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The Hunt--Complete

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Time was a memory.  Sheila knew that Razmou Ohndrii had a very slow rotation, and that the days were long.  It was dusk now; stars were beginning to appear in the sky.  How much time had actually passed in terms of what she was used to was a different matter.  She felt like she’d been off the ship for a couple of days and she was utterly exhausted.  Sheila knew she was dehydrated, and her stomach was crampy and gassy from all of the indigenous vegetation.  Once she was back on board the ISS-E, she was going to the officer’s dining room and she was going to have steak, lobster macaroni and cheese, steamed vegetables and those awesome sun-dried tomato yeast rolls Trisha and Nyota were crazy for, and a healthy slice of chocolate cake.  For breakfast, blueberry pancakes and bacon, eggs scrambled with cheese, hash browns, tenaberry juice, orange compote; lunch, fried chicken with mashed potatoes drowned in gravy, a BLT Cobb salad, lemonade and sweet potato pie.  She wanted a hot, hot bath, some quality time in the recently-constructed hydrotherapy wing in Medical Bay, her bed and days of uninterrupted rest.  Sheila wanted to go home; back to her quarters and have K’avir rub her down with warm khalaya moon mountain oil, and she would return the favor.


What she wanted most of all was her vagina to be free of K’avir’s penis (at least for a couple of weeks), because she was very, very sore.  She had no idea how long she’d been lying on her back, but it was long enough that her mind started to wander.  In spite of her best efforts to maintain control of the moment, K’avir lifted her out of the water, laid her in the grass near the lake and resumed fucking her.  And when he climaxed, it caught her off guard because it was so abrupt.  Sheila hadn’t even had a chance to plan how to get away from him before he came.  He produced so much semen that she felt like a Twinkie; some of it was on her thighs, some on her belly, and a lot between her legs.  It was never a bother for her under normal circumstances, but she wasn’t apt to lie with it on for any period of time.  Were it simply a matter of seminal overkill, she would probably be pregnant.  The wistful idea of a gorgeous little girl with her eyes and her father's ears made her heart break for a moment.  Damn Lenny to everlasting hell…

  Sheila lay with her arms spread out and legs bent to take the pressure off her lower back.  She was too tired to move; not that she could if she wanted to. The adrenalin and lubricant wore off when they were still in the water; after she’d climaxed twice, but he of the blood fever kept going and going and going.  K’avir looked at her sometimes during; other times, his eyes were squeezed shut, as if he were in pain.  He continued to say her name at random intervals, and she knew he was on his way back but she wishedhe wouldhurry up.  When he clinched and climaxed, he passed out once more and collapsed on top of her, making her grunt.  Sheila moved her head to one side, grateful that his was on her chest.  She didn’t want to get a crick in her neck.  The captain would be agreeable to giving them both as much time off as necessary; she knew this as well as she knew her own name.  They were going to head to Starbase 229.4 after this was over, but as far as she knew, Captain Spock was in no hurry to get there.  A week would see them both back on their feet—


The word startled her.  It meant ‘beloved.’  Sheila snapped back into reality.  K’avir was staring down at her, his eyes warm and wet.


He rolled off her and she grunted, taking a deep breath.  K’avir lay beside her, putting one large hand on her abdomen.  He started rubbing in slow circles and she sighed, relieved that it was finally over.

Ashaya, are you all right?”

She was so happy to see him that she couldn’t stop the tears sliding out of her eyes.  “K’avir?  K’avir, honey, is it really you?”

“It is me, k’diwa.  I hurt you.  I am sorry.”  Sheila’s face was a colorful splotchy mess and her eye was dark.  He must have punched her and hated himself for it.

“Baby, I’m okay.  I’m just tired.”

He touched the sore side of her face.  “Your face is bruised.  Your arm has been injured.  You appear to have lost weight.  You do not look well, k’diwa.”

“A couple of good meals and some sleep, and I’ll be as right as rain.”  She wiped her face.  “How do you feel?”

“I am…fatigued.  ”

Sheila chuckled in spite of her tears.  “Fatigued?”

“I believe I may have suffered a broken bone or two.”

“Baby, you’ve been chasing me around this rainforest for I don’t know how long.  My circadian rhythm is off because I’ve been doped on adrenalin and whatever natural supplements are in the local plant life, so I can’t tell you how long we’ve been here.  And I know you’re suffering from more than broken bones.”

“I am in no pain.”

