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Intergalactic (4/?)


Jupiter grabbed his hand and led him back to the living room.  He sat on the couch and she sat in his lap, smiling at him.  He captured one of her hands, linked her fingers and brought them to his lips, kissing her knuckles.

“You’ve made me so happy,” he said.

“This is your second time saying it in the span of a couple of minutes, so I imagine so.  Honestly, I did not expect my evening to end this way.”

“What were you planning to do?”

“Read a novel, eat dinner, take a bubble bath, and then watch TV.”

“Sorry if I ruined your plans.”

“Are you kidding?  This is much better.”

Renzo ran his hand over her bare leg.  “Agreed.”

Jupiter kissed him, losing herself in the treat that was his mouth.  He was probably the best kisser she’d ever encountered and she knew that she was going to make their time together count.  If Renzo’s wife was…okay…with him having a mistress, then she was going to make it worth her while.

Some time passed and after a particularly intense period of kissing, Jupiter’s stomach rumbled.  “What time is it?” she asked, breathless.

“Almost eight o’clock.  What’s the matter?”

“I’m starving.  That cheese didn’t hold me at all.”

“Do you want to cook something?”

“I don’t feel like cooking.  I’ll order something from PotRoast.”  PotRoast was a meal delivery service.  She got up and went to get her phone.  “You hungry?”

“Sure,” he said, reaching for his own phone.  “I need to let Madalena know that I’m going to be home late.”  If at all, but he needed to let her know at any rate.

“Will that be a problem?”

“It shouldn’t be.”

Jupiter scrolled through PotRoast’s restaurant listing.  “What are you in the mood for?”

“Whatever you want is fine with me.”

She started talking to herself.  “Ooooh…Mexican…haven’t had Mexican in a long time….yum, fish tacos, chicken tostadas…carne asada, refried beans and rice…queso—must!!have!!queso!!—sopaipillas, churros…”

“Are you ordering all that?”

“Have you ever ordered anything from PotRoast?  The restaurant portion sizes are small and I’m hungry.”

“Madalena always cooked, so no.”

“I’m ordering queso with chips, chicken tostadas, rice, salsa salad and sopaipillas.  What do you want?”

“Fish tacos sound good.  How many should I order?”

Jupiter chuckled.  “Four or five.  They’re no bigger than the palm of your hand.”

“Four, then.”

Jupiter keyed her phone for a few moments to order food.  Renzo watched her, still struggling to believe that she was actually willing to be with him in spite of his marriage.  Eight years of wanting, wishing, waiting, wondering…and now she was reality.  She told him while they were making out on the couch that they could see each other on weekends; Friday evenings and all of Saturday at her place, and if his family needed him on those days, then he had to be with them.  Jupiter told him that her reputation was on the line as well and if she couldn’t spend time with him because of whatever, then he had to be okay with whatever she told him.  She also told him to be smart about the whole thing because it could work if they used common sense.

She put her phone down.  “Food will be here in about an hour.”

“Come get back in my lap, beautiful.”

Jupiter tossed her phone on the end table and slid her dress up to her knees.  Renzo watched her; curious because she did not do that the first time she sat in his lap.  She sat sidesaddle and her dress covered her legs.  But this time, she put a bare leg on either side of him and sat in his lap that way.  Renzo realized that she was sitting in a way that was far more intimate than the previous seating arrangement.

Renzo wondered how far things were going to go.  He really meant it when he said all he wanted was to hear her say his name and a kiss.  He meant it when he told her he would have been satisfied with those things.  Obviously, there was a lot more going on inside her head.  She had a boyfriend, but clearly the relationship was lacking something. 

Jupiter smiled at him and kissed his lips.  Renzo put his hands on her waist.

“Tell me something,” he said between kisses.  “You told me that you have a boyfriend, yet you’re more than willing to be my lover.  What is your relationship with him like?”

“You want to talk about Rashaun when we could be kissing?  You’ve got eight years’ worth of kisses to get from me, Renzo.  Why do you want to talk about Shaun?  He’s not important.”

“I’m wondering how he’ll feel about this.”

“He never has to know.”

“He won’t suspect?”

“No.  Shaun and I have an open relationship; one he takes advantage of.  I can see others if I want to, but I don’t want to be bothered with getting to know somebody new, and I certainly am not interested in online dating.  I’m far too busy for that.”

