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The Hunt (9/10)

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          Sheila was awake and refreshed, smelling of flowers.  The additional three hours of sleep made her feel like she could accomplish anything. She remained in the shallow cave, buried in mounds of miscapeas.  She had a meal of nedronna clusters, giimi rounds, jhejichi tomatoes and phanalaha stalks.  She devoured the fruits and vegetables, feeling pleasantly full and energetic.  Sheila downed her entire canteen, staring contentedly at the moving dot on her handheld.  Apparently, the ruse worked; for according to the time, K’avir had been chasing her hologram around the northeast sector for almost two hours, and then the dot stopped moving.  According to the topography, he appeared to be in one of that sector’s deep holes.  Not even concerned that he wouldn’t find his way out, Sheila carefully climbed out of her cave and removed her clothes, hiding them in the underbrush.  Her hair was wet and smashed against her head; she’d worry about it back on board the ship.  She secured her utility boots and checked her bag: she had her canteen, lube hypos, a tranq, an adrenalin shot, and plenty of nyhardeas and miscapea petals.  Sheila refilled her canteen with cold, rushing water from a nearby waterfall.  She put the pack on her back, palmed her handheld, and hiked through the rainforest, headed towards K’avir’s location. 

            As she walked, ears on alert, she alternated munching nyhardeas and nedronna clusters; the nedronna were soft juicy key lime bursts and the juice slithered down her throat in tart rivulets.  She wiped her mouth as she neared the hole, carefully edging up to it.


            He looked up, hands and feet buried in the mud.  He was about a third of the way out of the hole.  “Shee-laah.”

            Sheila looked over the edge.  K’avir’s face bled, his arm was gashed and bloody, and his chin green from being scraped raw.  He was caked with dirt, filthy, and she knew exactly what she was going to do.  This round would be immensely pleasurable, especially if he was coming out of his fever.  He knew her.  He recognized her.  He could speak her name.  But she had to get him clean first.  K’avir was normally extremely fastidious, as was the way of Vulcans, and she understood one reason why the subject of pon farr was so distressing for him.  He abhorred the idea of being dirty.  Sheila leaned over and bounced her breasts, feeling raunchy.  A few hours’ sleep and some energy-boosting vittles could do wonders for a woman’s libido.

            “Come on, baby.  Get out of that hole and come get into another one.  I promise this one you’ll like.”

            Seeing her lush, naked body fired his passion.  A tight little growl escaped him and suddenly, K’avir was moving quickly, hand over hand, making his way up, up, up…and then he was free, out of the hole and chasing his wife.  Sheila was already on the run after having ingested another nyhardea and an adrenalin shot.  She ran to the clear blue lake, took off the boots, and then gave herself a lubricant hypo.  She shoved miscapea petals into her mouth and chewed as she removed her pack and tossed it nearby, unafraid.  He was coming, he was ready, and he was horny.  She welcomed the attention.  

The leaves rustled.  Sheila stood on the edge of the lake, chewing, waiting for him.  She wanted K’avir in the water so he could get himself clean and to make this encounter enjoyable.  They made love in the shower once, but now Sheila wanted to try it in a tub.  The ISS-E had no tubs, but the lovely blue-green lake of the Taini rainforest would suffice.  Her getting stuck wouldn’t be an issue, and if he passed out, she’d make sure he was on his back so he wouldn’t drown.  Nyx’s words reverberated in her mind: There is nothing you can do short of murder that will harm him in this state, and even then, you better be sure.  She had the rope in her bag; she’d tie one end to his leg and the other to a tree to keep him from floating away.  Sheila spared a second’s thought as to the bumps, bruises, pulled muscles and broken bones that K’avir would likely have after this was over.  She thought about the disruption in her own diet and her own injuries. She would insist on a week’s rest for them both, and the captain wouldn’t argue.

            K’avir ran out of the bushes as fast as he could, already on her.  Sheila turned and dived into the lake, knowing he was right on her heels.  She took a deep breath and dove, relishing the cool water and its indigenous colors.  Then suddenly, she changed direction and swam towards the surface.  She burst out of the water and inhaled deeply before turning around.  To her surprise, he wasn’t swimming towards her as she expected.  He was still in the water, bobbing with the waves, staring at her with a strange expression on his face.  She giggled and started swimming circles around him, and he turned to face her, coming for her when she changed direction.  Sheila stole a glance at the shore behind her; the water was shallow there, and then she turned, dove, and swam as fast as she could.  K’avir was on her, near her, by her and she surfaced right in front of him.  The water ran off his gorgeous chocolate skin in long dribbles and she thought for a second that he was the most beautiful man she’d ever seen.  He grabbed her and put his arms around her waist.

            “Sheelaah,” he said.  “Sheelah.”

            She caressed his face, gazing into his eyes, looking for a spark of recognition.  Did he really know who she was?

            “Sheila,” he said again.

            “K’avir, do you know me?  Do you know who I am?  Do you recognize me?”

            “Sheila,” he said, holding her tight.  “Sheila.”

            Whether he knew her or not didn’t matter.  Sheila caressed his ears, making sure the transmitter dot was still attached.  “K’avir, oh baby…”  His hands were strong and she wanted needed him.  She slid her arms around his neck and pressed a wet open-mouthed kiss against his lips.  A snarl escaped him and he pulled her close, moving his hands to grip her hips, and found his way in.  Sheila grunted as she received him, as the entry was blunt but the fill was perfection.  She was good and lubed and moaned uncontrollably.  The combination of the fruit, the leaves and the lubricant made her feel irrefutably powerful and sexy.  The adrenalin would allow her to hang with her horny husband.  He thrust hard and fast, staring at her.  She held on to K’avir and met his ambiguous amber gaze, searching for him.  Was he in really in there? Was he here with her?  Was she being fucked by her Vulcan husband?  Or was she being manhandled by a primitive entity?  She really didn’t know, but the act itself wasn’t at all displeasing

Sheila kissed him, not getting anything at first, but she loved his mouth and continued to kiss.  “I love you, baby.  I love…oooh, I looo—ooh!--oove….you…”  There was little else she could say; somewhere in his testosterone-fueled mind, she was sure K’avir was listening.  He might not could do anything about it, but he needed to know, to be reminded, that she loved him beyond reason.  If he had no choice but to turn into little more than an animal every seven years, she had no choice except to be by his side, go through it with him and love him from beginning to end, and really…did a choice even need to be made?

“Sheila,” he said, holding her hips, her legs around his waist, bouncing her up and down in the water.  The buoyancy made it pleasurable and not so rough.  Sheila started kissing him deeply, sticking her tongue in his mouth, rubbing her breasts across his chest—a deep, low rumble emanated from his throat and she curled her toes into the hard, tight muscles of his ass.  “Sheila,” he said again and this time was different.  She stopped kissing him and looked, positive that she heard him in the tone.  She stared into K’avir’s eyes and the shimmering honey amber irises revealed the same…it was him; her husband was coming back to her.  


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