“But you are hurt.”

“So are you.  I am sorry, ashaya.  I would not have willingly put you through this.”

“I know, baby.  But this is going to be a ritual for us, and I know how to deal with you now.  I’ll be okay.  I’m just really sore, and if it’s okay with you—which it better be, I will keep myself from you for a couple of weeks.  I don’t even want to think about sex.”

“I will not be displeased.  I will care for you, k’diwa.”

Sheila tried to move, but couldn’t.  Her body was worn out and she didn’t have the strength to move her legs.  “I can’t get up.”

“I will carry you,” he said as he got to his feet.  “And I must get you clean.”

“I have a place…where I’ve been able to regroup.  I’ll tell you how to get there.”

K’avir scooped her up and began to carry her.  “I am sorry, Sheila.”

“Don’t apologize, K’avir.  It wasn’t like you could help it.  It is what it is.  Married people go through shit.  You have to put up with my issues, so it’s even.”

“You have no issues,” he said, moving effortlessly through the forest.  “You are ideal.”

Sheila smiled as she laid her head against his shoulder.  It was safe in K’avir’s arms.

“I do not recall very much, but I do remember you tricked me with a hologram.  Very clever, ashaya.”  He was very pleased with her cunning.

She grinned again.  “I needed to sleep and it was the only way I could think to keep you off me for a couple of hours.  Make a left at that tree, and at the top of the hill, go right until you see a cluster of miscapea hedges.  They’re those ubiquitous purple flowers.  My bag and boots are there.”

K’avir nodded, walking without missing a beat. Sheila closed her eyes and listened to the noises of the forest and the quiet crunch of his footsteps.  He was sweaty and dirty, but there was nothing like the comfort of his arms.  He would carry her forever if she wanted him to.  In time, they were at the waterfall niche.  K’avir lowered Sheila into the shallow pool formed by the waterfall in front of the alcove.  Sheila sat on a rock as he sluiced water over her trembling body.  She was so happy K’avir was back to himself because she truly did not have anything left to fight him off.  Once she was dried off and back in her soiled uniform—she was discarding it the moment they returned to the ship—she was going to give the blanket to K’avir so he could cover himself.  He was butt-ass naked and she was not inclined for Trisha, Shawn or any of the ISS-E personnel to see her husband’s beautiful body.  The transmitter was still attached to his ear and Trisha was going to send them directly to sickbay, as was planned.

Sheila ran her hands over K’avir’s back; there were plenty of knots, bumps and cuts.  She washed his injured arm and eyed the long gash.  He didn’t like the tissue regenerator; she’d have to sew him up when they returned.  He would want her to do the same to her shoulder injury because the scars had meaning.  Then she showed him how to enter the alcove and there, took care wrapping his arm with some bandages from her kit.  Sheila got dressed, and as she put back on the soggy boots, wincing with disgust, she had K’avir pack up her supplies.

“Wrap that blanket around your waist.  I don’t want Trisha’s eyes to fall out when we beam up.”

“I do not understand.”

“You still don’t know how appealing you are, honey.  There are at least 250 women who would kill to know how well you’re hung…and that’s not their business.  Modesty,” she said, smiling at him.

K’avir nodded and tied the blanket around his waist.  It barely covered his groin.  Then without a word, he took her bag and picked her up again.  Sheila caressed his face.  She knew him well enough to know that he was distressed that she was injured.  “K’avir, I love you so much.  Don’t worry about it.  I’m tough.  I’ll be all right.”

Ashaya,” he said, meeting her gaze.  “T’nash-veh vaksurik k’diwa.”

There was a long moment of nothing but the two of them.  Then Sheila adjusted the transmitter in her ear so that she could call the ISS-E.


A moment passed; then she heard the Chief Engineer’s voice: “Sheila?”

“It’s over.  Two to beam up.”


A/N:  This is the last of the Sheila & K’avir stories set in the Star Trek Mirrorverse.  They are transitioning into a universe of their very own, as they deserve it.  Look for them in Blade Dancer, the first of the Velimir novels, set for publication in 2013.  Check back regularly on Musings in the Dark for status updates.  For those of you who are fans of K’avir & Sheila and have supported them from day one, I am humbled and grateful for the love.  Thanks!         --Amaya


  1. Great story! I'm so sorry to see it end. I love Shelia and K'avir. Thanks for writing their story in the Star Trek Mirror Universe!


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