”

“Mmmmmn,” she said.  “Never better.”

“I’ll be right back,” he said.  He rolled off of her and went into her bathroom.  Jupiter heard water running and she stayed where she was, too sated to move.  She had had three climaxes in the span of a couple of hours and the evidence was as obvious as the wet spot in which she currently lay.  Fooling around with Rashaun resulted in that many climaxes occurring over the course of a month...and never this juicy.  

Stop comparing Shaun to Renzo.

Perhaps she needed to deal with the issue of Rashaun as soon as possible and be done with it instead of waiting until after she graduated.  Jupiter was a healthy woman and tonight reminded her that she needed orgasms on a regular basis.

The little voice was, thankfully, silent on this matter.

Jupiter smiled into the bed sheet.  A moment later, Renzo returned with a damp washcloth and got back on the bed. 

“Spread your legs,” he said.  She did so. Gently, he wiped the insides of her thighs and her vagina.  He tossed the washcloth on the floor and began rubbing Jupiter’s ass.

“Mmmmmmmn,” she said. 

“How do you feel?”

“I feel fantastic, Renzo.  I feel like a woman is supposed to feel after a round of good sex.  It’s been a little while.”

Renzo rolled her over and lay beside her, propping his head on one arm and casually holding her breast with his free hand.  “You need to get rid of that clown,” he said.  “I know it’s not my business and I know I keep saying it, but I simply don’t understand how he can be with other women and leave you, his primary, wanting.  I would never do such a thing.  This is checkers, not chess.”

“You got a point,” she said, yawning.  “I just haven’t felt like dealing with the situation.  He can be dramatic at times.  When he realizes that I don’t really want to be with him, he’s going to throw a pure bitch fit.”

“What are the pros of your relationship?”

Jupiter shrugged, yawning again.  “He’s smart, funny, and can be easy to talk to at times.  He's a numbers nerd.  My parents liked him.”

Renzo continued to caress Jupiter’s breast.  “And?”

Jupiter bit her lip.  “I’ve known him since undergrad.  Senior year, actually.”

“He went to Dawnstar?”

“No; he went to Oceanside.  We met at a frat party, became friends and then became even better friends.  Two years into my graduate program, he wanted to get serious.  He didn’t understand that he was and had to be second to my schoolwork and when the arguments started, I suggested that he find another girlfriend.”

Renzo leaned over and kissed her nipple.  “I bet that didn’t sit well with him.”

“It didn’t.  I told you, I’m a catch and he knows it.  I make him look good.  He won’t willingly let me go.  We agreed to an open relationship so that he wouldn’t get on my nerves when I didn’t want to be bothered.  In a way, I guess it’s similar to your situation with Madalena, except my rationale is rooted in my schoolwork.”

“But then he has the audacity to give you half-assed sex.  I’ll never understand that.”

“You’re right about that.”  Jupiter yawned again.  “I’m sleepy,” she said, pleased.  “Cut out the lights, get a bath towel, and let’s go to bed.”

Renzo kissed her nipple again and got up to do as she asked.  “Your wish is my command, sweet girl.”

He handed her the towel and she placed it over the wet spot before pulling up the duvet.  Renzo got back in bed with Jupiter and asked if he could hold her.

“We can try,” she said.  “I’m used to sleeping alone, so I don’t know how long it will last.  Don’t hate me if I move away from you.”

He kissed her lips.  “I could never hate you.”

Jupiter ran her fingers over his cheek, gently scratching his beard.  She could smell her scent on his face and it made her feel a sexy kind of way.  “Thank you, Renzo.  I feel so chill, so relaxed.  I’m going to sleep well tonight.”

He settled down next to her, pulling her against his body so they could spoon.  “So am I.”



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