“Are you going to marry him?”

“He hasn’t proposed.”

“Do you think he will?”

“In about two years, yes.  He knows I’m a catch, but he’s not ready to settle down.”

Renzo massaged her waist; desperate to get his hands higher or lower, but only if she allowed it.  “What about you?  Do you want to marry him?”

Jupiter kissed Renzo’s nose.  “What’s with the questions?”

“I don’t want your young man coming after me.  If I were him, I would have married you by now.  He doesn’t sound like a bright fellow, leaving you open for another man to come around and snatch up.  You say you have an open relationship, but he will be upset to learn that you are actually seeing someone else.  Men can be extremely selfish.”

“Rashaun won’t do anything to you.  He doesn’t know anything about you except your name.  Besides, our relationship isn’t as solid as he believes.  I let Shaun think what he wants to think, but truth be told, he doesn’t satisfy all my needs.”

“Sexually or otherwise?”


“Is that why you’re willing to be with me?”

“No.  I’m not quite that shallow, but I’m not going to lie about it.  I do wish Rashaun had your kissing ability.  I hate being kissed by him.  His mouth is wide and I feel like he’s going to suck half of my face off.  So we don’t really kiss that much.  That should be a red flag for him, but he’s…well, anyway, his stroke game is so-so; our encounters usually end with me even more frustrated.”

“Stroke game?”

Jupiter laughed.  “Sexual thrusts.”

Renzo bit back a smile.  Okay.  Why do you put up with it?”

“Because I don’t feel like dealing with it now.  Too much on my plate already without adding his hurt feelings to it.  When the time comes, I’ll handle it.  He won’t like it, but hell, it is what it is.  You’d better be good in bed, Renzo.  Your stroke game better be on point.   If it’s not, you will never get this close to me again.”

“Madalena never complained.”

Jupiter kissed his ear and whispered, “I bet she didn’t.”  Madalena seemed like the type of wife who wouldn’t, regardless of her level of satisfaction.

“Do you want to find out tonight or no?”

Jupiter laughed.  “You just got right to the point.  I was prepared to dance around this for another half-hour or so.  I haven’t decided yet, but I am enjoying your company.”

Then, while smiling, Jupiter removed the loop from around her head that held her dress up.  Renzo found himself staring at her breasts.

“Let’s start here,” she said.

Fuck, Renzo thought and then thought no more.  He cupped her breasts; they fit effortlessly in his palms and he thumbed her nipples until they hardened.  They were the perfect size and her nipples looked like truffles.  He looked at Jupiter.

“Are you sure?  Because there’s no turning back after this.”

She kissed his lips.  “I’m sure.”

Renzo turned his attention to Jupiter’s breasts.  He caressed them, appreciating the weight and feel of her skin.  She had adorable nipples.  He alternated between gentle squeezes and tender caresses.  Jupiter was mildly surprised that he didn’t just go right to the nipple sucking like Rashaun and every other ex she had.  They didn’t have a clue as to what to do with breasts other than suck, and then not even that damn long…or good.

Not the case with present company.  Straight up breast adulation and she loved it.

Renzo adjusted and asked her to arch her back so that he could have more access.  Jupiter gripped his knees and arched enough so that they were level with his head.  Gently, he began to lick her breasts and her nipples.  He took his time, moving back and forth between each treat, carefully teasing her nipples with his tongue tip.  Jupiter closed her eyes and bit back a moan.  No doubt, the man had a talented mouth.  What she really liked was that he didn’t just focus on her nipples.  He worshipped the entire breast; licking them as if they were ice cream cones and kissing her nipples so tenderly Jupiter thought that she could orgasm off that alone.  Minutes passed and Renzo was perfectly content worshipping Jupiter’s breasts.  He hadn’t slowed down or stopped and there were low growls emanating from his throat.

Jupiter had long since stopped trying to hide her enjoyment.  Her moans were music to Renzo’s ears and they merely spurred him on.  Her breasts were superb.   He pushed them together and licked her cleavage.  Jupiter bucked in response, unable to help herself as her panties dampened.  She ground against him and he groaned.  Her scent went right up his nose and he was aroused.

