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Fan Request

I began working on the next chapter of "The Hunt" some time ago, and I ran out of steam about halfway through.  One of the exercises I do to stimulate the muse is to invite suggestions and prompts from fans of my work.  I expect there to be no more than two or three chapters required to finish the story, but I could use a little direction to help me finish it.

So, fans of Sheila & K'avir, I need your help. Currently, they're down on the planet of Razmou Ohndri and K'avir is in the grip of his fever.  What elements would you like to see; what prompts can you offer me?  I don't care how left of center they may sound; I'm inspired by deviant thinking.  What would you like to take place down on the planet?  Be as elaborate as you like.  Don't be afraid; you can respond anonymously if you want.  I just need a creative push.  Feel free to do it over a cliff.

Linked are the first four chapters.

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  1. Is the planet uninhabited? I'm asking cause if its not then maybe the people on there could get in the way of sheila and k'avir but then again he could do serious damage in his state. I noticed in chapter 3 or 4 Sheilah kept a lot of soiled underware could she use those to distract him with her scent?

  2. Thanks, Amanda! Yes, the planet is uninhabited. And yes, I've already incorporated Sheila's soiled underwear into the chapter, but I got stuck shortly after that point. Like, what happens after he tracks her down the first time? I ran out of steam there.

    Feel free to offer more suggestions. I need to get the muse going again.

  3. I'd love to see Sheila do violence on K'avir. She's no damsel XD Push HIM off the cliff, tie him up, slow-poison him, turn the hunt. Make him work for it. And the best part could be that she does this while she's sane.

    I want to see Sheila use the environment to her advantage. If she can't get out from under him, she needs to stay on top.

    And lightning use would be cool :X

  4. I think I told you earlier that I wanted Shelia to be in charge and keep K'avir on the run, at least at first. I want plenty of hot and heavy smut too! In the end, I do think that K'avir should keep his manhood intact and subdue his woman as all Vulcans do. That is why he is so hot!


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