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The Hunt (5/?)

A/N:  Sorry this took so long, but writer's block be a bitch sometimes.  And yes, I could still use some feedback to finish the story.


The original plan was for K’avir to be beamed two kilometers away from Sheila’s chosen location.  But at the last minute, Trisha beamed him six kilometers away instead.  The Chief Engineer’s reasoning was quite simple.  Under normal circumstances, Vulcans were three times stronger and faster than humans.  K’avir was a warrior in heat and therefore faster and stronger than that.  He would have crossed the 2000-meter distance in less than five minutes.  It would have barely given Sheila time to verify her location before he caught up to her.  Putting him six kilometers away gave her a good fifteen minutes to orient herself using Gerri’s information. 

The Taini rainforest was humid, thick, lush and vibrant; full of life and color.  Sheila chose her coordinates carefully after studying Gerri’s research.  The spot she picked was near a waterfall that fed a lake.  There was a small alcove behind the waterfall that was fairly accessible. The water itself was clear; free of pollutants and toxins.  There were large trees and vines everywhere, laden with fruits and edible flowers and other plants.  It was a beautiful location that she didn’t have time to appreciate.  Sheila quickly made her way behind the waterfall to examine the niche.  It was far back enough that she could safely hide and possibly sleep, and she could see through the falling water. 

Sheila decided that the waterfall alcove would be her haven where she could regroup after her encounters with her husband.  She would make every attempt to keep him away from the area.  It made preparation for the first encounter problematic, as she was unsure where he was.  But after her initial burst of fear, she calmed down.  She was not afraid of K’avir, and she was as ready for this as she could be.  Her husband, her wonderful beautiful man, was going to go through this every seven years.  This meant that she was going to go through it with him.  Sheila could live with it—she would live with it—and she was going to survive it because K’avir was worth everything.

Sheila unpacked some of the supplies from her bag and stored them nearby.  One of them was a beacon.  Trisha rigged a tiny aural transmitter and Shawn inserted it into the pad of flesh behind Sheila’s ear.  It was a way of tracking her movements and it also acted as a compass so that Sheila could always find her way back to her refuge.  She turned it on.  The transmitter could also be used to beam Sheila back onto the ship.  It was Lt. Nyx’s idea for Sheila to have a way to get back home that wasn’t attached to her clothing. 

She didn’t waste time lingering; it was best to put some distance between her and her haven as soon as possible.  She shouldered her bag and grabbed one of her panty packs and quickly ran fifty meters away from the alcove.  Then she ripped open the pack and tossed her soiled drawers as far away as she could.  Sheila took off in the direction in which she came.  She had a plan, but she needed a little time to think things out.  Sheila checked her handheld and jogged towards a small clearing situated between two low-hanging, wide umbrella trees.  It was grassy and mossy and as she eyed a bright purple flower bobbing in the breeze, she knew exactly what she was going to do.  Sheila looked up and smiled, and quickly began climbing the tree.  The branches were thick and there were many footholds and handholds available.  Sheila climbed just high enough so that she could scan the surrounding areas.

The absolute best way to handle K’avir’s pon farr was to go on the offensive.  Instead of hiding from him, she was going to be a siren.  She was going to move around the forest and make him chase her.  She would play hard to get.  She couldn’t get stuck underneath him, and if she wanted to avoid such a fate, she had to be in control of their encounters.  Sheila had reserves of strength; power that she hadn’t tapped into since the rebellion.  She was at the forefront of the uprising, and hadn’t been afraid to take lives since the encounter, so she was perfectly capable of handling her extremely horny husband.  She was going to fight him, run from him, and eventually get fucked by him.  But it was going to be on her terms.

She needed a baseline.  The clearing was an excellent place for the first encounter.  Sheila opened her bag, tucking it in a branch nook.  She took out her knife and a hypo, intending to inject herself with a compound designed to stimulate lubrication.  Sheila wasn’t stupid; she didn’t want him to hurt her in that way.  As soon as she heard him in the underbrush, she was going to inject herself and jump out of the tree.  There were plenty of stiff branches she could use as weapons and she had her knife.  K’avir taught her how to fight and she was, as he said, his best student. Lt. Nyx told her that fighting helped absorb some of the drive—some—but an edge was an edge.  She was going to use every tactic she had in her arsenal to her advantage. 

There was a rustle in the bushes.  Sheila looked around and saw him moving towards the area.  Apparently her soiled panties hadn’t been the distraction she hoped for.  She sighed.  He stomped through the foliage, knocking vines and branches out of the way.  Sheila quickly stuck her knife into its holster.  She took several deep breaths as K’avir made his way into the clearing.

SHEEE-LAAAAH!” he screamed, stomping through the brush.

She blinked.  He could speak?  She had been under the impression that he was beyond coherent thought.  But then he had also said that he wasn’t sure exactly what he would be capable of.  Maybe it was merely the fact that he knew who he was bonded to.

SHEEE-LAAAAH!” he screamed again.  He passed underneath the tree and she saw her panties in his hand.  Love for him swelled in her heart and she took another deep breath and jumped out of the tree.  Sheila grabbed one of the broken branches, which was about six feet in length.

This was going to be ugly.

K’avir heard her and turned around.  There was a feral look in his eyes. He moved towards her quickly and she didn’t hesitate.  Sheila swung the branch, hoping it wouldn’t break, and hit K’avir on the side of the head.  The branch didn’t break, but he grabbed it with one hand and yanked hard.  It flew out of her hands, leaving friction burns.  Sheila jumped back, fists raised, ready to fight.  Memories of their courtship burned in her mind.

“You want this pussy, K’avir?  Then you’re gonna have to fight me for it!”

He snarled and took a step towards her.  Sheila jumped and kicked him directly in the chest.  He stumbled back and she turned quickly, kicking him again.  He hit the ground and she jumped four steps back, bouncing into an L-stance.  K’avir yelled in rage and came at his wife once more.   He saw her, a beckoning bright white light in a hazy sea of red, and he went towards her, out of his mind with lust.  He wasn't expecting a fight.  He didn't even consider it.  It was all beyond him.  A blow knocked the wind out of him and the second brought him to his knees.  Then a well-placed kick to the solar plexus knocked him flat on his back.

Sheila backed up, bouncing on the balls of her feet.  It was astonishing that it was so easy to knock him down, especially when he was running on pure adrenalin and testosterone.  He was clearly moving without thought and Sheila didn’t know how long she would be able to fight him off.  She was already tired.

K’avir got to his feet and blocked Sheila’s next kick, twisting her foot.  She rotated with the twist, dropping to her hands and delivering a kick to his chin with the other foot.  His head snapped back.  Quicker than quick, she was upright again and delivered a roundhouse punch to his cheek, following it up with two more blows.  He coughed, sucking in air, blocked the next blow and delivered a punch to her cheek, snapping her head back.  Sheila backed up, wincing.  That had hurt.  She could not let him hit her again.

Sheila eyed the branch; it was a few feet away from her.  K’avir came at her again, screaming her name, and she effortlessly moved out of the way and ran for the branch.  She turned just in time to hit him over the head with it.  He snarled and went off-balance just enough for her to get out of the way.  That was enough.  Sheila dropped the branch and took off running.


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  2. YEAAAAA Break that writer's block!
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  3. WHOA! That was so exciting! I want more! Thanks for the update! Please update again soon!

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