“Oh shit, do that again,” she commanded.  “Do it again.”

“Your tits are magnificent,” he moaned, repeating the act.  “They’re perfect.”

“You can have them anytime you want,” she breathed.

His tongue made figure 8s around her nipples, and then he covered them in gentle kisses, and then he began to suck them.  He popped up to say, “Don’t issue me a blank check,” and then was back at it.

Jupiter closed her eyes again.  “It feels so good, baby, so good…don’t stop…oh god, don’t stop…”

But he did.  Renzo kissed her cleavage.  “I don’t want you to strain your neck or back sitting like this.  I’ll lie down and you can let those beauties hang in my face.”

Jupiter nodded dumbly, suddenly irritated that they were waiting on food.  Because if they weren’t…come to think of it, how much time had passed?  She got up and rubbed her neck before putting the loop back over her head.

Renzo kicked off his shoes and lay on Jupiter’s couch.  She smiled at him.  “When did I order the food?”

His smile was wicked.  “About forty minutes ago.  It’ll be here soon.”

Jupiter’s nipples throbbed.  “I should not have brought the twins out to play so early.”

“But now that you have, let them stay out.  Come, bring them back to me.”

Jupiter walked over to the couch, lifted her dress so that she could straddle Renzo and lay on top of him.  She tenderly kissed his lips as his hands moved up and down her bare back.

“I’m so glad I answered the phone,” she murmured.

“So am I,” he said.  “I debated calling because I knew you didn’t like to be bothered on Friday evenings, but everything inside of me told me to confess to you or let it go for good, and I couldn’t let it go.”

Jupiter adjusted, moving her knees up so that she could rise high enough so that Renzo had easy access to her boobs.  She pulled the loop over her head and the dress fell down.  Renzo cupped her breasts again.

“You do that well,” she said.

“I love breasts,” he said.  “I love nipples.  I love women; love your bodies, love everything about you.  Don’t deny any part of yourself to me, please.”  And then he had a nipple in his mouth and Jupiter’s eyes closed as she found herself grinding against him.  If he kept up this exquisite torture, she was going to climax again.

Some time passed where he alternated kissing and breast worship while she blissfully lost herself in his adoration.  Then the doorbell rang.

Fuck!” Jupiter moaned.  Renzo let her go and she got up, pulling the loop back over her neck and straightening her dress.  He sat up, adjusting his sweater and then went into his pocket for his wallet.  He removed a wad of bills and handed it to Jupiter.

“My treat,” he said. 

Jupiter smiled at him and put her own wallet down.  She went to the door and opened it.  There was a cute young man in an orange and brown PotRoast jacket and hat, carrying two large heated carriers.  He opened them up and they checked the order together.  Satisfied that everything was in order, she paid him with Renzo’s money, giving him a generous tip.

“Thanks ma’am,” he said, and left with the empty carriers. 

Jupiter shut the door.  The food smelled so good and soon, it was that particular need that was overwhelming.  She started opening containers and pulling down plates.  Renzo went to the bathroom to wash his hands and then came out to help her.  It was nice being with her like this.  It was nice being with her, period.  It was different.  He leaned over and kissed her ear.

“I’m starving,” he said.

“Me too.  Get something to drink, please.  No more wine.  I’ve had two bottles tonight.”


“That’ll do.  Come on, let’s eat.”
* * *

Jupiter was cleaning up after the meal when she noted the time.  It was almost 10:30 p.m.  She was debating whether to let the evening play out or cut things short.  Renzo put the leftover food into the fridge and leaned against the counter as she finished up.

“That was delicious.”

“It was.  If we’re going to spend time together on Friday nights and Saturdays, you’re going to get to know PotRoast well.  They’ve spoiled me.  I cook only when I’m craving a specific food.”  She wiped down the counters and washed her hands.  Then she walked over to Renzo, who pulled her into his arms.  Jupiter kissed him again, surprisingly and suddenly torn between doing what she thought was the right thing and doing what she wanted.

The little voice was ready to jump on that.  If you’re going to be this man’s mistress, you will find yourself at this precipice on a regular basis.  I warned your dumb ass.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Part of me thinks that it’s best you go home tonight.  Part of me thinks it’s best that we take a shower together and…well, you know.”

“It’s your decision, Jupiter.”

“What if what I want clashes with what is expected of you?”

“I told you that I would do anything you tell me to do.”

“But what if your family suddenly needs you?”

Renzo squeezed her close.  “You worry too much.  My children haven’t needed me in a long time.  They’re fairly self-sufficient adults.  If Madalena suddenly needs me, then of course I have to go to her.  You know that.  You pretty much dictated it.  But it’s not likely to happen.  We’ve developed a new normal over the past couple of years.  I probably will explain it to her so that she knows things have changed when my schedule adjusts to accommodate our time together.  She won’t bother me on the days I spend with you.”

“Idealistic much?”

“Maybe.  But it was her idea I get a mistress.  I guess she thought I’d take advantage of the chance when she first mentioned it, but if I’m going to cheat on my wife, it’s going to be with a woman that’s worth it.  I was willing to wait for you.  You’ve always been worth it.”

“Try not to use those exact words when you talk to her.  Just say that you’ve found a female friend or something generic like that.”

“All right.  So, tell me what to do.”

“You don’t have to go home?  Did she text you back?”

“She did.  No, I don’t have to go home.  She’s playing cards with some of her friends at another friend’s house and knowing said friends, they’ll be at it until after midnight.  It’s something she does every other Friday night.  You want to see the text?”

“I trust you,” she said, laying her head on his chest.  “So Madalena is a card shark on alternating Fridays?  Good to know.”

“Do you want to take a shower?”

“I just realized you don’t have a change of clothes.”

“Not entirely true.  I have my gym bag in the car.”

“You are not about to wear those sweaty things—”

“Madalena makes sure my gym bag has clean clothes.  She has never failed me in that regard.”

Jupiter ran her hand over his arm, thinking about the muscles underneath.  “You’ll have to start parking in the garage.  I don’t want anyone noticing your car in my driveway.”

“Who would notice?”

“You never know, Renzo. It’s not like you drive a Chevy or a Honda or something like that; that’s a fucking S-600 in my driveway.  It will stand out.  And you don’t know if your wife has friends who live in Catamaran Beach.  You don’t know if your children do, so let’s not chance it.  Pull your car in the garage next to mine, ok?”

Renzo kissed her forehead.  “I’ll be right back.”  He moved her to one side and walked to and then out the front door while Jupiter walked to the door that led to her garage.  She opened it up just as Renzo was getting into his car.  She had to marvel at how quiet the engine was and how smoothly he eased the car in next to her Camry.  Jupiter pressed the button that operated the garage door and it rolled down.

Renzo got out and grabbed his gym bag from the trunk.

“That’s a sexy-ass car,” she said.

“It is, truly.”

“I’m going to upgrade my ride after I secure a job.”

“We will need to discuss that at some point, but not tonight.”

“Discuss what?  The car or the job?”

“The job, of course.”

He walked into the house as she cut off the lights and closed the door.  Jupiter smiled at him and kissed his lips.  “You know where my bedroom is.  I’ll be there shortly.  I need to lock up the house.”

Renzo nodded.  “Can you bring my phone with you?”

Jupiter nodded in return.  She quickly checked the doors to make sure they were locked and cut off all the lights except for one lamp that operated on a timer and stayed on most of the night.  She set the alarm, grabbed their phones and joined her new beau in her bedroom.

Renzo was shuffling through his gym bag when Jupiter handed him his phone.  She looked at hers.  “Rashaun texted me like 20 times within the past two hours.”

“What does he want?”

“Well, he kept asking if he could come by.  He’s stupid sometimes.  He knows I usually don’t even look at my phone on Friday nights.”

“Are you going to text him back?”

“No.  The last text was over thirty minutes ago.  I’ll hit him up tomorrow.  Until then…” Jupiter gave Renzo a wide smile as she turned off her phone.


  1. "You say you have an open relationship, but he will be upset to learn that you are actually seeing someone else. Men can be extremely selfish."


    Okay, I'm starting to warm up to this guy.

    Say...the part where Renzo pays for the food... that's a kink of yours, ain't it?

  2. Chile, if you could have seen the hottie that inspired Renzo, you'd be already warm. And he does know that of which he speaks.

    Anyhoo...yes...you know me and my food kinks. IDK when or where THAT came from.


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